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“Those of You Who Think the Vaccine Kills People Can Use Me as a Test” - Bodybuilding Icon Dies

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posted on Oct, 20 2022 @ 12:31 AM
This is shocking!!!

A person died after taking the Covid Vaccine. He was only 23, I mean 63 years old.
It had to be the covid vaccine. I'm positive steroid use and age had absolutely no impact on this death.

As a Conservative, I'm quite tired of the Trumpkin illogic.

Yes yes. Vaccine bad. But so is second hand smoke, alcohol, too much internet, conspiracy theories and porn. Get a grip, get some level headedness in your judgmental capabilities. You are ready to jump off a cliff at every note that plays in the favor of your hyper partisan reality. You ain't no different than the crazy lefties throwing cocktails at artwork, or screaming "NOOOOOO" in time square. You are lit the same. If you could realize how you look, maybe you would restrain yourselves a bit.

posted on Oct, 27 2022 @ 03:47 PM
a reply to: Arnie123

The industry with the most blood on its hands is in full control of the federal government. Pfizer, the Big Pharma company that was convicted in the largest health care fraud case in the history of the Justice Department, has gone on to infiltrate every branch of government, with dozens of lobbyists, strategists and influencers operating in key positions across legislative and executive offices of the United States. Big Pharma now OCCUPIES Washington D.C., subverting the rule of law, constantly threatening the rights of the people.

It doesn’t matter how many people this industry maims and murders; they now have complete control over the Commander-in-Chief who stumbles and coughs and mumbles his way the Big Pharma script while forcing unnecessary, lethal products on people.

Big Pharma has infiltrated the highest levels of government, with advisors and coordinators in the White House, in the Speaker of the House’s office, and several different congressional offices. The National Pulse has put together a list of Pfizer and Moderna employees who have infiltrated the government.
Over seventy Pfizer employees have infiltrated public policy

Over seventy Pfizer employees have infiltrated the federal government in recent years. Since 2019, the number of Pfizer employees directing public policy has skyrocketed. Most recently, Pfizer used Sudafi Henry to influence the executive branch. Henry became the legislative affairs director for Joe Biden when he was Vice President. He and other Pfizer employees are behind the covid-19 vaccine mandates that Joe Biden is implementing through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). One of Pfizer’s newest employees to infiltrate the federal government is Kwabena Nsiah. As a former staffer for Xavier Becerra, secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services, Kwabena Nsiah recently became the top aide to director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Pfizer is not loyal to one political party. The drug maker is in control of the Republican Party, too. Justin McCarthy, Ben Howard, and David Schiappa are Pfizer employees who lobby for forced vaccines under Republican leaders. McCarthy served under George W. Bush as a Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs. Ben Howard served as a Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs under Donald Trump. David Schiappa is also a Pfizer lobbyist who worked as Secretary for Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate.
Big Pharma so power drunk, they are trying to control American businesses and violate the body autonomy rights of Americans

Under President Trump, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson received one of the biggest taxpayer bailouts in the history of the US, as billions of dollars were handed out to launch too-big-to-fail, experimental mRNA vaccine technology. After getting approval for a third booster dose of its new mRNA covid vaccine, Pfizer has been able to tighten its stranglehold over Congress and increase its lobbying budget. In 2019, the company spent 11,000,000 to lobby Congress into passing laws that benefit the company. This year, Pfizer has already invested $13,150,000 to convert Representatives of the people into puppets of Big Pharma. Hidden camera footage caught one Pfizer scientist admitting recently, “Basically, our organization is run on COVID money now.”

A new company named Moderna has joined in, too, taking advantage of this swamp and netting billions of dollars by manipulating Congress. In 2019, the company employed one lobbyist. By 2021, the company was able to deploy twelve new lobbyists, as they raked in free cash. The company went from having $40,000 in their lobbying budget in 2019 to spending $290,000 in 2021.

Big Pharma will advertise COVID as long as they can remain in control over the power of the purse, committing mass larceny against the United States and her people and forcing their products into people’s arms. Their power has grown so big, they now use the executive branch to force bodily mandates on businesses while threatening larceny against those businesses if they do not violate the body autonomy rights of their employees.

Washington D.C is a sick, corrupted, coercive swamp. We the People have no choice but to reclaim it.

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