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High Strangeness Downunder!

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posted on Oct, 17 2022 @ 02:35 PM
Travelling in the nothan territories of Australia I had an odd experience...

There were 3 of us in a yellow long wheelbase campervan, myself another English backpacker and an Aussie. My travelling buddy had meet the Aussie lad at the top of Uluru and arranged to meet up in Alice Springs, where we had to relinquish our ride. We teamed up and continued the adventure.

After a few days on the road, stopping at night in the middle of nowhere, making a fire and cooking snaggs and roo meat, we made it to the Northern territories and headed to Kakadu national park and here is where I witnessed something best described as odd.

We were heading down a long straight undulating road with trees lining both sides, I was sitting on the very back seat my 2 friends were sitting up front. It was just starting to get dark but there was still plenty of light.

I looked back out of the rear window, for some reason, which was fairly dusty from the 2 day drive through the outback. About 1 to 2 metres from the rear of the van was what I thought to be a motorbike, with its single round head light on full. The rider was not visible due the glare from the light and the dust on the window.
I turned back fully expect the bike to go wizzing by any second.... It didn't!

I dont know how long I waited before looking back, it couldn't have been more than a minute or 2 but, to my suprise the bike was no longer there...
It was way back up the road, just the other side of a brow in the road strobing and going back and forth accros the road at a fairly rapid pace without any interval to turn around.

I just turned back around, seeing that, and for some reason didnt say a word to my friends, it was like my brain couldn't compute and just shut down for a short time.

I remembered the event a few days later and to this day cant fathom why I didnt tell my mate to turn around and go investigate.

A few years after returning to the UK I read about a phenomenon in that part of the world called the Min Min lights and believe that is what I saw.

posted on Oct, 17 2022 @ 02:39 PM
Try a quick search for Clinton Road in New Jersey. I've read similar accounts of people who travelled there. It's supposed to be one of the most haunted areas in the country.

posted on Oct, 17 2022 @ 02:54 PM
It didnt seem ghostly or creepy at all.

Just a bright white light!

a reply to: RomaSempre

posted on Oct, 17 2022 @ 02:59 PM
I've never seen them but it sounds like Min Min lights, apparently they are quite common in remote areas of Australia.

There is an Aboriginal myth/tradition that says Chosen ones will be followed by Min Min lights all their life. At some point they will need to follow them and I'm not sure of the criteria, but if they are ready their ancestors will take them back to the dreamtime and they will become a wise one, if they follow before they are ready then they just die.

I have half aboriginal cousins and one of them sees them, she is yet to follow them but if she ever does I'll post the results here
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posted on Oct, 17 2022 @ 03:05 PM
Please do, I would like to know what happens... I wonder which one of the 3 of us it was following.
My money is on the Aussie bloke... He sure was a free spirig.

a reply to: Iknewstuff

posted on Oct, 17 2022 @ 03:11 PM
a reply to: AnInvisibleCorner

They only follow aboriginal chosen ones, if you saw them it was likely just a lucky coincidence.

Lots of people get a glimpse of them but you have to be special to be harrassed haha

posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 01:30 AM

originally posted by: Iknewstuff
a reply to: AnInvisibleCorner

They only follow aboriginal chosen ones, if you saw them it was likely just a lucky coincidence.

Lots of people get a glimpse of them but you have to be special to be harrassed haha

This is not true

I have been encountering these "lights" since 2012 (I live in Darwin, Northern Territory) and I am very white

They follow (or harass, as some would say) anyone that they find "interesting"

I have sat and spoken about my friends (as I most often refer to them) with an Aboriginal man going through his spiritual rites of passage, to become an aboriginal elder

When I told him about my experiences, he laughed and said "We are the same. I know you. You are me. And I am you" (this will make more sense with the "I am who I am" part, at the end of this post)

He started telling me things about the aboriginal rites of passage that he had been through. Things that he and others like him experience, that they do not generally talk about with anyone, even within their own culture

The only reason he spoke about these things with me, is because they were near identical to my own experiences and the initiation rites I was being put through by my light "friends"

Enough so, that our teachers could be recognised as being of the same source

The stories about "chasing the lights" are generalised allegory

From Wiki page on Min Min Light: "and anyone who chases the lights and catches them will never return to tell the tale"

This is not necessarily the case. It is hard to explain, but I will try

It all depends on why you pursue them and what is in your heart. Our ability to interact with them exists within a type of emotional mirror, to our own soul and will

If you pursue them to attack them, based on any type of fear, or to exert dominance or authority over them (such as military trying to shoot them down, for instance), I have no doubt they would/will kill you

They won't just kill you, they will f#$king destroy you. In ways that would make you wish you were dead

But it would not be them that kills you, it would be you killing yourself, by and through your own actions. They merely supply the gateway to do so

It is impossible to explain this part without having gone through the initiations to understand. But they do not physically enact anything upon us. They only ever give enough rope with which to hang ourselves ... Or pull ourselves out of a hole, that we may, or may not even know we are in

One thing that is certain, is that if you pursue them, you will find them

A majority of people would/will never chase them, because they are simply too terrifying

To this end, they will intentionally trigger emotions such as fear and terror within those they encounter, for the purposes of measuring the persons heart

Most will flee

They are only interested in interacting with those who do not

If they find you "interesting", you may be made "initiate", after which they will follow you relentlessly

It is impossible to get rid of them from that point on, unless you complete their rites of passage, which consist of teachings about how the world works and certain ritual physical, spiritual and emotional purification and catharsis

Once they get "in your head", you are synced to a higher form of consciousness and you are tuned to become "one" with something beyond the realms of this world

The lights we see are merely a manifestation of this. A type of "bridge", which acts as a mirror to the persons will and intent

This is why you cannot cheat "illumination" in this world, as many societies and groups try to do, by emulating the knowledge and processes

You need to pass through the flame, the sun itself, in a purification process, that will literally kill anyone who seeks it for the wrong reason, or with impure intent in their heart

Many are actually made to die during these rites of initiation

A ritualistic death, where they either pass and wake up, "resurrected". Or they do not, and die

The reason this is done, is so that none who are unworthy, or unready, can possess things which are not for them to know or hold

I died more than once during my initiation

If you saw the lights and the other people in the car did not, then I assure you, they were there to see you. Not the others in the car. Or they would have seen, not you

Nothing they do is by mistake or coincidence. Everything is as perfectly planned, as knowing a decision you will make in your life, years from now, as if you have already made it

Again, hard to explain to those who have not experienced it

Except to say, that I chased them, and I'm still here

In my own interactions with them, I initially used morse code flashing on my phone, to try communicate with them

Till I realised, they could hear me, even from a significant distance away

I told them to "move left, if they could hear me" and the light immediately moved left

I told them to move left for yes, and right for no. Then quickly realised, that I did not even need to speak the questions, because they started answering the questions the second I thought of them, without me saying a word

I thought in my head "Can you hear my thoughts?" and they immediately moved left, for yes

I asked them all sorts of questions about who and what they are, and how the world works

I started going down to see them every single night. Which I did for years. Often taking other people down with me to see them. Most of those I took down to see them, were OK. Some freaked out and wanted to leave the second they saw them

I went on holidays to Sydney and Melbourne, and a light followed the plane the entire way. And at one stage, flew underneath us in the clouds, lighting up enough of the land below, that It would have been like daylight for anyone on the ground (though it was desert)

I travel to Groote Eylandt, they follow me there, off the coast. Brighter than ever

On one occasion, they lit up the entire skyline off the coast of Darwin. Impossibly huge. Hundreds of KM's of coastline, lit up as if there were a city out over the horizon, where there should be nothing but ocean

The best way I can describe them, is that they are a type of spirit lights, that reflect the will, intention and purity of your own heart

If you are dark, they are danger and pain

If you are light, they are safety and love

But if you are one of the "interesting" individual that they attach themselves to? They are the equal extreme measure of both, and balance (the trinity)

They are of the forces and power of creation itself, and exist beyond time and space, as para-dimensional entities

But exactly what they are is irrelevant

You are taught not to care, because it is impossible to know within the world as certainty. Even if they were to tell you exactly what they are, there is no way you could know for certain

So to consider such things, is a waste of time

Much like concepts of Gods and Aliens, which is why this is one of the first things you are taught

To let go of "ego" and identity, as definition of purpose and basis for understanding

"I am who I am", is all they will ever tell you. All that is important

Like "Yahweh" in the Bible, except it is supposed to mean, knowing is not important

"I am who I am
You are who you are"

"They are, as they are"

They are not limited to the Aboriginal people. Though they do have a fondness for them
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posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 01:46 AM
a reply to: Compendium

I know what you are saying. Lived and worked across the width and breadth of the Territory. Driving and Flying.

Wife and I saw some weird stuff. We both have aboriginal names as do our children.

To be honest, glad we are away from there now.

Kind regards,


posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 01:56 AM
Wow, thank you fir this!

The experience was 10 years ago, so around 2012 also.

I didn't feel scared when it was up close but was probabky because I thought it was a biker. When I looking back the second time and it wasnt where I thought it would be, there was a definite feeling of uneasiness becasuse it was so far from my realm of understanding.

10 years on and back on the other side of the world, I dont think I've seen the seem thing again.

Again, thank you for taking the time to respond

a reply to: Compendium

posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 02:30 AM
a reply to: Compendium

I find your contributions always highly interesting, and love the angle you bring from your side of initiation.
it's rather unique that people talk about such things in such an oppen manner, prolly due to the initiation prohibiting it.

So what....You're a DIY initiate? This is not meant derogatory in any way. I highly appreciated individuals that pull trough by themselfs.

posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 04:21 AM
a reply to: Terpene

Thank you, likewise with you

If by DIY you mean that I am not aligned with any particular group or religion teaching the mysteries, then yes

It is definitely guided by "something" though, it is just not something which can be named, defined, or explained within our world, other than to describe how they appear in this world, and the process itself

This is done intentionally, as I touched on in the last post, so that nobody can claim ownership, control or authority over what they are, and what they offer

So no Church or religion can claim them as their own, and by such, demand fealty and alignment of people in this world who want to understand what they have to offer

It is ours by right of birth, if we seek it

Many of the rites and rituals you find in religion and groups such as the Freemasons, are based upon the processes people go through when they are initiated into any of the various forms of what is referred to as "the mysteries"

But these processes are not true "initiation", as they are carried out, by and through, men or woman

It is the difference between between "Knowing" the teachings, and "understanding" them

They are aware of all the processes and information which is taught to initiates, but as they do not experience the true process and understand it in the same way as those who are initiated by "unseen forces"

It is only the imitation processes and groups which swear their students to oath of allegiance or secrecy

This is because they align through the numbers of their people, in a manifested group "consciousness"

It is literally where the term "Re-Legion" comes from. Alignment through numbers, to a physical collective consciousness

This is referred to as "the lesser mysteries", because it based upon numbers within a macrocosm collective

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this, it can actually be quite beautiful. It is only deemed "lesser" because of the nature of it being an alignment created, within another alignment

The oaths and secrecy, are to ensure alignment within the collective agenda. Nothing more

Those initiated by the light, or to the lands, people and animals, need make no such oaths. Because they are aligned by heart. By their will and intent. An alignment of harmonic resonance, which is based upon the stars, planets and the Earth itself

It is referred to as the "Greater mysteries", due to it being directly aligned with the higher forces

"Greater " belongs to everyone inherently. "Lesser" needs to be chosen and aligned with, as a self-contained entity, existing within the greater

Anyone who is instructed in the greater mysteries, generally will have no issues in sharing anything and everything they are taught

The issue with what they share, is usually within whether those they share it with are interested in knowing, if indeed they even believe what is shared

It is because of these issues that many initiated into the greater mysteries, decide not to speak on such things. It is not because they cannot. It is because it simply takes too much time and effort to bother, unless they are speaking to someone who genuinely wants to know

With teachings such as the "Eleusinian mysteries" it is often said that those who are taught are sworn to secrecy under threat of death

This is not only not true, but ridiculous, when you understand that part of the initiation process involves them being stripped of their fear of death

It is, in fact, one of the very first steps. During which initiates are often forced to experience death. After which they are revived. This is usually done by either suffocation, or drowning (suffocation in my case)

Why would someone who has been through this process, to no longer fear death, then swear an oath on a threat of death, which means nothing to them

It is a misunderstanding of the principle upon which some will say "I will not speak on such things"

It is just another way of saying, "It is too difficult to explain simply, so there is no point me trying"

It does not mean it cannot be explained, only that it will take significant time and effort on their part to do so ... So there is little point, unless it is someone who genuinely wishes to know of such things

Somehow over time, this has been interpreted to mean secrecy

But I assure you, that none who go through the Eleusinian mysteries, are sworn to secrecy

They will tell any who are willing to listen

They will just not often be understood or believed

Hope that makes sense

I was forced into the processes. I did not have any interest in religion or spirituality. Which, sort of ironically, is probably why I needed to be forced into it

I resisted "my friends" (and downright hated them) for years, like they were a disease, that I wished nothing more than to be rid of

I understand why many within religion would think of such things as "demons", initially

The emotional catharsis at the beginning is very dark, confronting and painful. Very painful

I understand why many would turn to religion, as a way to escape such a process

But they are no more "demons", than the very same spirits or entities which they would then call names like "Angel, Jesus or God"

They are all the same

The only difference between them is your perspective on them

Which is exactly the same as the light many people experience. A mirror of your own heart, will and intent

You come to understand, that those who openly speak of their alignment with God, Jesus and the Church, condemning demons and evil, are ironically, those who carry some type of darkness or fear in their hearts, that they are simply too scared to confront, or let go of

They do not realise they are mirroring the light of their own hearts in the way they view the unseen. So you need be as gentle with them as you would with treating a child and their fears

This is part of the conversation I had with the Aboriginal man about what they go through in his culture

He explained that more and more people in his culture will flee their traditional homes and culture, often turning to alcohol and drugs, in order to avoid going through their initiation processes, because of how hard and painful they can be

The reason that most who are initiated in any of the various forms of "the mysteries" will not talk about the things that they go through, is not so much because they are sworn

Religion works in a similar way, it is simply based upon "I do not want to know", rather than using alcohol or drugs "to try forget"

One cements itself through addiction, the other through commitment. But they are two sides of same coin when it comes to avoiding the greater mysteries

Groups like the Freemasons, imitate the greater mysteries, in a way that aligns with religious belief as the lesser mystery. But it is like saying you are mechanic, because you own a car, or you saw someone pull an engine apart once

The reason that those like me have little-to-no respect for groups such as this, even though they admittedly can do some good through things such as charity, is because they seek to limit and control information which should be openly shared. Which makes them no better than the lesser mysteries, even though they claim themselves to be so

True initiates openly share anything, to anyone who genuinely seeks to know it

False initiates feign secrecy. Mostly because they do not understand the knowledge they possess, to be able to explain it

posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 04:45 AM
Tingles man!!!

You have just put into words in a very educated manner something i have been trying to get across here for a while, but didnt fully know it....

a reply to: Compendium

posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 04:52 AM
a reply to: AnInvisibleCorner

'I saw a light'
That's high strangeness to you?

posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 05:08 AM
a reply to: Compendium

If you saw the lights and the other people in the car did not, then I assure you, they were there to see you. Not the others in the car. Or they would have seen, not you

I started going down to see them every single night. Which I did for years. Often taking other people down with me to see them. Most of those I took down to see them, were OK. Some freaked out and wanted to leave the second they saw them

So which is it ????

Stay Safe


posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 05:12 AM
A light that was moving along at the same speed of the van and gave off an air of consciousness... Yes!

I guess you have to be there.

a reply to: Peeple

posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 05:22 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Here in west OZ, on the Toodyay - Bindoon Road there is a similar thing except they are shadows rather than lights.

One can see them out of the corner of your eye sometimes when driving on that road. They seem to enjoy pacing cars. They can get big too; house size.

They don't do any harm I am aware of, except to scare folks who assume such things to be "evil" or "demons".

posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 05:34 AM
Aussie here too... I have seen them. I went through a 5 year period (around 2014 onward) where I saw and felt a lot of them. I wouldn't say they harassed me, as I was a willing participant, always looking for them. I was also living my best life at the time.
Concentrated in 2 areas of Australia. The Sunshine Coast in QLD and the far South coast of NSW. They had also visited me in a couple of intensely vivid dreams many years before that. I searched and searched for answers, and I found none. Now I rarely watch the sky and the encounters I had are slowly fading in my mind.
I wish I had some links to aboriginal elders and medicine men/woman as I'm sure they would at least give me some food for thought, but alas I know none that will speak of it with me.... Maybe for good reason?

posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 06:19 AM
Having said this ...

The Roman Catholic Church is well aware of the phenomena existing across the Northern Territory

Their Cathedral in Darwin is literally named after the lights I first encountered over the sea. "St Marys Star Of the Sea Cathedral"

They even have a stained glass window, by the same name, depicting the very orb of light (burning bush) that I encountered over the ocean

However, when I went in there and openly told them about my experiences, they were terrified

They would not help me and wanted nothing to do with me, even though I am confirmed into their Church, and am experiencing a phenomena they themselves name as St Mary

I've come to learn, from my interactions with trying to talk to them and other Churches, that they are as close to evil as anything which exists in this world

Exactly the opposite of what they claim to be

A fake love, or false light. Which seems to only seek to take from the real thing, without regard to honouring it

Though perhaps it was just their fear that I was picking up on, which makes it seem like the
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posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 06:28 AM
There are some interesting historical accounts of the "lights" including indiginous folks explanations available on the Australian UFO Research Network website.

Here is a sample with links to the articles below.

The earliest reported sighting of the Min Min Light, for which we are reasonably certain about the date, is the classic account of Henry Lamond in 1912. At least 2 accounts exist, the first, as a letter in “Walkabout” (1 April, 1937- a suitable occasion for recounting of such anecdotes, some would say) and the second is from the “North Australian Monthly” in January 1961.

In “Walkabout” Lamond described his experience as follows:

“During the middle of winter -June or July (1912) - I had to go to Slasher’s Creek to start the lamb-marking I did not leave the head station until about 2 am, expecting to get to Slasher’s well before daylight…

“After crossing the Hamilton River, 5 miles wide with 45 channels, I was out on the high downs ...5 or 6, or 8 or 10, miles out on the downs I saw the headlight of a car coming straight for me (The light had appeared to be coming from the direction of Winton and seemed to be about half a mile away -B.C.). Cars, though they were not common, were not rare. I took note of the thing, singing and trotting as I rode, and I even estimated the strength of the approaching light by the way it picked out individual hairs in the mare’s mane.

“Suddenly I realised it was not a car light -it remained in one bulbous ball instead of dividing into the 2 headlights, which it should have done as it came closer; it was too green-glary for an acetylene light; it floated too high for any car; there was something eerie about it.”

According to Lamond’s account in “Walkabout” his horse stopped, snorted and pricked its ears. His other account in the “North Australian monthly” states this aspect differently, albeit a small inconsistency. “Nellie kept trotting along quite unperturbed. She didn’t even prick her ears or lift her head. I know, had it been a car coming towards us, that mare would have been afraid.”

Lamond’s “Walkabout” account continues:
“The light came on, floating as airily as a bubble, moving with comparative slowness ... I should estimate now that it was moving at about10 m.p.h. and anything from 5 to 10 feet above the ground ... Its size, I would should say, at an approximate guess, would be about that of a new-risen moon.

“That light and I passed each other, going in opposite directions. I kept an eye on it while it was passing, and I’d say it was about 200 yards off when suddenly it just faded and died away. It did not go out with a snap -its vanishing was more like the gradual fading of the wires in an electric bulb. The mare acknowledged the dowsing of the glim by another snorting whistle.”

The Min Min Light mystery does not only have its basis only in compelling, historical and largely unconfirmable tales. N.W. Bauer, the late Queensland Commissioner for Police, in an article in the “Royal Geographical Society of Australia Bulletin,” describes what he referred to as “the best authenticated recording of this remarkable phenomenon.”

Excerpt from the work of Australian UFO Researcher Bill Chalker. Taken from the Australian UFO Research Network (AUFORN) website.

(Note that the link takes you to the AUFORN website homepage and one has to then click on the menu items below the header. I found a list of Aussie researcher's work under the ARTICLES. Bill Chalker is listed there.

posted on Oct, 18 2022 @ 08:22 AM
a reply to: Riouz5


The first paragraph was the original posters experience

The second paragraph was my experience

Two completely different people and experiences

In their case, if they were the ones to see the lights, I think it was meant for them, as the only ones to see it

In my case, I took people down specifically to see the lights

I don't get what you mean by "which is it?"

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