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Worldwide organisation NEEDED - does it exist already?

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posted on Nov, 4 2022 @ 11:27 AM
a reply to: n00ne

The link for the Order of the White Rose is their original website and the archives section there is still available on the "light" web. It has some very interesting advice there even though it is some 5 years old now. That will give you a idea about that organization without downloading TOR.

posted on Nov, 4 2022 @ 12:45 PM
a reply to: MichiganSwampBuck
Already have all these things set up I'll definitely go check on the .onion side to see if there is some uncensored things there as I suspect it cannot go wild on the clear net. thanks again

posted on Nov, 4 2022 @ 01:39 PM

originally posted by: FamCore

originally posted by: n00ne
a reply to: FamCore

Thanks a lot. its actually a great group for the decentralized way to create something useful if stuff starts to get very ugly ! Thanks a million.

Totally agree, currently just shy of 35,000 members, but I've even found members who live within driving distance and in the future hope it gains more

I appreciate your link as I had seen something like this before and thought it interesting but forgot the name. Not sure this is the same one but the idea is. The original one I saw had also built their groups around common themes such as parents need to share daycare or homeschooling ideas, people who process food who want to swap for other needs all under the umbrella of building a new, non reliant system.

posted on Nov, 4 2022 @ 02:05 PM
a reply to: n00ne
I think the worldwide group we are waiting for is the strength we will have collectively when most people realize that the average person is not creating the havoc we live in, but their psychology helps perpetuate it. It's getting there and I think the events of the last year are simply part of the catalyst. Living among it is challenging but those in charge have been working at this enslavement for centuries so our collective awakening will take time and maybe not in our lifetimes. I do think there is a bit of a time crunch with AI involved.

When my children were babies I was in an abusive relationship. I went to counselling for post partum depression only to find that all the women in the group were in some way being bullied/controlled and likely suffered from that, not clinical post partum depression. Anyhow, what stood out to me was the facilitator said "a person will only take as much abuse from another as they are willing to give themselves" It really stuck with me and I see that in the larger society. We have been groomed since birth to idolize those "above us" which by default demeans us all. This is seen in monarchies, celebrities, government/religous/school authorities. We deem ourselves not worthy of even questioning and that has been manipulated much in these last years of censorship. We hand over our hard earned tax money in honour thinking it is going to cover our uses, schools, medical, roads and the upper levels use it to start wars and do horrific or wasteful research.

My point to this is, in order to have the unity of some movement against the powermongers, individuals have to en masse embrace their worthiness, to turn their back on the corrupt and give them no more power in a non violent, non egotistical way. We are just at the smallest baby step in this but it is happening. We deserve better.

One thread that helped me make sense of things even IF it's a fabrication, even though I'm not religious, just because it shows how the individual needs to evolve regardless of what we are facing... Hidden Hand

Sorry for the rambling, sometimes I just get typing and it flows out. Not always helpful.

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posted on Nov, 4 2022 @ 04:48 PM
a reply to: n00ne


How about

International ?


posted on Nov, 6 2022 @ 01:21 AM
a reply to: n00ne

A worthy question (at last)

First, a cautionary note: The reason for creating ATS may have changed from it's inception through to today. But the nature of activism excludes it from a website like ours. You and I must be free to speak, unfettered by ideological constraints. Activism is deeply coherent with partisanship, and quite often zealotry - both are antithetical to our need for a community platform that engenders dialogue. Just examine the social evolution of 'face place', 'twitworld', 'instagasp', et. al. Please avoid activism and the compulsion to 'call for change' or any method of gathering names and resources. We are free from that here.

On the other hand, and more to the topic.

Yes, an ideal circumstance might be if there were an organization of entities who would subordinate themselves to the betterment of mankind's condition. Many organizations posture themselves in that light, as they ask for money, or demand your name be part of their image. The amount of trust needed to be part of such a thing is extraordinary. Trust that their foundation, or brother/sisterhood, lodge, club, would never abuse their power or place their self-interests over the demands of service to others.

The nature of the problem is not just competence, it's not just 'reputation,' it's not even resolvable down to 'good intentions.'

Nature has taught us that once a collective task becomes larger and larger, a hierarchy of management is the key to effective (efficient) execution. The task you refer to is huge.

"Global" anything is something we can never truly achieve without the entire population existing in homogenized circumstances. If we all had no survival deficiencies, if we no longer held to old grudges, and if we all (collectively) embrace harmonious cooperation and coexistence as an ideal... maybe, maybe then. I have my doubts that the goal is realistic.

I think that is a long wait for a train that's just not coming. As individuals, the best we can hope for is that our particular 'servants of the people' do not allow themselves to place their enrichment and position above the people they serve.

There is something to be said for education as a remedy. But at least in my country, higher academia has nearly destroyed the effort. Few cultivate the virtues of civics, rhetoric, and or even simply historical knowledge.

The many organizations that exist today are largely devolved into social clubs. George Carlin was not wrong when he joked that the "Big Club" is the one we are all not in. That they 'believe' they "own" us is the point. And would any "global" organization not identify itself as the "greatest" "most authoritative" "highest" in the land? I think not.

I suspect that those who might be inclined to do good would soon become servants of the "club" instead of the people.

At the risk of triggering the sensitivities of others, I too believe that early ideas embedded within the church were almost entirely benevolent. But people are people, and our history shows us that our baggage became more important than our principles.

This 'search of yours' is also mine. I have ideas, but ideas are insubstantial - and can only be spread like seeds in the wind.

International organizations suffer from the weakness that each nation will recognize them as not part of their nation. We are not yet at the point where we should abandon the successes that smaller - more regionally-focused efforts have achieved.

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