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Fatal Earthquake in Java

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posted on Nov, 21 2022 @ 03:09 PM

An earthquake on the main Indonesian island of Java has killed at least 162 people and injured hundreds, regional governor Ridwan Kamil has said.

The 5.6 magnitude quake struck Cianjur town in West Java, at a shallow depth of 10km (six miles), according to US Geological Survey data.

Scores of people were taken to hospital, with many treated outside.

Rescuers were working into the night to try to save others thought to still be trapped under collapsed buildings.

The area where the quake struck is densely populated and prone to landslides, with poorly built houses reduced to rubble in many areas.

Earlier, Indonesia's National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said at least 62 people had died, according to the latest available data.

Speaking to local media, Mr Kamil said some 326 people had been injured in the quake, noting that "most of them sustained fractures from being crushed in ruins".

really awful.
third world so I'm guessing they're removing debris by hand. I doubt many ambulances are available.

Pacific ring of fire strikes again.

anyone with local / personal knowledge?

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posted on Nov, 21 2022 @ 03:38 PM

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posted on Nov, 22 2022 @ 10:51 AM

268 dead, 151 missing, over 1000 injured.


prayers for Java

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