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DNA Uptake, Syncytium and Doctors That Should Know Better

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posted on Mar, 11 2022 @ 08:03 AM
It is well known that vaccine-derived immunity wanes over time. The official explanation for this runs along the lines of our immune systems forgetting how to respond; Boosters are their way of training the immune system to remember.

I would like to present another explanation for the diminishing immunity: self tolerance.
First, a basic knowledge of the mRNA capping process; we'll begin with a short 2:29 animation explaining the 5 prime capping process:

The capping process is essential for the body to recognize what is 'self' and what is 'non-self'. Researchers noted this in the study When your cap matters: structural insights into self vs non-self recognition of 5′ RNA by immunomodulatory host proteins:

Cytosolic recognition of viral RNA is important for host innate immune responses. Differential recognition of self vs non-self RNA is a considerable challenge as the inability to differentiate may trigger aberrant immune responses. Recent work identified the composition of the RNA 5′, including the 5′ cap and its methylation state, as an important determinant of recognition by the host.

If the body isn't able to tell what is self and non-self, we get autoimmune disorders (errors in the capping process can cause this). The emphasis on methylation relates to phage sequencing, which is used to detect mRNA. Specifically, the technique has been mentioned as a viable assay to quantify if spike proteins are persisting in the body. Phage sequencing is hampered by methylation, and therefore may not be an accurate determination of persistence.

The mRNA cap is typically added in the nucleus, but this requires transcription from the DNA. The mRNA must first enter the nucleus. Pfizer uses this route (more on that later), however, there is a way of doing so synthetically:

In patent 10703789: Modified Polynucleotides, Moderna artificially mimics capping properties:

the basic components of an mRNA molecule include at least a coding region, a 5'UTR, a 3'UTR, a 5' cap and a poly-A tail. Building on this wild type modular structure, the present invention expands the scope of functionality of traditional mRNA molecules by providing polynucleotides or primary RNA constructs which maintain a modular organization, but which comprise one or more structural and/or chemical modifications or alterations which impart useful properties to the polynucleotide including, in some embodiments, the lack of a substantial induction of the innate immune response of a cell into which the polynucleotide is introduced.

I propose that vaccine mRNA capping is the reason for waning immunity after vaccination. It is not the result of your immune system 'forgetting' how to respond. Pfizer uses the 'natural' approach to capping: by using LINE1 reverse transcription into the DNA. Dr Been explains the process in his video "DETAILS - Pfizer Vaccine Becomes DNA in The Human Liver Cells Huh7":

After LINE1 reverse transcription, the mRNA exiting the nucleus will have a 5 prime cap by default, thereby being capable of evading innate immunity.

What Dr Been's video does not explain is how the mRNA is getting into the nucleus in the first place, or the importance that the DNA uptake was found in liver cells. To proffer a reason for this, we'll look at syncytium, which is the multi-nucleation of the cell.

Syncitium (multi-nucleation) can be achieved 2 ways: fusion and fission. This is a key statement, because research wording can be misleading. For example, a 'coenocyte' is a multi-nucleated cell, but doesn't necessarily ring the syncytium bell.

Fusion mediated syncytium is the mechanism of action employed by the vaccine spikes. The following video, "SARS-CoV-2: Building A Multi-Nucleated Syncytium", shows this occurring.
In the video, you see pink dye from the infected cell disperse into the new cell upon fusion. The result is a cell with more nuclei (syncytium):

The second syncytium method is through fission, or the mitosis of the nucleus within the same cell:

The formation of a syncytium, a mass of cytoplasm containing several nuclei enclosed within a single plasma membrane, by one or more rounds of nuclear division without cytokinesis.

syncytium formation by mitosis without cytokinesis

At the end of mitosis, cells typically complete their division with cytokinesis. In certain tissues however, incomplete cytokinesis can give rise to cells that remain connected... thus forming a syncytium.
Healthy mammalian cells are typically mononucleated and physically separate their duplicated DNA and cytoplasmic content into the 2 daughter cells after mitosis. This step, termed cytokinesis...
In some cases however, cells do not complete cytokinesis and thus form a syncytium, as in germ cells in many species and some physiologically polyploid cells such as mammalian hepatocytes.Impaired cytokinesis and polyploidy are also often observed in cancer cells where they are thought to favor genetic instability.

Syncytium biogenesis: It's all about maintaining good connections

Hepatocytes provide the explanation for Pfizer's mRNA making its way into the nucleus: because mitosis is occurring within the cell without the accompanying cytokenesis, and that exposes the DNA itself to the CRISPR/mRNA packets in the vaccine. This also explains why they found the DNA uptake in liver cells.

Let's not overlook the fact that the spikes induce fusion mediated syncytium. What will be the result when we start fusing cells that already exhibit fission mediated syncytium?

Given that cancer cells exhibit fission mediated syncytium, it should not be surprising if cancers are enhanced.

Furthermore, it is very important to note that we also have polyploid cells in the placenta and the heart. Does this explain the miscarriages and myocarditis?.

Utlimately, it appears that Moderna and Pfizer have differences in how they achieve 'self'-identity through capping, which is necessary because of patent infringement laws. The downstream mechanisms of action for both vaccines, however, will result in a high likelihood of DNA uptake in polyploid cells, increased cancers, failure to maintain proper placental behaviour, and heart inflammation.

It is not likely that doctors are unaware of these dangers. It is surprising, or perhaps telling, that celebrity covid doctors speak of fighting mandates and 'fighting' for our children, but fail miserably at really informing the people. Some of these doctors have worked in pharmaceuticals and vaccines for decades, others helped create the mRNA technology itself.

Beware of people who drive you to protest, especially if they aren't truly informing you of the dangers, which not only include the health risks listed above, but also those of patenting humans.

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posted on Mar, 11 2022 @ 08:46 AM
a reply to: Wisenox

Damn and here I was worried about VAIDS or AIDS, this is beginning to look like the engineered this to enhance the negative effects of just about every dis-ease.

Thank you kindly for this excellent informed breakdown, will be digging into this as I am able to.

posted on Mar, 11 2022 @ 08:57 AM
Question then:

- Could both Pfizer and Moderna in their haste have overlooked this, during their very very short trials?

- If yes... then its reduced to bad practice. But otherwise, if this is an intentional design, then we are talking deliberate mass murder.... deaths by a 1000 cuts.
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posted on Mar, 11 2022 @ 09:55 AM
a reply to: flice

That question, I imagine, comes down to how the spikes differentiate through the body.
I'm not yet sure how they made it to the liver. If its a process where travel to other organs is likely, then I can't see how they overlooked it.

posted on Mar, 11 2022 @ 11:23 AM

originally posted by: Wisenox
a reply to: flice

That question, I imagine, comes down to how the spikes differentiate through the body.
I'm not yet sure how they made it to the liver. If its a process where travel to other organs is likely, then I can't see how they overlooked it.

Was Dr. Been talking about the study where the liver cells were immersed in vitro with the vaccine and took it up within six hours? If so, the process of travel through the body won't be known yet. I watched it when it came out so can't remember that detail. Will go through this after work. Thanks for posting these.

posted on Mar, 11 2022 @ 12:18 PM
a reply to: igloo

The Swedish study was in-vitro, and you are right again in that Dr Been does not explain the travel to the liver.

This study, SARS-CoV-2 infects T lymphocytes through its spike protein-mediated membrane fusion, indicates that the spikes infect our T-cells:

Based on the results of pseudovirus and live virus infection, here we proved that
(1) SARS-CoV-2 could infect T cells,
(2) SARS-CoV-2 infected T cells through receptor-dependent, S protein-mediated membrane fusion, and
(3) infection could be inhibited by EK1 peptide

T-cells are ubiquitous, so they could explain the travel. Unfortunately, T-cells also cross the placenta. This holds the possibility that the fetus becomes desensitized to the spike proteins even after birth.

Nice little tidbit hidden in that study (EK1 stops infection).

I'm still keeping my eyes open for other possible routes.

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