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PRAY - U.S. President Joe Biden Has Decided to Insert the U.S. into the Russia-Ukraine War.

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posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 07:39 PM

originally posted by: Mantiss2021

originally posted by: carewemust

originally posted by: 0bserver1
a reply to: carewemust
I don't know what's happening anymore, can somebody outhere switch to another channel in the multiverse please?

Filter out all the noise and focus on what Vladimir Putin says in response to NATO/USA/BIDEN inviting themselves to kill Russians. That will be the inflection point that determines what we (humanity) should prepare for next.


Focus on what Putin Does in response.

What he says is meaningless.

As Ukraine, and all who believed him when he said he had no intention of invading, discovered.

Since Vladimir Putin usually means what he SAYS, and what he DOES could kill 100,000 in less than a minute, I'd pay close attention to what he SAYS. Don't dismiss it.
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posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 07:43 PM
Careful People.

They're using the ass backwards opposite red herring strategy.

In the meantime . . . . . . . 😨

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 07:45 PM

originally posted by: marg6043
Before Russia is attacked, Putin needs to release all information of corruption that he may have on world leaders, let the countries that are bought by corruption face their own citizens.

Putin has spared Zelenskyy to this point in the belief that there is a lot of international corruption and crime he can expose, if forced to do so.

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 08:07 PM
The US HAS to get to those US Bio Labs in the Ukraine BEFORE the Russians do .
They cannot instigate a cover-up to the world if the Russians find the truth .
So, yes , they will sacrifice as much as they have to , with no regard to human life antywhere .
As some have said "BAMN"

This admin is in deep doo-doo .
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posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 08:49 PM
a reply to: carewemust

What will it take for DEMOCRATS to pursue impeaching and removing Biden?

You would feel more comfortable with Kamalala at the helm?

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 08:53 PM
a reply to: nugget1

I am sure Pertusi, I mean Pelosi will jump in to the get the position, lord have mercy Americas politics has become the laughingstock for the entire world.

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 09:42 PM

originally posted by: Ohanka
th e pentagon says it's not happening now, presumably because it was a stupid idea and would end in disaster.


What's the truth? Fighter Jets to Ukraine via US Airbase in Germany, or not?

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 09:45 PM

originally posted by: tamusan
a reply to: carewemust

As long as the Ukrainians do not operate out of a NATO country there will likely be no problem from this.

There is talk of relocating the Ukraine Government to Poland if Russia begins pressuring them to leave.

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 09:50 PM

originally posted by: JinMI

originally posted by: carewemust
a reply to: cmdrkeenkid

S.O.S. Blinken "convinced" Poland to change its mind.

V.P. Kamala Harris is going to Poland tomorrow to do "something".

Well, shes a pro at managing borders.....

Maybe we can send Admiral gender to help too

Kamala is going to try to convince Poland to transfer its fighter jets to Ukraine without going through any US air bases.

See the second half of:

I wonder what she will offer Poland to make them feel safe from Vladimir's wrath?

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 09:51 PM
Interesting thing to me is the story I saw said the Pentagon said no... not the president sec state, or def, just the pentagon.

I hope its a sign that some measure of sanity is in the puzzle palace.

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 09:52 PM
Biden will have fulfilled his campaign promise to eradicate student loans, or the need to pay them..

originally posted by: 0bserver1
a reply to: carewemust
Well it was nice knowing you all , maybe you can find my shadow somewhere on a wall after the big flash 📸

At least I don't have worry about taxes anymore...

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 09:54 PM

originally posted by: Degradation33
There's lots of nuance to skirting title V.

We can't directly fly them into contested airspace, but we can escort Ukrainians to Warsaw (or Germany) to fly them into hostile territory themselves so long as our (NATO) pilots don't fly into hostile airspace themselves.

And if a "NATO" pilot does fly it in, they are officially a pro-bono volunteer of The Ukraine International Defense Force, and cannot bear anything but Ukrainian insignia.

Russia still might see that as semantic and make a run at Poland anyway. Title V is seeming more and more inevitable.

You are obviously well-versed in the intricacies of Title V. I'll look forward to reading more of your analysis.

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 09:55 PM

originally posted by: Quauhtli
Key word READY. I don’t see anything specifically saying the US has decided to join the game. But this does slide right in with all the other escalation maneuvers recently. Seems like a lot of different sides are pressuring the US to join the fight, key one being the media. KindA has the feeling of a bait and trap situation to me.

The media is not the leader, but simply the comms/marketing arm of the corrupt establishment. The establishment runs the media, not the other way around.

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 09:58 PM

originally posted by: anonentity
a reply to: carewemust

If they actually believe their own BS, then the Russians are on their last legs, so smelling blood would get them brave. This stage might be a phony war to get Martial law in to push all the other crap they have ready for your arm. If what Celente says is true and the Azov battalion was trained by British and American forces. Then there is a deeper agenda at play here.

I bet because of the internet, we have access and insight into more foreign policy issues than even official Diplomats had knowledge of, back in the pre-Internet days.

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 10:05 PM
a reply to: combatmaster

Essentially, what you're saying is that the government is a reflection of those who vote to install the members of high offices.

Garbage elects Garbage?

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 10:07 PM
a reply to: carewemust

Russia has updated versions of Next generation fighters. Those Migs are outdated.

posted on Mar, 9 2022 @ 01:13 AM
a reply to: vNex92
Not that much are operational, most still in demo phase

posted on Mar, 9 2022 @ 02:44 AM

originally posted by: marg6043
But what the senile puppet is doing, he extended the emergency act.

The existing State of Emergency (declared by Donald Trump ... an actor and life-long democrat) has always been the key to these shenanigans.

We all need to put our hearts and minds into keeping the USA out of the business of this Russian/Ukranian ... whatever it is. We need to not allow ourselves to be painted as something that looks like a Vietnam-era anti-war protestor.

There is a very corrupt element of our elected government. I think when you look at who it is that gets our elected officials into office (corporate monies) ... you can better see why Putin is being strung along and now painted with a crosshair. Corporate has a LOT going their way with this anti-fossil fuel business. Putin's upsetting their apple-cart by selling cheap oil. Notice how silent the OPEC cartel has been on these skyrocketing prices per barrel?

The power elite are trying to stifle everyone's ability to get from Point A to Point B. Just look at every country ... every where on this planet ... and the efforts they're making to transition us to permanent lock-down 'on a whim'.

posted on Mar, 9 2022 @ 03:11 AM
a reply to: carewemust

From posts elsewhere you pretend to believe Putin is this shining beacon of morality.

Yet you also believe he is highly intelligent and in no way insane so I'm confused why you contradict yourself here.

Putin knows the same thing we know. A nuclear conflict started by him is the equivalent of committing suicide. That was the whole point of the mass nuclear buildup on both sides to endure MAD or mutually assured destruction if anyone ever attacked.

Yet by your posts here now you seem to be claiming he is suicidal and insane enough to escalate to nuclear weapons. Of course he has said that multiple times using his 2 year old tantrum tactics threatening the world if he doesn't get his way. Would he actually move forward though, just how insane is he?

Which is it, are you scared because Putin is that insane to commit suicide in order to kill millions over transporting aircraft because he really is that psychotic? If not that, are you scared that because Ukrainians have the absolute nerve to fight to remain independent he will launch nukes and commit suicide like you said in another thread?

If you think he is so rational, calculating and intelligent then you should have no fear going to war with Russia because there would be no chance of nuclear escalation and they would absolutely lose without nuclear threats.

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posted on Mar, 9 2022 @ 03:25 AM
a reply to: seeking77

Sorry Seeking77. You're confusing me with someone else.

As you can see from the below thread, I'm not a lover of Vladimir Putin if he threatens to destroy humankind.

See here:

Perhaps you're not used to interacting with flexible people who have open minds?

I hope you're able to get rid of that handicap, if you understand that it is a personal handicap.

Good luck!

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