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Unsolved Mysteries UFO Show Loose Ends and Summary

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posted on Apr, 2 2023 @ 10:47 AM

I’ve decided to wrap up the journey through Unsolved Mysteries UFO shows in one final post. First will be a list of the segments not yet covered and a brief summary. Followed by a list of previous posts.

The Allagash Abductions

YouTube Link :

In August 1976, brothers Jack and Jim Weiner, and their friends Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz, went on a two week camping trip for two weeks in the Allagash Wilderness, Maine. They claimed to have been abducted and experimented upon by alien beings.

In a 2016 Chuck Rak revealed that the abduction part of the story was made up, and that he went along with the narrative for financial gain. Leaving the case in a state of controversy.

Missing Time

YouTube Link :

The segment includes two cases of missing time.

Robert Matthews, a 19 year old airman was waiting to be collected by truck in Massachusetts at 8:45pm on October 1, 1966. He claims that while standing there, he saw strange lights moving from right to left across the sky. Instilling him with fear. He called the base back wondering where the truck was. He was told the truck turned up and he wasn’t there.

Choreographer Kristina Florence also claims multiple experiences of "missing time" and alien abduction. Beginning in the Mojave Desert in 1974.

Budd Hopkins chips in with his theories. But both stories are reliant upon single witness testimony and the total unreliability of hypnosis.


YouTube Link :

A piece that explores the topic of top-secret experimental craft and the possibility they may have been built using alien technology. Various grainy videos are shown of glowing lights as evidence.

Vancouver Lights

YouTube Link :

This episode covers the film and photographs of Dorothy Izatt. Who believes they were in some form of communication with her. When Unsolved Mysteries cameramen went to film she told them the lights were there. Nobody else could see them. She and the cameramen filmed the sky with their respective cameras. The cameraman even asked Dorothy to film using his camera. While Dorothy’s camera produced the usual bizarre light patterns, there was no evidence of this on the cameraman’s tapes.

The Men in Black

YouTube Link :

The segment covers an encounter with the mysterious Men in Black. Ray Muniz of Austin, Texas, had claimed to have encountered aliens on five separate occasions and was a local minor celebrity. Starting his own cable access show called "Project UFO". In June 1996 he claims to have had his own encounter with the Men-in-Black…

Previous Threads.

And for posterity here is the list of previous threads in the series. With the links to the relevant shows.

Guardian UFO
The Phoenix Lights
The Falcon Lake UFO
Hudson River UFO Wave
Fred Valentich Disappearance
Bentwaters UFO
Belgian UFO Wave
Lonnie Zamora [Socorro] Case
Cash/Landrum Texas UFO
Area 51
Mexico UFO


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posted on Apr, 2 2023 @ 11:03 AM
Thank you for doing the series on Unsolved Mysteries, MM! I've been enjoying all of these--your write-ups were something I looked forward to on ATS.
Regarding Budd Hopkins on missing time--so many anomalous incident reports include some amount of missing time. Whether the Unsolved Mysteries incidents were true or not, there are far too many reports of blocks of time ranging from as little as 15 minutes up to days or more for this UFO/high-strangeness related phenomenon to be dismissed as entirely imaginary.
Anyway, that was a fun series, lots of thought-provoking cases on that show.

posted on Apr, 2 2023 @ 11:34 AM
a reply to: wavelength

I don't think the show always covered cases related to UFO phenomena too well. That's easy to say with 20-30 years of hindsight. It wasn't an outright UFO show to start with. So sometimes the cases covered relied on single witnesses testimony and could only draw upon the research from the time they were produced.

Others segments were extremely well produced, even if a little dramatic licence was also used.

So I decided to finish up with a compendium of cases. As most of these lack much beyond a story.

Even the 'Missing Time' ones aren't particularly great examples. But I don't profess to know what might going on in such cases.

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