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Recent Firefox Tabbed Browsing and ATS.

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posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 07:15 AM
Just recently having numerous pages opened using tabbed browsing in Forefox [1.0.2] is absolutely slaughtering my system resources.

I ask this here as I can have many more pages open on other sites, no problem at all. With ATS though I can watch the Windows Task Manager CPU usage just climb and climb, even causeing my system to lock up on one occasion.

This was happening on an old HDD which was on it's way out. Now it is on a brand new HDD with a fresh install of Windows XP.

This has only become apparent very recently and, as I mentioned, only noticeable on ATS.

Anyone any ideas?


posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 07:32 AM
I use Safari (Mac) which is based on the same core. I've regularly had dozens of tabs from ATS open without trouble.

ATS pages can be somewhat intense for certain combinations of Windows and video cards... especially those with lots of small animated smilies.

Try finding a few ATS pages that don't have ads (like the members list) and opening a bunch in new tabs. The ads load within inline-frames (for more efficient page-loads) but can sometimes also cause browser slow-downs as the ads load slower than pages sometimes (which is why I put them in iframes).

posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 08:00 AM
yeh ive been using firefox sience it was called sunbird and ive noticed just lately that im starting to get more and more pop up windows i think this is because of the release of service pack 2 more people are trying to get around them


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