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Dreaming awake; schizophrenic actualisation - remembering Reality, within the Simulation.

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posted on Nov, 18 2022 @ 06:50 PM
An unusual confluence of conspiratorial shades - current phenomena in media/ politics/ medicine - has led me to create this thread, it requires something of a preamble to begin with..

A few days ago I created a thread about the use of dreams as a weapon of our informational warfare against the tyrannical NWO regime responsible for the Great COVID Hoax, in which I proffered the opinion that if we are to combat the overwhelming force of influence that the regime has exerted upon the world at large, creating as it did a wave of mass formation psychosis so severe that nothing comparable has been seen in the past two centuries other than the Sheer Despotism of Soviet Russia & the Fever Dream of Nazi Germany. The 'trigger' that set my spidey senses tingling yesterday was a big one. As you know, we have the latest ridiculous offering from the Tyrannical Regime which has been their decision to name the new COVID 'variant of concern' as the 'Hellhound Variant'. That would be funny due to its absurdity, if we didn't understand its driving intention - to incite fear, to drive booster takeup, to increase the rate of 'calimari' fibrin clotting in blood vessels (which I wrote about recently), leading to yet more heart attacks & more strokes over the coming months & years, leading to yet more SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), you know, that new thing that nobody had heard of until after the vaccines were released, when the Tyrannical Regime began giving us lists of seemingly innocuous things we all do, which apparently can suddenly kill you without warning.

So why is the naming of the new variant interesting to my fractal mind, other than the 'obvious' reason, that they are trying to incite fear & drive up booster takeip? Because interestingly (& there are no coincidences in this game), a new show came on Netflix yesterday here in the UK, named '1899' 'from producers of most intelligent show of all time, cult time travel series 'Dark' (yet more bread & circuses to keep us all distracted, or something more....???) Well in this case (& in the case of 'Dark', which was also excellent), I'm counting on it being 'something more'.

The show's opening credit sequence, and the iconography, and various other bits & pieces of the production values, are highly occultic, and indeed, with the setting of a 45,000 tonne steamship in the year 1899, the turn of the century aryan occultism theme was strongly tingling those spidey senses. The characters were drawn from many nations, and interestingly, with almost all of the dialogue needing subtitles, most of the characters couldn't actually understand each other for the entire course of the events which unfold - we are left to fit the pieces together for them, in a sense. This hearkens to the 'mythology' of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel, the deliberate confusion of the languages which was divinely ordained to prevent an even worse fate for Humanity - and indeed, unsurprisingly, there's a 'dark pyramid' in later episodes also (without spoiling it too much). The production values are indeed excellent - this was immediately obvious as a work of cinematic art, with lots of thought & money behind it. The production company is named 'Dark Ways Production', hailing from the 'Dark' series, which I also recommend) - yet another little trigger (they really begin to stack up after a very short time). The opening credits theme music was the old classic from the sixties: 'White Rabbit' by Jefferson Airplane. As you may imagine, the tone is remarkably set by these details.

What was the main trigger which really set my teeth on edge? The name of this mysterious ocean liner Behemoth, presciently: 'Kerberos' - a German transliteration of the Greek mythological character 'Cerberus', the three-headed Hound of Hell. Hellhound. A variant of concern, indeed..

I don't want to spoil the series for those who would like to watch it (& I highly recommend it, the layering & depth of thematic motifs is exquisite), ultimately this show delves quite deeply into 'simulation theory', and ultimately there are hints of a crux (literally) by which the Cross of Christ is central to the plot, and even death & rebirth, the intervention of characters with higher knowledge (angels) & the so called 'NPCs' (non-playing characters of a more modern mythology) - who are driven by a sort of automatic Mass Formation Psychosis, that sort of thing. As a cinematic work of art, it's a tour de force, and I have the strongest sense that there is even more to it than that - I don't believe there are too many coincidences, at a certain level of inquiry into the nature of Reality. Indeed, the fact that a direction-finding Scarab beetle technology plays a leading role, is a clue regarding Carl Jung's very personal real life experience of the phenomenon known as Synchronicity - an event during therapy sessions with one of his actual patients when he was a practising psychologist, many decades ago. Certainly not accidental.

There are many, many smaller triggers in this masterwork, and if we are to believe that art imitates life, I believe that again, someone is talking to us, in ways which are veiled & obscure, yet valid, sounding a warning about the times we are living in, Time itself too - or perhaps, they are threatening us, seeking to knock us off of the ledge to which we cling in order to remain sane in a world which has very much gone insane, over the past few years.

At this point I want to segway into another feature of my background general knowledge which touches upon the nature of reality, simulation theory & so on. A few years ago I did a course in hypnotism, which was intended as the foundation for a possible career path, which at the time couldn't fully germinate due to my battle with ongoing health problems that I've spoken about elsewhere. Anyway, during that course, some of the recommended reading was a book named 'Human Givens', which very much builds upon the general premise of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, what makes for a successful & satisfying human life, and so on. A section of the book dealt with new understanding (around 2016, when the book was written) regarding the phenomenology of the experience of schizophrenic patients who hallucinate vividly, at all times, often being unable to determine Reality from illusion.. It was suggested, and I believe it bears emphasising as fundamentally valid, that such people are in fact stuck in a literal waking dream. Their brains are not 'chemically imbalanced' (that is a crude & redundant statement which basically implies a total lack of knowledge of what is causing the problem; it is antiquated psychiatry that should be relegated to the dustbin). Instead, these people are experiencing a world somewhat like our modern 'augmented reality' technology - there is a layering of dreaming epiphenomena over the top of the reality perceived. This results in a distorted, chaotic, and often terrifying experience for the patient, who, when they have no understanding that this is indeed what is happening, live often in perpetual terror, unable to trust their senses & perceptions.


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posted on Nov, 18 2022 @ 06:51 PM
What I believe is the takeaway from all this, is firstly, that by communicating this knowledge to persons suffering from classical schizophrenia, there is evidence that they are able to bring their experiences under a greater degree of rational control, and that the fearfulness of the overall experience diminishes somewhat, because suddenly, it is fully explicable, even if we don't understand the intricate brain processes that produce the effect, we at least can identify that the experience is an augmentation, a layering of dreams over the top of sensory perceptions of the world 'as it is', and this, in & of itself, can be a great comfort. Indeed I speculate that it WILL lead to new frontiers of treatment, in which these chaotic & disordered fragments of illusion can be wrought into controllable 'lucid dream/ reality augmentation ' experiences, in which a great deal of true spiritual work could be achieved, once the basic elements of the ordering of the core personality have been accomplished through whatever therapy works for each patient, to strip away the fear & leave in its place a boundlessness of eploration, in faith, hope & love.

One fine day, these people will be liberated from these traumatic experiences (as will we all), yet there is indeed hope that they could become (for want of a better term) perfectly sane 'shamanic' figures, though not in the deluded, paganistic sense, where truly schizophrenic darkness has polluted human heritage in times past. Instead, these people may become a sort of actualised 'saint', a prophet, a dreamwalker - those who can creatively weave the myriad threads of the multiverse of human perception & our mental reach into the sane, button-down Reality that the rest of us often find to be mundane, in those moments when we are trapped by the filth, when we are void of true spiritual expression & experience of the higher realms.

Secondly, I believe it offers yet another key evidence which continues with a recent theme I have suggested - that dreaming is fundamental to the experience of being human, and this is my key argument here. We are not alive for rote operations & basic ordering of our environment into more manageable, low stress solutions - we are here to do that, firstly, but over & above, we are here to dream a new reality which is greater than anything that we can achieve with mere stacking of the blocks. We are here to actualise our individual & collective spiritual heritage, locus, and future - we are dreamers first, human second. Our perception needs to shift; a reference frame which accounts for miracles is needed What is more, the people 'at the top of the pyramid' know this, and we ourselves must integrate this knowledge - because the oppressors know that the only way they can retain their unfair system: pseudo-trickle-down agglomeration of resources, hoarding, thieving, with all attendant systemic & sadistic brutalising of the weak, is by preventing us from becoming aware of the immense power of the dream experience as the fundamental experience which builds Reality. It is our key weapon of war, if we can unlock its secrets & unite in its fullest expression.

There are rules to this simulation, to this shared dream that we all have in some manner undertaken to experience, and the system is manipulated not only by power in human hands (even this is incalculable to the average person) - but there are powers spoken of in scripture which have adopted a 'self first, above all beneath me' attitude of hierarchical control, domination, abuse & destruction of the weak, which have been established in layers of our local Reality for aeons, trickling their methods & mindset downward to the level of humanity with deeply insidious power agglomeration as their ultimate goal, in tandem with unjust persecution of the weak for its own sake as a desirable outcome.

As humans, it is remarkable just how protected from these forces we actually are, when all is said & done. There are rules - there is Law - but there is, above & beyond this layer, something named GRACE.

Law cannot be broached without consequence, and those dominions, powers know it well, so they game the system, with a twisting, fractally spiralled risk vs reward payoff/cutoff paradigm which suits the content of their character & the nature of their essential spirit accordingly, depending on the depth of depravity which is in them. All of this plays out as conflict & trauma in the world, injustice & abuse, institutionalised in many cases, though truly, the world is far better than it used to be in certain respects, we are more 'civilised' (though brute behaviour persists within the civilisational construct in dark recesses, alleyways, dives, corridors, suburbanite cutouts, mired dungeons & crystal palaces..) My own experience of faith, of Christ, God, Spirit, angels, dreams, synchronicity, remembrance of past lives, past states of existence, and every thought that has turned my mind around in its hand over the past forty years, has taught me that there is a plan of salvation which is far more vast & far-reaching, deep & limitless in its application, total in scope & purer than the driven snow, and that all of it is waiting for each one of us to open that door in our mind, to use the key that only we have access to, to unlock true memory of what it means to be human, what it means to be here, now, at this time in history, in this version of the world we grew up with. Are we in a simulation? I believe so.

But in essence, all of existence is some form of simulcra, some space which has been cultivated for us to exist within - a construct, not necessarily benign, but not malevolent either. Fallen. It is challenging - there are thorns & thistles, yet there is still some higher purpose, some quest to be realised, some truth to be found & preserved, expressed as beauty, truth, grace, redemption - the information that is you & I, the core of all experience, thought & emotion, is always preserved.

I believe that the game is afoot, and that now is truly the hour of our testing & refinement, facing down those powers which have abused humanity for millennia, reaching out in response to the call of God, as He calls us forwards, ahead, up the mountain, to the sunlit vistas & airy spaces of the heights, beyond the dross, the gravity, the suffering of this world - in flight, in freedom, dreaming the same dream & putting the past behind us. I believe that things are changing, that the simulation is evolving, that this is being communicated clearly, that we must be, as we were cautioned, watchful, for the hour is near. Finally, and I will say more on this in future, prayer & meditation are able to lift us above the dross & rote BS of this world, burning away those thorns & thistles, enabling us to be washed, renewed & invigorated, energised for the battles ahead. Perfect submission before God is the only way to reach that place of overcoming faith; as we reach out to Heaven, God reaches down to us - that is truth.

I know I've meandered a bit here, but I'm working on it.



posted on Nov, 18 2022 @ 06:53 PM

posted on Nov, 18 2022 @ 07:01 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment
I'm a pretty calm chill dude,
But recently my dreams have been F*cked up. Becoming more lucid than I ever imagined.
And I'm watching 1899. Uh oh.
Every night I've been going on hour long adventures, I've learned a few triggers to notice I'm dreaming and then can do anything I want.
I didn't think I had schizophrenia, nothing in my day to day life would say that.

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posted on Nov, 18 2022 @ 07:27 PM
This one upset me a little OP, literally caused one of those jerks that go along with past trauma response..I have them a lot, not your fault but the whole thing was infuriating…White Rabbit was the perfect soundtrack for it..I was totally thinking "rabbit hole" before I scrolled down..surreal-ish, thanks. I like Your explanation, but…Your saying You have the ability to move in and out and there's a definite line, besides life and death? I don't understand..If You can operate in Your dreams, then isn't that reality? And when You wake everything is different and You're ok with that? Wether one is 'sleeping' or not? Wouldn't that make You the disabled one? Help me out here..

posted on Nov, 18 2022 @ 07:30 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

these people are experiencing a world somewhat like our modern 'augmented reality' technology - there is a layering of dreaming epiphenomena over the top of the reality perceived.

This really struck a cord with me! I've researched most of my life trying to understand the mind, and always felt like the mainstream take is missing some very importand information. I've known schitzophrenics, and the vast majority were 'normal' before becoming involved with drugs. One became so after the horrors he experoenced in Nam, so it always seemed to me that brain function somehow gets scrambled, like a corrupted computer program would.

The more I learn about the human body, the more it looks like life is much like a computer program. I toy with the idea that the brain just might have some sort of firewall to keep the whole mainframe from overloading and crashing.

Thanks for the thread, FITO; I need something besides current events to ponder ocer.

posted on Nov, 18 2022 @ 07:58 PM

FL perpetuates a fear of ET, as if collapse is inevitable, we're just their terraforming property, and they are coming in the near future to reclaim / assimilate with the data that's being stored in our DNA. To their credit, they do talk about dreams a great deal, and I think that's definitely a key.

Forgotten Languages discussion

posted on Nov, 18 2022 @ 09:48 PM
Talk to me about all this stuff. Lost my mom youngish, became depressed, alcoholic, I am such a happy go lucky person, done psychedelics, and now have the most insane lucid dreams almost every night. I'm ya man to study lol

posted on Nov, 18 2022 @ 09:54 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

You have a PM coming shortly.

Always interesting material S&F.

posted on Nov, 19 2022 @ 05:31 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

I take your syncronizity graph is off the charts, lately? Always?

posted on Nov, 19 2022 @ 05:49 AM
a reply to: 5ofineed5aladder

Do you wake up tired? Do you feel tired alot? Sleep long hours?

I aways have crazy wicked dreams when i sleep without my cpap machine. Shallow breathing results in low blood oxygen levels which results in wicked dreams.

I had a snooze today on my bed for a couple hours without my cpap machine. I ended up playing a person who had multiple personality disorder, and there were 9 different personalities on the “bus” and i played everyone of them. Ridiculous.

posted on Nov, 19 2022 @ 09:12 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Nice thread! Lot's to ponder on really, a couple of things stood out.

I've seen someone negatively affected by hallucinations after practicing spirituality, their visions were directly related to the mood and 'vibration' of the person. I'm not sure if a diagnosis was made although the direction was mental illness.

The third eye is an overlay... That's a thought I've had too.

The only reason I started looking down this avenue again is due to that person's experience, it was rather maddening to see. As far as I'm aware I cannot hallucinate, I've pushed the right avenues at times and I do get migraines. I do wonder if I'm lacking a third eye.

I've lucid dreamed a lot through life and recently realised I accidentally have OBEs. I was still tethered so to speak but the main things that stand out as I remember is the orientation of the bed (always south) and the fact I was doing literally nothing conductive to having these experiences.

Understanding such things as a thinning of the membrane between consciousness and unconsciousness can and will help people, I fully agree on that. It's thinking along the same lines that has me on a bit of a journey of discovery and rediscovery.

Walking in the mud

posted on Nov, 19 2022 @ 09:27 AM
a reply to: 5ofineed5aladder

Its just dreams at the end of the day...

It's just rare for us to have autonomy in dreams, to trigger the realisation is deceptively easy though isn't it?

It's your mind do what you want is the general idea I'd think. There's a lot more possibilities than doing what you want, you can be anywhere and make anything. In my experience doing this was stupid easy too but so was the mess of jumping through memories...

Have fun!

posted on Nov, 19 2022 @ 11:07 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Should schizophrenia be counted among slow wave disorders (along with epilepsy)
there's enough tools to measure and change it IMO. I havent seen much research being done.
There was a study here and there looking like this:

Abstract Sleep abnormalities have recently gained renewed attention in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. Disrupted thalamocortical brain oscillations hold promise as putative biomarkers or endophenotypes of the disorder. Despite an increase in studies related to sleep spindle and slow-wave activity, findings remain in part contradictory. Although sleep spindle deficits have been confirmed in several groups of patients with chronic, medicated schizophrenia, data on the early stages of the disorder and in unmedicated subjects are still insufficient. Findings on slow-wave abnormalities are largely inconclusive, possibly due to the different criteria employed to define the phenomenon and to the influence of atypical antipsychotics.

IMO if it's a sleep disorder doesnt mean that it's not caused by physical changes in the brain as an organ. Every organ can be ill. You can blame parasites, tooth decay bacteria, Lyme disease, lack of nutrients, inflammation,out of homeostasis endocannabinoid system... If it's caused by delta, theta waves during a wake state, lack of gamma or sensorimotor rhythm around 14 Hz (Schumman resonance?)
then we have brainwave entrainment, biofeedback machines etc able to fix that. Of course it's not available to everyone and you wont be able to force a psychotic individual to even listen to a weird pulsating isochronic tones video on youtube. When you tie him to the chair he/she wont calm down either. They'd rather get paranoid maybe because they like the dopamine rush associated with it.
In the end it's such a loop that it's impossible to tell what caused what.

posted on Nov, 20 2022 @ 12:07 AM
a reply to: PapagiorgioCZ

you wont be able to force a psychotic individual to even listen to a weird pulsating isochronic tones video on youtube.

Will YouTube work? Sounded a bit like tinnitus to me which has links to migraines and sleep disorders. Seems there's some studies happening on stimulating this stuff. With my earlier post I poorly explained in laymen's terms how I'm approaching similar things from a different angle.

Visual imagination is extremely difficult when a migraine strikes, tinnitus increases but sleep is easier. Just some recent observations.

posted on Nov, 20 2022 @ 03:56 PM
a reply to: RAY1990

no, no, isochronic tones sound like this:

posted on Nov, 21 2022 @ 06:35 AM
a reply to: PapagiorgioCZ

Quite relaxing and nice, cheers.

I might have misunderstood something, I've never really looked into frequencies and the human body. What exactly would these frequencies do?

I don't know much (anything really) about slow wave disorders but I do know migraines and sleep issues, the links to epilepsy always fascinated me.

posted on Dec, 24 2022 @ 03:47 AM
a reply to: RAY1990

Learn the basics and stick to it.
There's lot of BS out there. Solfeggio for example is a big scam and youtube is full of it. You will inevitably be fed chakra frequencies too. People are trying to glue it on their belief systems.

Here's what should work. There was an actual study. If you wanna fix a slow wave disorder you want to speed up the brain during the day. They were using a session composed of two frequencies 15 and 20 Hz. It was 15,20,15,20,15. The've measured an increase in intelligence and better sleep
If you are day-dreaming all day it's not good.
Add this one to the one I posted and you're good to go for a first safe experience with this stuff

posted on Dec, 24 2022 @ 04:07 AM

you wont be able to force a psychotic individual to even listen to a weird pulsating isochronic tones video on youtube. When you tie him to the chair he/she wont calm down either. They'd rather get paranoid maybe because they like the dopamine rush associated with it.

Thats why You charge them for it..duh, like they did back in the day with the 'Electronic Mind Spa' in the back room of head shops..5 bucks to sit in a chair with goggles and headphones on listening to beeps and watching flashing red lights..maybe that's what happened

posted on Dec, 24 2022 @ 06:34 AM
a reply to: PapagiorgioCZ


The brainwave entrainment link is the one that put it altogether in my head, to layman's term it for myself I'd say there's a scale of external stimuli that affects the internal workings of the brain. We can apply the ideas of good/bad to that although I prefer looking at it as "poorly timed activity" as it's not so much the senses going haywire, it's the brain.

Frequencies and rhythm. I'll test some things out for migraines and see what the overall affect is. I somewhat have a basic understanding of the interconnectedness brain issues/disorders. This makes nice simplistic sense when it's broke down.

Thanks again.


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