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Smallpox Next?

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posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 07:59 AM

originally posted by: SeaWorthy

originally posted by: tamusan

originally posted by: SeaWorthy
a reply to: tamusan

Merck lab

The vials labeled "smallpox" were found at a Merck lab in Montgomery County, outside Philadelphia, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Then it is most likely the one from last year. That's good news in a way if this wasn't another batch that turned up. If I remember right, the vials were put into the freezer a long time ago and forgotten about.

Last year was 2 months ago.
Believe that if you want I don't.

I can hardly believe how fast the time has been going for me over the past two years.

By last year, I meant late October, which is still only a little over 4 months ago.

I did look around and have not seen any news that would make me think that this is a new one. Let's hope that there isn't any more smallpox sitting forgotten in a freeze somewhere.
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posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 08:15 AM
a reply to: jerich0
These are what I have to wear.

posted on Mar, 8 2022 @ 11:03 AM
This is strange... the timing even stranger.

One Russian news outlet had an article 5 days before the invasion stating that Russia feared the DoD had sent Smallpox to one of the Ukrainian labs for weaponization...
And now thats what they find in a lab in the US?

Yes, both far away from eachother but out of all things it could have been either place......
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posted on Mar, 9 2022 @ 07:04 PM
a reply to: SeaWorthy

Smallpox is a very ugly disease In its "normal" infection it is about 30% fatal, in "acute" form where the pustules overlap , it is about 70 % fatal. In Hemorrhagic forms where the skin turns black and sluffs off is 99% fatal

Up until the late 1970's people were vaccinated against smallpox, usually before starting school. So basically if under 50
most people are not vaccinated. It is unknown what residual immunity is left over from these earlier vaccinations

posted on Aug, 5 2022 @ 04:54 PM
Dates had also mentioned smallpox in a suggestive way if anyone remembers that one?

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