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UPDATE: "XBOX 360" name confirmed for the next Microsoft console.

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 11:55 AM
In correction to an earlier thread by myself which stated "Microsoft settles upon Xenon as new name for Xbox 2", it seems that Xenon may have only been the correct codename for the system.

With XBOX 360 about to be debuted on MTV in May, any new news that pops up will be interesting.

Here's the quote for this thread...

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British sources have confirmed that the next generation Xbox is indeed called Xbox 360, that the logo is a simple, round nexus, and that the console itself has a concave design - and a platinum white finish. Many rumours - some of them conflicting - have been circulating in the past months regarding Microsoft's next generation system, but speaking under conditions of strict anonymity, a British source who is privy to Microsoft's marketing documents for the console has now cleared up much of the speculation.

The name of Xbox's successor is Xbox 360, we can confirm, and the design of the machine is indeed a concave shape.

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More updates as it's available.


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