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3 shot at Christiana Mall - Delaware State Police search for gunman

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posted on Apr, 8 2023 @ 09:03 PM
Another shooting spree !!

3 people in hospital no deaths yet.

A Mall in Delaware.

In the food court!!

Shooter info unknown.

Gun info unknown.


3 shot at Christiana Mall, Delaware State Police search for gunman

CHRISTIANA, Delaware (WPVI) -- Delaware State Police are on the scene of a shooting at Christiana Mall on Saturday.

Officials say three people were shot and injured in the food court. The victims were all transported to an area hospital.

Their conditions are unknown at this time.

posted on Apr, 8 2023 @ 09:04 PM
This is not the first time for that mall.

posted on Apr, 8 2023 @ 09:58 PM
According to there have been 142 mass shootings so far this year. We're 98 days in. So that is 1.4 mass shootings a day. Actually improved over last month. It was over 2 a day. There were 647 last year. 2022.

This is just the United States. So headlines like this can be written every single day, a couple times a day. There was a time when it would make national news and even world news for days. Now no one even pays attention.

posted on Apr, 8 2023 @ 10:13 PM
a reply to: randomuser


Most of it is criminal on criminal violence with bystanders getting in the crossfire.

posted on Apr, 8 2023 @ 10:17 PM
My old area, They had another shooting just a couple months ago, The mall is located just outside Wilmington Deleware and attracts the inner city youth types.

posted on Apr, 9 2023 @ 09:31 AM
Posted earlier here


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