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Synchronicity in Love SN2022 - non-Writer

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posted on Jun, 9 2022 @ 10:44 PM
I had to lose the weight and get healthy again—and pretty—like the young stud I was… Because she’s back as I remembered her. Sweet and lovely as a budding rose. And when I see her, I want to be…pretty again, lean and mean.
But the money was low, and the diet had to go, so Whole Foods was in tow! Alas, though, when I saw those pecans’ price of 11 dollars! I grumbled, HELL NO…
But, I randomly peeked down on that Whole Foods floor and saw exactly—11 dollars!
Then, I knew she was waiting for me!

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posted on Jun, 10 2022 @ 12:04 AM
Thanks for your submission,

wishing you success in the Contest!

PS.. don't forget to post a link in the original Contest thread so the membership can find your story promptly.

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posted on Jun, 10 2022 @ 10:33 AM
a reply to: peaceinoutz

Wonderful, peaceinoutz!

I enjoyed your word selection and structure of your story.

posted on Jun, 10 2022 @ 10:36 AM
a reply to: peaceinoutz

Heh. When I was a student, I went out one evening with a buddy to drink a beer, but we didn't have much money between us.

Walking along, I spied something on the ground. It was something like $20 that someone had dropped.


posted on Jun, 10 2022 @ 01:55 PM
a reply to: F2d5thCavv2

What’s strange, and as far as I’m concerned paranormal, is that this is a true story, and literally, as I thought about the price in seconds looked down and there were exactly 11 dollars!

Now if it were 20, 10, 5, or something else, I’d have thought nothing of it but 11 dollars exactly!

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