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Can we talk about food prices

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posted on Oct, 2 2022 @ 12:11 AM

originally posted by: RonnieJersey

originally posted by: tamusan
a reply to: RonnieJersey

I went into Dollar General a few times. They just have a small dollar section. Everything else is priced just a few dimes less than the Safeway down the street.

Dollar General is not really a 'dollar store' - we go to Dollar Tree, there are many of them in our area.
They recently hiked their price to $1.25.

It use to be unreasonable to buy some food items at the dollar tree as I could find soup for 80 cents at the grocery. Now dollar tree has my doler twenty five plus the damn tax.

posted on Oct, 2 2022 @ 09:12 AM
a reply to: musicismagic

I went to buy some Amazon Brand Facial Tissue that I've been paying $0.98 and the same item jumped up to over $7!


posted on Oct, 2 2022 @ 02:44 PM

originally posted by: tamusan
a reply to: rickymouse

We buy a half a cow, the price will be up a quarter a pound this year hanging weight,

That's the kind of stuff that we should probably stop advertising.

Yeah I suppose I should but half of what we buy is used to give early Christmas presents to my family...for ourselves a quarter of a cow is plenty. That Christmas meat is given out within a day after we get it from the butcher shop.
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posted on Oct, 2 2022 @ 04:49 PM
Since my wife and I just returned from the store...several different ones due to prices...I decided to post here. Located Central Illinois USA. Went to Meijer, Walmart, Ruler food, Aldi, and County Market. Prices can vary by store as much as 100%. So we do them all.

Cost of meat is by cut, location, and types. The cheapest beef roast we could find was around 7 bucks a pound. Bought a small one. Some were $12 a pound

My wife and I love to go shopping together, but it is very frustrating to see what I call the "Biden Effect". This is no little thing.
At this point we have taken to using a calculator to add as we go. Things are getting pretty tight for many people, and I see others doing the same thing. Also I have observed that folks don’t seem to have their carts nearly as full as we used to see. There is a lot less “over” buying.

I couldn’t believe the price of coffee when we went to a big box store yesterday. $15-18 per pound! Some are cheaper of course, but my coffee I don't skimp on.
People seem to be buying what they need now and not always what they want. If they get treats they often use coupons or buy when there are sales. We buy sales and generic.

A small bag of fritos is $5.19. Most chip and snack type foods are much higher.
Those fretos were half that cost six months ago. Never in a million years would I pay so much for a small bag of corn chips. Even so those same chips in generic which are actually pretty good are only 1.65 at aldi. Even the wife can’t tell the difference. If I must choose between $1.65 and $5.19 it is no contest.

Flour is $2 for a generic 5 pound bag, and a loaf of bread is 2 bucks for a one pound loaf. [I can get 4 homemade loaves out of a bag of flour so its cheaper for home made from scratch. ]

Soda? Crazy inflation on that stuff. Absolutely crazy. I would never pay almost 7 bucks for a twelve pack of pepsi So I drink ice tea now.

Hamburger depends on how much fat is ground into it and can cost more than four bucks a pound but in bulk I can buy a 10lb tube for 25 bucks. So 70% lean hamburger in bulk is around 2.50 a pound.
A week ago that burger was Thirty bucks for the tube so it has actually gone down. But six months ago it was 20 bucks so it actually has gone up. Steaks? Well we simply can’t buy them at all. Far to high.

Some food prices have tripled. Some dry goods have not such as toilet paper if you shop around.

Generic single quarts tomato juice the cost is 2.69..that's for a quart we bought a few months ago for a buck. That is an increase of more than 260% in just a few months for one single item! Some stores were cheaper.

For canned goods, corn, green beans, and even kidney beans for generic have gone up about 30 % for generics.
A can of cream corn now is nearing one dollar. We used to buy a case for 6 bucks, now its 12 or more.
We have seen increases everywhere depending on store and locations.

Rice has not gone up a lot yet, but last week we bought another 10lb bag as we do follow trends and like to stay ahead of things like India not exporting some types of rice. The ones they are exporting are up significantly. If memory serves me I believe they said a 25% increase?

Folks, buy the meal for Thanksgiving soon if you can ... and freeze it. Its not that the prices will be so high which they will, but rather that there may be a shortage and some people may not be able to find what they want. uggh..bird flu?

All that money the dems forked over to America during covid is now being taken back through inflation. Nothing is ever free. Hope this helps some folks out a little.
Maybe drive to a bigger city where some prices may be lower...o wait...gas is totally high too. Maybe not to drive after all.
Something wonderful is not happening.

posted on Oct, 2 2022 @ 07:35 PM
a reply to: DavidsHope

I left the Quad Cities years ago and things were quite cheap, so were the wages. Hard to imaging but working at Mc Donalds was a 1.10 $ an hour back then.

Since Japan is surrounded by sea, we can do a lot of fishing, but now bait is terribly expensive. I want to buy a fishing net, but they are illegal here.

For those of us that really hadn't paid much into SS, living is too expensive, can't make ends meet these days. Need to get back into the workforce. But its impossible at my age. Maybe self-employment .

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