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So did 2000 mules actually have anything?

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posted on Oct, 28 2022 @ 10:37 AM
a reply to: frogs453

Sure, why wouldn't I? Didn't pay for it though. How can I have an opinion if I never saw it?

posted on Oct, 28 2022 @ 04:13 PM

originally posted by: frogs453
Well, although you believe I'm parroting info, people here seem to be parroting completely false and misleading info.

Dinesh claimed the recall on the 2000 Mules book was for "publishing errors" but the reason Dinesh's book was recalled was because he had libelous and untrue information in it.

The initial version of the book set to be published in August did just that. D'Souza accused five nonprofit groups of acting as illegal ballot "stash houses."

When NPR contacted the five groups D'Souza had accused of involvement in election fraud, two went on the record to condemn the accusations as "trash," "lies," and "malarkey." One of those groups described the allegations as potentially "libelous."

Even True the Vote, the controversial election denial organization that executive produced the 2,000 Mules film, distanced themselves from the book. "True the Vote had no participation in this book, and has no knowledge of its contents," the group said in a statement to NPR back in September. "This includes any allegations of activities of any specific organizations made in the book. We made no such allegations."

The official release of the book also completely removes a claim that True the Vote was able to determine the supposed ballot "mules" had links to antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The film and the recalled version of the book said that True the Vote used a database from the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) to make this connection.

ACLED objected to that characterization, and requested a correction from D'Souza.

"This is not the type of analysis you can use ACLED data for, and it is highly unlikely that these conclusions have any basis in fact," a spokesperson for ACLED previously told NPR. The spokesperson said every reference to ACLED in the recalled version of the book was "incorrect or misleading."


Also because of no vetting of his information, he being sued by a man he accused of being a mule, who was legally dropping of his family's legal ballots.
The man has since received death threats and harassment.

Legal Complaint pdf

You also have True The Vote being sued for defamation:

In podcasts and elsewhere, True the Vote has repeatedly claimed that it directed “analysts” to hack Konnech’s servers, which the group claims were in China and thus proof of the company’s work on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.

After Konnech sued True the Vote last month for defamation, Hoyt ordered True the Vote to turn over any Konnech data the organization still had and disclose the name of the individual who’d helped them obtain it.

The judge said he didn’t “have any confidence” in True the Vote’s version of events, in part because he said the group’s leaders haven’t submitted sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury to support them. True the Vote’s lawyers said they didn’t believe their clients needed to appear at the hearing.

In its own legal filings, True the Vote said that contrary to its prior public statements, the group had never been in possession of Konnech’s data but had simply been shown it by a source.

Texas Tribune

But uh sure, I'm just a parrot? Or are those spouting whatever they've seen in the movie, which we see is inaccurate and false?

Bumping for relevance.

posted on Oct, 31 2022 @ 01:04 AM
So basically there are two problems.

#1 : The locations D'Souza identifies as "stash houses" for ballots, cannot be proven to be stash houses.

Inductively, the odds they are not stash houses for ballots probably fall near the odds the climate change is a hoax. But since no outsider was ever able to enter those buildings and directly visually confirm there were ballots in them, it's an unproven and unprovable claim.

Which legally makes it libel.

#2 : True the Vote reversed its position on their possession of Konnech's data.

I think perhaps they realized that possession of data obtained by hacking is well.............not something you should admit to, unless you are able to distance yourself many degrees of separation from the source.

I would like to note that neither one of those objections actually makes the film's claims unlikely to be accurate.

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