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Some very good UFOlogy discussions

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posted on Oct, 21 2022 @ 07:08 PM
For those looking seriously into the UFO\ET phenomenon, these discussions will make some nice additions to your research. The discussions are all hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove. Mishlove is a scientist who has done serious research into unexplained phenomena, and was last years winner of the $500,000 Bigelow prize. His essay on "Evidence of an Afterlife" won him the award. He knew Terence McKenna and Dr. John Mack. He knew John Keel.
This guy knows everyone. He hung out with parapsychologist Barry Taff way back in "The Entity" days. He had a Public Television program back in the 80s, and had Vallee as a guest. i could go on for days.

Mishlove asks few questions. He likes to let his guests talk. I've seen him do hour-long shows, asking only 4-5 questions. When he does ask a question, it's relevant.

A very recent interview with Vallee:

A clip from an interview with the late Dr. john Mack:

The late Terence McKenna:

Interview with Ralph Blumenthal, reporter for The New York Times from 1964 to 2009, and author of "The Believer: Alien Encounters, Hard Science, and the Passion of John Mack"

Recent interview with Charles Upton. Upton is a very interesting guy. He likes to make fun of the "Disclosure Movement".
I found a review of an Upton UFO book an Amazon that I thought was very interesting. The review is quite long, so rather than paste it here, I'll link it. The reviewer goes by the name "Akasha"


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