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Cohesive summary of the New World Order Theory

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posted on Oct, 3 2022 @ 02:48 AM
a reply to: Brigadier

To nutshell, there is a group of elites and their minions who desire totalitarian style control of the world. We have been in a de facto New World Order type geopolitical arrangement since at latest 1990 or so, at about the time Bush Sr. gave his "New World Order" speech. The social engineering of the world, to create this way of doing things, has been going on a lot longer than that though.

These globalists organize, leverage, and receive their marching orders at a number of global leadership organizations: The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, etc., etc.

The UN is literally an entrenchment of the same philosophy, and its minions. Within the UN Charter's 'declaration of rights', you will find numerous clauses, effectively rendering that declaration of rights impotent by the nature of its wording. Within the organizations of the UN you will find agendas promoted and instituted that are ideologically opposed to individual rights.

On the mainstream side, these social engineering programs are sold as the best things since sliced bread was invented, and the solutions to all of our problems. Science is often controlled by this agenda by controlling the flow of money to would be researchers, and controlling publishing. Many contemporary 'institutions' are direct extensions of this agenda into the cultures of the world, and are directly ideologically aligned with globalist philosophy. Many corporations are directly ideologically aligned with globalist ideology.

The architects of this nightmare scenario? The history of the twentieth century is full of juicy quotes from politicians and world leaders of the times, many of whom wrote books bragging about their plans and exploits, their 'forward looking' vision to this "New World Order" in all its ugliness. This conspiracy theory has a firm basis in historical fact.

Where to learn more? Books I'd recommend are William F. Jasper's "Global Tyranny...Step By Step". Probably out of print, you can probably find a used copy somewhere though, or perhaps a pdf. That was published in 1991 I think. It's interesting to look at Jasper's predictions in the light of present day, where many of them have come true.

Jim Marrs did a lot of great writing on NWO type globalism as well. "Rule By Secrecy" traces secret rulers from present day back through recorded history, and is very educational. You'll find many links there. "Rise Of The Fourth Reich" does a great job of demonstrating the infiltration of the remnants of the Third Reich into American society and government, and also points out how heavily influenced by the globalist movement all of these things were. Globalists funded both sides of World War II. "The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy" is a book about the NWO conspiracy theory itself, should be very enlightening.

The religious and spiritual aspect of this whole thing probably has some truth to it. I would caution you though to not get too caught up in defining the entire thing through a spiritual lense. While there likely is some truth to the dark spirituality that accompanies this globalist movement, some of it is likely a red herring or poison pill.

In other words, some clever disinformation artists want to throw you off the trail by spinning a yarn that has so much spiritual content and so little factual content in it that you will be thrown off the trail that leads to the truth, or loaded up with so much spiritual language in your education that you will not be able to effectively communicate what you find to others.

posted on Oct, 3 2022 @ 05:59 PM
a reply to: TheBadCabbie

Excellent summary, thanks for that.
I'll have to try and get over my trouble concentrating when reading. I used to read a lot in school.

Also no doubt they openly talk about this in books etc from the 20th century, written as Sci Fi back then mainly.

Yeah I've started noticing some of the things you've mentioned here when looking into things, especially the connection between the Nazis and America. I mean operation paperclip. You don't just bring a bunch of Nazi scientists over and probably propogandists too, give them power and not have an effect on society.

Also I really don't believe there is any evidence to say Hitler committed suicide in his bunker.

Mengle escaped, the FBI was looking for him for years. If they didn't believe he was dead why should we?
The question that is quite terrifying to ponder is what he was doing for those 2 or so decades after the war.

Good point on not going too far into the spiritual angle I will keep that in mind.

Another thing I was just thinking about is the vernacular used in certain events being consistent.

The Geat Reset
The Great Depression
The Great War

posted on Oct, 3 2022 @ 09:53 PM
a reply to: FamCore
Part 2 is in the description of Part 1 and 3 on youtube

posted on Oct, 5 2022 @ 03:53 AM
a reply to: Brigadier

Sure, Paperclip, Mengele. Hitler's death was always in question, the body never having been able to be positively identified.

It is important to note that the Nazi regime appear to have made an organized retreat prior to to the fall of Axis forces. Rat lines were created and used extensively. A large number of shell corporations were created to exfiltrate the reich's assets. One investigator commented at the time that it seemed unlikely that those assets could ever be tracked down, as they were so successfully hidden.

Another noteworthy aspect of that part of the history was the fact that a number of large corporations traded with the Nazis throughout most of the war. IG Farben was a German chemical company, but it had numerous subsidiaries, some of which were American. IBM provided the punch card system that the Germans used to orchestrate the genocides they were conducting, in addition to other logistical tasks. There were others.

Ford, Lindbergh, JFK's old man, Bush Sr.'s old man, all were Nazi supporters and openly traded with them for some time. I think it was Bush Sr.'s old man who was actually charged with trading with the enemy, not sure if he was convicted or not. There were others.

I emphasize this to point out that it looks like it wasn't just a few guys who got snapped up by Paperclip and managed to affect the control system from the inside. It appears to have been much better organized and orchestrated than that.

posted on Oct, 5 2022 @ 04:10 AM
a reply to: Brigadier

Another interesting thought on this I thought I should share. Once you learn the philosophy that this movement adheres to, you'll find it embedded in much of the trappings of everyday life. This ideology is firmly entrenched in our institutions, and though not quite all pervasive, not far from it. It might be a bit overwhelming.

Don't be overwhelmed. Recognize the situation, develop an awareness of it, and take it in stride. Recognize that many will not believe it. Some simply cannot accept the reality of it. It's up to you how you want to choose to try communicating what you learn, but bear in mind that many will not be able to accept it.

posted on Oct, 5 2022 @ 08:38 AM
a reply to: Brigadier

You're all over thinking things.

The NWO is just an umbrella term for big business and wealthy people who have their hooks in government.

It's an old boys club to help the rich get richer and to make sure that things like universal minimum business taxes don't become a thing.

There is no religion involved, they don't care who or what you worship so long as you buy a new phone every year and subscribe to their streaming services.

They love the poor because the poor spend trillions on low quality goods that cost pennies to make and they love the rich because they spend trillions on slightly better quality goods that still cost pennies to make.

They don't need to rule the world because they already own the bits that they care about, and while war is profitable to a few peace is more profitable to the rest.

They want you fat and lazy and happy, spending your money on garbage to out do your fat lazy happy neighbors.

posted on Oct, 5 2022 @ 05:07 PM
a reply to: starshift

I've been actively studying these subjects since the early 90's and have come to the conclusion that the energy behind the nwo is satanic or anti-God / anti-life in nature.

It's called 'acosmic satanism', a belief system which is intensely nihilistic, basically they have decided to side with Satan because: 'we never asked to be born/created, so why are we expected to serve God?'. It's the evolution of the child's statement to his parents "I never asked to be born!" They believe that they should do everything they possibly can to damage, destroy & pervert all that is good & holy, in order to honour Satan & bedevil God, to ruin His plans for the world, to prevent people from coming to a knowledge of God, and so on. They also are materialists, they believe in accumulating wealth & living in luxury while they are in this world, doing everything they can to make things terrible for anyone who believes in love, light, God,, faith & so on. They practice black magic & child sacrifice (a way to anger God & destroy something innocent & beautiful). A horrible belief system. May God triumph over all of their evil ways.

posted on Oct, 12 2022 @ 04:45 AM

originally posted by: Brigadier
a reply to: TheBadCabbie
Good point on not going too far into the spiritual angle I will keep that in mind.

And the real culprit rubs his hands...

The “New World Order”—Off to a Shaky Start (Awake!—1996)

AS 1991 dawned, people were optimistic. The Cold War was over. True, there was the problem of Kuwait, which had been invaded by Iraq the previous August. But the United Nations had flexed its muscles and ordered Iraq to withdraw by January 15. The demand was being backed up by a 28-nation UN military coalition that had quickly been organized and that was poised to force Iraq into submission. Hopes were running high that the tough stand taken by the world community signaled the beginning of a new era.

George Bush, then U.S. president, spoke about “the possibility, for ourselves and for generations to come, of forging a new world order, a world in which the rule of law, and not the law of the jungle, governs international behaviour.”

Iraq subsequently ignored the January 15 deadline, and massive air and missile strikes against Iraqi military targets resulted. Clearly, the world community meant business. Less than three months later, on April 11, the UN declared the Gulf War over. The promise of a peaceful, economically and politically stable new world order seemed to be acquiring real substance.

Wars Distressingly Stable

In mid-1991 two republics, Slovenia and Croatia, declared independence from the Yugoslavia of that time, setting off a civil war that eventually led to the formation of several separate nations. Less than a year later, French political analyst Pierre Hassner said: “Like pre-1914 Europe, the new world order of George Bush died in Sarajevo.” ...


Religion, a Stabilizing Force?

In 1991 the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung remarked: “This vision of a new world order comes in a long tradition of American global views all of which have had a religious kernel and have been couched in Christian terms.”

I've posted some examples of this in another thread when quoting from an article about the related prophecy concerning the scarlet-colored beast of Revelation chapter 17* and it being covered with “blasphemous names”. (*: the League of Nations and its successor the United Nations.) This comment is better understood in light of that commentary anyway, so quick recap of those quotations:

originally posted by: whereislogic


In what way is this symbolic wild beast full of blasphemous names? In that men have set up this multinational idol as a substitute for God’s Kingdom​—to accomplish what God says his Kingdom alone can accomplish. (Daniel 2:44; Matthew 12:18, 21) What is remarkable about John’s vision, though, is that Babylon the Great is riding the scarlet-colored wild beast. True to the prophecy, Babylonish religion, particularly in Christendom, has linked itself with the League of Nations and its successor. As early as December 18, 1918, the body now known as the National Council of the Churches of Christ in America adopted a declaration that declared in part: “Such a League is not a mere political expedient; it is rather the political expression of the Kingdom of God on earth. . . . The Church can give a spirit of good-will, without which no League of Nations can endure. . . . The League of Nations is rooted in the Gospel. Like the Gospel, its objective is ‘peace on earth, good-will toward men.’”

On January 2, 1919, the San Francisco Chronicle carried the front-page headline: “Pope Pleads for Adoption of Wilson’s League of Nations.” On October 16, 1919, a petition signed by 14,450 clergymen of leading denominations was presented to the U.S. Senate, urging that body “to ratify the Paris peace treaty embodying the league of nations covenant.” Though the U.S. Senate failed to ratify the treaty, Christendom’s clergy continued to campaign for the League. And how was the League inaugurated? A news dispatch from Switzerland, dated November 15, 1920, read: “Opening of the first assembly of the League of Nations was announced at eleven o’clock this morning by the ringing of all the church bells in Geneva.”


originally posted by: whereislogic


“Blasphemous Names”

When the wild beast with two horns promoted the League of Nations after World War I, its many religious paramours immediately sought to give a religious sanction to this move. As a result, the new peace organization became “full of blasphemous names.”

“Christianity can furnish the good-will, the dynamic behind the league [of nations], and so change the treaty from a scrap of paper into an instrument of the kingdom of God.”​—The Christian Century, U.S.A., June 19, 1919, page 15.

“The League of Nations idea is the extension to international relationships of the idea of the Kingdom of God as a world order of good will. . . . It is the thing all Christians pray for when they say, ‘Thy Kingdom come.’”​—The Christian Century, U.S.A., September 25, 1919, page 7.

“The Cement of the League of Nations is the Blood of Christ.”​—Dr. Frank Crane, Protestant minister, U.S.A.

“The [National] Council [of Congregational Churches] supports the Covenant [of the League of Nations] as the only political instrument now available by which the Spirit of Jesus Christ may find wider scope in practical application to the affairs of nations.”​—The Congregationalist and Advance, U.S.A., November 6, 1919, page 642.

“The conference calls upon all Methodists to uphold and promote highly the ideals [of the League of Nations] as expressed by the idea of God the Father and God’s earthly children.”​—The Wesleyan Methodist Church, Britain.

“When we consider the aspirations, the possibilities and the resolutions of this agreement, we see that it contains the heart of the teachings of Jesus Christ: The Kingdom of God and his righteousness . . . It is nothing less than that.”​—Sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the opening of the League of Nations Assembly in Geneva, December 3, 1922.

“The League of Nations Association in this country has the same holy right as any humanitarian missionary society, because she is at present the most effective agency of the rule of Christ as the Prince of peace among the nations.”​—Dr. Garvie, Congregationalist minister, Britain.

Back to the previous article:

This religious background, one would think, should have added stability to the new world order. But in actuality religious intolerance and strife led to widespread instability. Algeria and Egypt were only two of several governments at odds with Islamic fundamentalists. A wave of religiously motivated terrorism struck both countries. Religious riots in India included a nine-day period of sectarian violence in Bombay during 1993 that took more than 550 lives.

Religious disunity slowed ecumenical progress in 1994 when the Anglican Church ordained 32 women as priests. Pope John Paul II called this “a profound obstacle to every hope of reunion between the Catholic Church and the Anglican communion.”


Significant Anniversaries With Little to Celebrate


The United Nations, as Boutros Boutros-Ghali, its secretary-general, recently said in its defense, has scored many triumphs. But it has not succeeded in fulfilling its charter purpose, namely “to maintain international peace and security.” Often its troops have tried to maintain peace in places where there was no peace to maintain. As of 1995, it had failed to breathe life into a shaky new world order.

What Is the Scarlet-Colored Beast of Revelation Chapter 17?

The scarlet-colored beast, described in Revelation chapter 17, is a symbol of the organization whose purpose is to unite and represent the nations of the world. It first existed as the League of Nations and is now the United Nations.

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