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You HAVE to watch this

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posted on Nov, 27 2022 @ 09:30 PM
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

I don't think the brightest minds are in play.

Have you ever worked for a company where mediocre employees rise to middle management through incessant ass kissing?

I believe the altruistic people of this world have taken a backseat to a large extent.

Some voices are simply drowned out.

Remember Jacques Fresco and The Venus Project?

I'm not saying let's bring his idea to life, I'm saying let's encourage other bright minds to have a platform where they can share their ideas in a creative commons unburdened by the caveats of grant money handed down by those with hidden agendas.

A gofundme for scientists, engineers and architects.

Perhaps a decentralized way forward where there is now evangelical movement towards unity as espoused by the elite.

Diversity not as political salad dressings, but a menagerie of ideas inspired by optimism in a brighter future for humanity.

As for going green without going mental, permaculture and hydroponics can go a long way to transform infertile habitats into sustainable food centers.

There are answers out there by people much smarter than me Terry, I truly believe that.

posted on Nov, 27 2022 @ 10:13 PM
a reply to: 19Bones79

Please believe me and please take no offense Bones, but here you sound very very old school liberal to me. These are ideas and hopes I have for decades found at the top of liberal philosophy, a philosophy that is now only given brief consideration by todays ''liberal'' establishment. Indeed, the altruistic people you talk about taking a back seat have done so in that party and left it to the neo-liberals who are as much in thrall to corporate control as the Republicans they rail about.

Yes, I remember the Venus Project and found it's driving philosophy very similar to other utopian philosophies from the late 60s and early 70s such as Stewart Brand and the Whole Earth Foundation.

A big hinderence to this as I see it is when ideas such as you bring up here

a platform where they can share their ideas in a creative commons unburdened by the caveats of grant money handed down by those with hidden agendas.

it is almost immediately met with proclamations of ''evil commie pinko. ''

posted on Nov, 28 2022 @ 04:22 AM
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

I'm not offended at all, Terry.

I can give good ideas its dues wherever they may originate from.

Even more so when the current system and its trajectory appears openly fatalistic to me and any genuine spirit of endeavor that does not allow itself to be compromised by sheer power.

Our elitist class rules with hostility which tells me we as a species are doomed to fail if something doesn't give.

Also, I have a soft spot for people who genuinely want to see others around them thrive and live as if they are guided by purpose.

posted on Nov, 28 2022 @ 10:06 AM
a reply to: 19Bones79

I read a lot of science fiction when I was young. LOTS. One of my favorite themes were the kind of stories that would describe scenarios that took us from '' where we are now (then) to where we will be'' in an open ended future. So, because I read a lot of these authors who took current sociology-political trends as the basis for their speculative near futures I became in a way an amateur ''futurologist''. So, like you I guess from your comments above, I see a grim future unless we get this figured out. And soon, which is kind of what I'm getting from you. I think that possibly a difference between us could be that I have been saying ''soon'' for way to long to believe it is ever going to come about.

So I do my best to stay positive and continue looking for some avenue that I could find hope in.

posted on Nov, 28 2022 @ 02:35 PM
I started watching it. It took about 2 minutes to realize this was going to be non-stop anti-West propaganda. 7 minutes in, all I can think is too much hyperbole, not enough context. And there's no excuse for presenting facts out of context given this is freaking 2 hours long. It's not like it's a 5-minute news report where there's no time for painting the big picture.

I know, I know, you want details. I'll give you some. Here's the thing though, unless he makes a complete turnaround in the rest of the video, the first 7 minutes indicates if I watch the whole thing, I could write a book about everything I find wrong with it. And I just don't have the time. So I'll just give you a few things wrong in the first 7 minutes:

First I also have to take issue with your whole "is anything untrue?" angle. We can turn that right around and ask you if anything presented in these little news clips he starts the video with are untrue? Is China not building islands in disputed waters, for instance? What was his point in showing that? He immediately follows up with "the media is beating the drums of war." None of those news clips suggest or even hint at that. The media reporting that China is building islands in disputed territory and militarizing them--which Pilger himself acknowledges is true--is "the media beating the drums of war?"

That's hyperbolic nonsense. And you are of course aware that sometimes truths, presented in the right (wrong) context, can give a false impression.

It's not just hyperbole and facts lacking context though, there are some blatant untruths. "The world has been primed to regard China as a new enemy." The WORLD? Does the US and European media control what people in South America, Africa, and Asia think about China? No. If they consider China their enemy (which not all of them do), it's likely because of their own observations of China.

China is in no way, shape or form "surrounded" as he says next. This map he shows is a joke. He includes bases in the Middle East, as if many of the planes there can even reach China, and those bases are not there because of China. Additionally, China has allies to its south, north, and west. That's hardly surrounded. This is part of a larger left-wing, anti-US narrative about how many bases we have around the world, a subject of much exaggeration and flat-out lying.

There's an article some anti-US and anti-military people should give a read here. PolitiFact, being the clowns they are, rates Ron Paul's claim about how many countries we have troops in and how many bases we have as "Mostly true" and then goes on to completely debunk it. In true journalistic fashion, they present facts which contradict their narrative, but then tell you to ignore them and still think Ron Paul's claim was fairly accurate. It wasn't. Still, over 10 years later, that myth persists.

This wide-eyed dude in the blue suit talking about all the missiles we have pointed at China looks and sounds like a snake oil salesman. He mentions our forces in Korea, which are quite obviously there because of North Korea, not China, and our forces there are staged accordingly with their weapons trained on North Korea. Why does he have to lie?

That guy also says "Japan's a glove over the American fist," referring to our forces in Japan. No mention of the fact that the reason we have so many forces there is from our saving China's ass in World War II, and that we protect Japan as per the terms of our treaty which does not allow them to have much of a military. Would China feel more comfortable if we left and allowed the Japanese to re-arm? I doubt many elderly Chinese citizens would like that idea much. Again, why the dishonesty?

He further says that gives China legitimate reason to worry about "American aggressiveness." Yeah, we've had China "surrounded" for 70 years and haven't invaded. We must be so aggressive. China was already on the rise in the 90s, after the Soviet Union collapsed, when we had no enemy. This could've been done then. Why wasn't it?

This Eric Li straight up lies when he says China has no aspirations to end and replace American hegemony. There is no way he thinks that's a myth, so that's just blatant lying. And there's no way Pilger doesn't know that, so he deliberately presented a blatant lie in this "documentary."

Finally, further on defense spending. They point out we're going to spend trillions! Sounds ominous, the US must be a threat! No mention that China is also going to be spending trillions in the coming years on their military (their military budget is $230B a year. It doesn't take long to get to trillions at that rate.) I guess China is a threat. Or that was just a pointless "point." (Hint: it was pointless.)

This is also part of a larger commie myth: that war drives the U.S. economy. The defense industry is not even among the top 10 biggest drivers of our economy. And only a fraction of defense spending actually goes toward war when we have an active war. So no, it's not that important to our economy. Another left-wing, anti-US, anti-military myth that just won't die.

That's the first 7 minutes. I don't see a need to go on. I might watch the rest of it sometime for pure entertainment value. Communist propaganda can be amusing at times.

Disclaimer: None of this is to say the West doesn't engage in propaganda or that everything we do is altruistic either. And I'm not saying not to present the other side. Just don't whine when we point out how much of it is dishonest. The thing is, you could probably make a pretty honest documentary about how the West is unfair to and demonizes China in some ways. The problem is he instead set out with an agenda, and that invariably led him to include lies and present facts out of context to bolster his agenda.
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posted on Nov, 28 2022 @ 03:02 PM
I have to add it's fascinating to watch how people scoff at the idea today that scientists would put humans in any danger, given the evils done in the name of science in the past.

posted on Nov, 29 2022 @ 01:03 PM
I got as far as the Chinese guy going on about American aggression and how the Chinese are not into achieving dominance…. Omg the documentary begins with talking about how we have all these military bases yet they didn’t seem to be addressing Chinese police stations in the US and buying up property and basically absorbing much of our manufacturing base.,..
so far this skews left after what 5 minutes … like oh America is so aggressive the poor Chinese what we are doing to them uggggh make me thru w up… with the far left communists in the WH … have yet to see the rest of the documentary … so far I’m not impressed. Just sounds like leftist propaganda

posted on Nov, 29 2022 @ 01:08 PM
a reply to: face23785

The Left are just as war mongering as the right they just pretend not to be all the while treacherously arming our enemies and giving them the advantage. Case in point Bill Clinton sending China microchip technology ! It’s what he should have been impeached for.

posted on Dec, 3 2022 @ 09:10 AM

originally posted by: 19Bones79
a reply to: StarsInDust

Thank you.

This is not about picking a side.

This is about information brought to light.

People are saying this is one sided.

I know it is.

Horribly so.

I watched it some time ago now, so memory of it could be fuzzy, but found it very good. Might have to watch it again. I found it more honest than one sided. The US has been the worlds pathological playground bullies since WW2. I don't see how any honest portrayal could show them favourably.

Though this doesn't reflect on the average US citizen. They're just like people anywhere. If we all realised this about each other we might see through the dehumanising propaganda that whips people up into frenzy to justify wars.

I still maintain: can this whole buildup to ww3 not be dispelled simply by withdrawing American companies from China while at the same time protecting Taiwan?

It's too late for that. While corporations will start to leave China, it will be because they get better deals in developing countries. Corporate US sold their country out long ago for huge profits. That great manufacturing base the US once had that helped make it great and gave it a healthy middle class society is gone for good. It ain't returning to the US.

If the West is to garner and maintain effective 'sympathy' from the rest of the world wrt tensions in Asia-Pacific , it would be prudent if we aren't the first to strike and maintain a protector role in relation to Taiwan.

The last thing Taiwan needs is the type of help the US offers. Do you know the will of the people there? A look at the political situation seems to indicate it isn't exactly what we are being told. Do you realise that the US and basically the rest of the world traditionally have formally recognised the "one China policy"?

After the Japanese occupation, China isn't going to let any other country control or occupy Taiwan simply because it would be allowing them a base from which to invade. It would amount to a huge threat to their security. There has been relative peace there since Chang Kai-shek fled the mainland, but if the US weaponizes the area they are likely to invade eventually.

The US doesn't care one iota about Taiwan anyway, apart from being able to use it to destabilise China. They'll throw it under the bus like they have so many other countries. Like they're doing with the Ukraine at the moment. The US only cares about keeping its hegemony. Unfortunately for them (and their western vassal states) that isn't going to happen either.

They are more of a finance (and war/weapons) based economy and once their control of the worlds fuel resources and use of the US dollar begins to recede, things won't go so well for them. Those taking notice will already be aware of plans being implemented to rid countries of dollar reliance and make them less vulnerable to sanctions. The US has been heading off a cliff for decades now and it seems to be speeding up. From a sociological view they have been an outlier for quite a while, just about every important metric you could be forgiven for thinking they are a 3rd world society.

As far as human rights abuses go it would be good if we could get an impartial team into China. Right after we send them to the US to look into their torture programs, find out why so many coloured people are incarcerated, and bring some of their war criminals to the hague. There's no shortage of them.

Perhaps they could leave Hawaii while they are at it. It's been under illegal US military occupation for over a century. This short video explains the situation quite well.

I would like an in-depth discussion as opposed to a your team my team pep rally.

I think the west is on the slide. The idea that 10-15% of the worlds population could have most of its wealth was never going to last forever. So it's both a fascinating and dangerous time, as the US seems to be getting more desperate to cling to it's position.

It's unfortunate that we have been brainwashed in the west to believe we have "democracy" and anything else must be stamped out. The US is a great example of a one party state (though split into two factions), yet lots of people think they can make a difference by voting. This is all just a distraction of course, all politics in the US is controlled by the same corporations. It's really just a strange form of fascism, though minus the charismatic dictator (they have a senior citizen who should be in a care facility instead lol).

I follow no political ideology being practiced at the moment, and thus refuse to vote for the same reason as the ancient Greeks. I would like democracy but don't think it can ever be achieved through ballot. I gave up when the UK/US conspired (behind the scenes) to oust the only genuinely left wing govt my country has ever had, in a soft coup (yes, the US does this even in other allied, first world, liberal "democracies") a very long time ago.

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