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'Judgement' is Evolution Working

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posted on Dec, 2 2022 @ 06:36 PM

originally posted by: Peeple
And (that's going to piss some off
Trigger Warning
our Creator are single cell organisms.
They have the basic of everything, they're clones often and if information cloning means like horizontal consciousness transfer, they're basically one being every type.

Bacteria are "single cell" (unicellular) organisms. They are called prokaryotic cells because these cells do not have a nucleus or mitochondria. Thus, applying your terminology, they do not "have the basic of everything".

Is Any Form of Life Really Simple? (The Origin of Life—Five Questions Worth Asking)


What do many scientists claim? All living cells fall into two major categories​—those with a nucleus and those without. Human, animal, and plant cells have a nucleus. Bacterial cells do not. Cells with a nucleus are called eukaryotic. Those without a nucleus are known as prokaryotic. Since prokaryotic cells are relatively less complex than eukaryotic cells, many believe that animal and plant cells must have evolved from bacterial cells.

In fact, many teach that for millions of years, some “simple” prokaryotic cells swallowed other cells but did not digest them. Instead, the theory goes, unintelligent “nature” figured out a way not only to make radical changes in the function of the ingested cells but also to keep the adapted cells inside of the “host” cell when it replicated.9* [No experimental evidence exists to show that such an event is possible.] [whereislogic: let alone that it actually happened that way, but that doesn't stop anyone in the camp of promoters of evolutionary philosophies and myths from promoting and telling their story and making it sound as if there is evidence for it, and sounding convincing to the biased beholder that has already been conditioned to believe these myths fall under the category "science", as they are being promoted, and wants to believe these myths.]


9. Encyclopædia Britannica, CD 2003, “Cell,” “The Mitochondrion and the Chloroplast,” subhead, “The Endosymbiont Hypothesis.”

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posted on Dec, 2 2022 @ 11:47 PM
Judgement is very traumatic, even facing judgement after death is seriously "eye opening" even for the saved when shown what it is all about.

The video below is about a staunch atheist who mocked God and ridiculed believers who almost died and saw his own spirit, and then thought (I'm paraphrasing" "uh oh I think I made a big mistake"... He was taken for a tour of hell.

The real one and only Lord Jesus Christ still showed him mercy. I know this story is a true one only because Christ has shown me mercy when I didn't deserve any at all, and all the feelings and testimony with details that any believer will recognize as truth.. And unbelievers as well. God's kindness and love for us humans is hard to understand, but it is real and true.

The testimony shared in this video is a serious look at what real judgment looks and feels like. I don't wish it or hope for it on ANYONE.

Judgement is more like evolution gone wrong, and going backwards, with no ability to ever go forward again.
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