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February 13th 2012

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posted on Feb, 12 2023 @ 05:34 AM
I have never told this story here though need help, on where I could post about 100 odd photos of orbs as well as a cloud type uap.

This happened on the 12 February 2012, I went to work and I was not feeling too well when I went to work, it was a weird feeling, like I had to leave.

I wanted to stay though a feeling was telling me to leave.

I left and headed home, I caught the train and got to my station, and crossed the road to catch the bus.

As I was at the bus stop, on the north side of the street, I heard a weird sound, it was not loud.

Though it sounded like someone was bashing a wooden baseball bat in a 44 Gallon drum.

I crossed to the opposite side if the street, snd looked north, I saw this highly reflective object rise up into the sky.

It was shaped like a football thought highly reflective.

I watched it rise and it shaped shifted into a cloud.

I thought this was odd as the object traversed through the one of the flight paths out of Melbourne airport. I lived in St Albans at the time, so this can be verified.

After a few mjnutd the bus came and i got home,
I was looking around in the sky, and around the sun, I saw these orbs, they were moving around the sky.

I also still noticed that the first cloud Ufo was sitting stationary in the sky, it appeared to be tumbling in the one spot. I thought this a camouflage effect as it did not move though the cloud around the football was changing.

I then got my now old canon eos400d with a 300mm lense, it was all I had.

I then took as many photos of these objects, which was over a few hours.

During this time I called a person who I worked with as we were not into the unknown, we worked in Fitzroy.

I described to Greg what I was seeing and asked if he could go to the first floor balcony see the same, he could and we were both so excited.

I continued to take plenty of photos.

I called the herald sun news desk and suggested the get a photographer with a long lense, I was told by the news desk staff to send in my photos, as the can’t dedicate staff.

Though not long after, I called the newspaper, the Victoria police/air ambulance helicopter showed up over my house and did a few circuits and left. J have photos.

I then took heaps of random shots of other areas of sky, and after reviewing tho photos, and using the zoom function on the camera, I found plenty of orbs.

I want to share these photos though make it easy for people, can anyone recommend anything like photo bucket that’s you can zoom in? As I can’t and find ent to edit photos as some will say the are fake.

I want to let you decide.
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