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How do I start to dream again?

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posted on Jul, 5 2022 @ 03:30 AM

originally posted by: orionthehunter
Glad you are dreaming again. I was wondering if your sleep is so peaceful that your dreams are not interrupted and you finish your dreams before waking up forgetting all of them.

I have been having a new twist in some of my recent dreams. Seems like I’m often sitting in a room with at least a few other people with an empty seat next to me. Next thing I know a very hot lady walks into the room in a sexy dress getting attention from everyone in the room and says hi to me and my name and sits down right beside me like she knows me. I don’t know her. I just thought of who she reminds me of. She reminds me of the singer in a YouTube channel called Iron Cross. Weird way to end a few different dreams. I’ve heard everyone in our dreams we have seen their faces before. Not sure if true or not. I’ve seen thousands of faces and do not remember them all.

My sleep pattern is short (7 hours) and deep. Sometimes I wake up in the same position I fell asleep in.
But after having two dreams this week it's obvious that I do dream but don't remember.

Let me take a shot at explaining your dream

Both you and the woman are 'you', or aspects of you.
The conscious you is the observing part, sitting on the chair. The woman, who you say you don't know, is an aspect of you, an other side of you that you don't recognize. But it recognizes you and making contact.
You say that everyone in your dream is seeking her attention (your attention)
So maybe your dream is about the 'social part of you' wanting to come to the surface?

Only you can tell

Let me know how I did!

posted on Jul, 5 2022 @ 05:17 AM
a reply to: KindraLabelle2

I've never bought into it myself but I have often seen 11:11 a lot and seem to remember it cropping up since learning about remembrance Day... 666 used to crop up a lot too lol.

I'd love to say it's all nonsense and there's definitely a level of investment with the perception I think that said I can't explain seemingly randomly looking at a clock at 11:10:58 every other day or things like that. Everything does break down into maths though doesn't it?

But yeah, buying into it can send you nuts and I've seen somebody go off the rails with that stuff.

It might not initially translate as such but your daughter not winning her teddy could be seen/felt as a stress. As mentioned stresses definitely help trigger dreams and maybe even the ability to remember them?

That said how we wake up definitely has an effect, alarms or anything holding your attention are going to suck those dreams right out of your head.

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