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Lights and UFO's

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posted on Nov, 24 2022 @ 11:06 PM
I saw a smaller black triangle and from a distance it looked like an aircraft that was going to crash or something, it was very very bright a very very low.

When i turned towards this light finally getting close to it i suspected to see an accident in progress or just happened, and instead there was this small black triangle that looked like a flattened out pyramid with a red light on top and the points of the triangle were not like not normal lights as there was no source of that light.

it was a dull blue light and i got out of the car and started to get closer to it where i realized i was a little close for comfort.

it was just stuck there in the air like someone photoshopped it there but they were rotating it around a single 3D point and than it just zipped off

So why would this drone/ufo/military appear as such a bright light so much that it would draw on anyone's eyes? it seemed to be some sort of effect or maybe i just was in line of sight with one of these lights but there was no bright lights when i saw it.

makes you wonder why these craft make themself visible to us if they can mess with light or have visual cammo or can just sit at 20K feet and watch, why let me get an eye full of this thing?

why do they let anyone see this stuff at all alien or human... seems crazy

posted on Nov, 25 2022 @ 06:55 AM
a reply to: nerorecon

Sounds like a spotlight

posted on Nov, 25 2022 @ 08:11 AM
a reply to: nerorecon

I will tell you a fact. If...and I believe there always have been aliens....

That advanced they don't: need "lights" on their craft, need gas, wanna eat us or breed w us...

Look. All the above? It's the opposite. Always here. No headlights on corners, flashes...they wouldn't need them...

Their agendas are 1,000's of yrs ahead.
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posted on Nov, 25 2022 @ 01:38 PM
a reply to: nerorecon
A simple question for you:- why do our aircraft need lights? Answer, the same for UFOs, so other aircraft don't run into them.

posted on Nov, 25 2022 @ 03:13 PM
a reply to: crayzeed

i saw this thing so close that i was like a deer in head lights.

for some reason i got out of my car and started walking closer to it until i was stopped by someone else in the car.

it was 100% silent and i would almost say it had a black hole of sound and it looked like real life CGI because it was so still in the air, when i got out of the car it started slooooowly spinning in one spot in the sky, imagine if you could pin a triangle aircraft to the sky and it just rotated around that one point, that's how i saw the top of it.

it had a VERY VERY odd skin or coating almost like overlapping but super flat sheets on top of each other, but the surface seemed perfectly flat.

when it left it raised up above all the roofs and i assume other obstacles and went off so fast if i had blinked i would say it vanished, but it went flat went first not pointy end first.

the speed that it left at should has caused a LARGE blast of what we would normally thing of coming out of a speeding aircraft, there was NO noise, NO wind, nothing.

the 'lights' on this other than the small red dot on top were all emitted from the tips and skin of the craft.

the thing is there were NO white lights to be seen or even some source on the craft it could come from.

i almost wonder if my car was hit by some sort of scan or targeting system or even an attempt to deter me from getting closer.

what ever is powering these human built craft is for sure not any mix of JP fuels, i think the source of power may also be the reason craft far away might have a bright halo around them. if they are messing with gravity even more so, like an event horizon around the craft for lack of a better work and once you are in the 'envelope' of said energy you can see what is under the light/plasma.

the only black triangle i have seen was not so far advanced that it would be IMPOSSABLE for humans to build, i think people don't give our fellow monkeys enough credit.

My family was directly part of the AEC and THE MD for the MANHATTAN PROJECT and beyond and before he passed we were just speaking about my release from Uncle Sam he knew i had and still carry a secret clearance, he said he couldnt tell me anything really other than US is far far more advanced than I would imagine.

also it makes me wonder if my connection to him and what ever he was doing during his time with the AEC and later DOE might be a reason i have always seen odd things.

IF there was ever a crash he would be one of the doctors the US government might call, he helped the guys who died from the so called demon core as well as other super secret(at the time) projects he took to his grave.

really makes you wonder.

the crazy part his name is still redacted in ALOT of documentation.

his last name starts with H. and retired to upstate NY

for anyone looking for a puzzle you might find his history interesting, he knew freeman dyson(not the vaccume people).

he was the first person i went to when i saw my first ufo looking for some comfort in his usual comforting history lessons and he told me he saw green fireballs over Los Alamos and they for sure were not bolides as they were almost on a schedule. There were so many of these odd green fireballs that were obviously interested in secret nuclear instillations and weapons storage areas.

He told me he was a believer but most like high 90% range most were something very normal viewed in an odd set of circumstances or unknown natural phenomena

with some of these UFO's i think the bright lights some put off is unavoidable in a gas atmosphere, ever wonder why the lights seem to be dusky blue, purple, orange? you can get air to make these colors with various power levels dumped into the air.

so they may not be able to stop the glowing ball look and the lights we see on the crafts are some sort of emissions from the crafts versions of thrusters of main power plants.

the military as we speak are working on aircraft with very very small sonic booms at speeds that would cause them, but anything moving in earths very thick atmosphere close to the ground is going to make no matter how small a sonic boom but these craft have found a work around.

posted on Nov, 25 2022 @ 10:00 PM
"All things in exact nanosecond of hypersonic boom" around 2008 .. mkultra-esque memory from my TI programmed "dream-head" .. guessing today it's 5G ionized gas vs plasma electrolysis gas line restringing time space; ground wave tech or surface wave propogation "requires massive electric" --add in mRNA tech "gene therapy" making batized-humans or something.

During this time in 2008, "they" (MAE programmers) had me standing in front of a garage warehouse filled with garbage and birds all over it (odd thing to be located in west loop Chicago--laser beam pattern projector patent) .. Anyway, found myself staring at this building with doors open and a GWEN tower behind it .. all the birds flying around but not a sound.

Found myself in odd places since then, suddenly standing in front of a couple different! locations Nike Missile Historical Site sign, one example.

a reply to: nerorecon

posted on Dec, 3 2022 @ 06:27 AM
a reply to: nerorecon I got some questions for you.
Were did you see this craft? And what date? Did it make a low humming sound when you where observing it? How big was this craft? thanks in regards.

posted on Dec, 3 2022 @ 04:36 PM
a reply to: nerorecon

The lights are pretty much the same as fish from the deep seas. They self illuminate for whatever reason miles down where light can barely penetrate. It's just a guess but what if those motherships seen in 'our' skies are the very same as the fish in the deep seas? Are they the same?

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