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Christian Mentality/TV at 2am-7am

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posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 02:19 PM
Ok, bored at 2am, flipping through the channels, and what do I see? My old buddy Dwayne Gish on religon channel saying how America is going to hell, lost the faith, school is evil, blah blah blah. Then after this is "The Evils of Harry Potter" followed by "Early Morning Christ". Now, being bored, with nothing but infomercials on every other channel, I watched.

Now, I knew about Gish, this christian is the president of the ICR, Institute of Creation Research. But they don't really do that, what they do is go across the country and try to get ignorance/bull# taught as science. He even won in a couple Georgia counties before the Georgia courts stepped in and told them no, teach science/facts/reality, not bull#. But during that time the children were taught Earth flat, center of universe, 6,000 years old, creation, not evolution, and that the Grand Canyon was created by the Noah Flood. Why? Because a book written by people who # themselves whenever god shook the lands(earthquake) said so. While scientists who know why earthquakes happen tell him differently.

Next, "The Evils of Harry Potter" is about how reading is a sin. Basically "When they are readin these books, they are not hearing the good word of god." as one of them put it. So, christians want everyone to be illiterate except for the child molesters, aka priests.(I know, ministers don't rape 6-10 year old boys, they have sex with 18-21 year old hot blonde cheerleaders((at least around here they do))

Then "Early Morning Christ" is on. What do I see? "If you do not follow his word, !!!!!!!YOU GO TO HELL!!!!!! If you do not believe in me and what I have to say, !!!!!!!YOU GO TO HELL!!!!!!!! Now our foundation in Christ can not go on unless we have the funds to spread his word to the sinful who are damned to hell, so I tell you, do you want them to go to hell or do you want to donate to help !!!!!CHRIST!!!!!!" Douchebag preacher. Wow, threaten to send people to hell unless they give you money...... isn't that blackmail?

And yet millions send in money, millions spend 3 easy payments of 59.99 for "The Evils of Harry Potter" on DvD, millions watch and believe! Millions still believe Earth is 6,000 years old, millions believe that dinosaur bones are planted by satan to test the people, wtf? If stupidity was a crime the church would be wiped off the planet!

Or on another interesting show "You and the Others" is about how "others" will try to take your faith with lies. Now, what lies might these be? "Dinosaurs existed over 50 million years ago. But as you know, the Earth is not that old, and God created us, all those things are lies!"(Whats even more funny they so stupid they think it 50mil when it over 65mil......) "That god did not create man from the soil, but that we came from monkeys! This is wrong! To make god's greatest creation related to animals is wrong! How they can think something so ridiculous as this no one can explain!" Wait, we came from dirt is more acceptable? Also, we came from an ancestor that split off into us and the Great Apes, we did not evolve from monkeys. Also, it is easy to explain, it is called science/reality/facts. Only christians think there is some great debate among science on evolution, but in the science communtiy there isn't, they know it happened, they know it happens now, they have seen it, they have studied it. They have fossil records showing evolution of animals like dolphins and such.

But I forgot, SATAN planted those fossils..... WTF? So, anything that proves christianity to be bull# is satan? Great! I wish I had this kind of thinking in school.... 2+2=7 What do you mean I am wrong? I AM RIGHT! How can I prove it? I said so. What? You have evidence proving me wrong? Satan planted that evidence!!!!

That's another thing, your faith is based on a book written by man edited millions of times. Why no two bibles have the same amount of pages. Also, how can you prove the bible is right? BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS IT IS! WTF! Try doing that on a game show. "What is Your Mother, Trebeck" No, the answer is What is the Mona Lisa. "NO IT ISN"T IT"S YOUR MOTHER, TREBECK!!! HOW DO I KNOW? BECAUSE I SAID SO, TREBECK!!!"(all done in a bad Sean Connery accent) How can you prove something is right because it says it is? WTF kind of thinking is this? I am right because I say so?????

Another thing, "proof" of the bible is the acts of "god". Well, a plague happened in this town, that was an act of god. No, that was an act of ebola. But at the time they didn't know about ebola, and anyone who used medicine or bathed was a waitch and killed so instead of a few people dieing everyone did because they all stood around praying to god to save them instead of doing anything smart like containing the spread.

Case in point. China, Black Plague, less then a million people overall. Europe controlled by stupidity/church, over 40% of the population in one sitting. Why? Well, cats evil, satan/witch things and killed in Europe. As we know rats spread the Plague, and cats eat rats, so while in China the rat population was small because China didn't go "hmmm, building collapsed because of bad building, must be satan, kill all cats." while Europe did. Also, Chinese bathed, had medicine, and knew if someone was sick don't have contact with them/heal them with medicine. While in Europe someone sick, pray with them for 2 days then go to the next city and spread the word/Plague.

Anyways, this probably belongs in rant or something, but I stayed up all night watching Ignorance R Us(religon channel) and learned so many things about the christians. It is amazing they actually think there was a world flood..... not enough water on this planet for that, but thats science/facts/reality so that doesn't count. Now yes, there are floods, if you live near ANY body of water there will be a flood. Why every Ancient Civilization has flood stories, because they all were near bodies of water of some kind. Hell, Giglamesh was written so long before the Noah flood it can't exist, cause according to christians Earth is only 6,000 years old and G-Man is older then that. Also, the Black Sea is larger then it was originally, why? It was originally not connected to the Med. Sea, but after a ton of rain and a natural dam breaking, water flooded from the Med. Sea through another little sea/lake thing and finally the Black Sea. This caused alot of flooding, killing anyone living within about 20 miles of the Black Sea. World flood? No, big one? Yes.

Also with the flood, 2 of every animal...... can't happen, inbreeding/genetics. Same with Adam and Eve.

But science explains this, and yet christians still stupid/ignorant. In a day of science and technology you still have billions who think some all mighty powerful person that lives in the clouds(also bs, nothing in the clouds but clouds) is gonna come down and smack them if they even THINK about commiting a "sin". And they have some great ones there, like no working on certain days, and some days are holier then others, while one day is evil, even though they made. Or eating meat on a friday, or pre-marital sex, gay sex, cussing, thinking for yourself, even THINKING of a sin, all kinds of great bs.


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