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You Have Joined The Legion To Die

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posted on Mar, 5 2022 @ 09:08 AM
The hardened old commander says to the formation of new recruits as he about faces and walks away.

As they fall out one of the new recruits asks one of the veterans "Hey, are there any Women here?" Veteran says "Well, there's a camel down there at the back of the post, that's what we use."

New recruit is like "oh hell, don't think Ill ever get that desperate!"

Well, six months go by and that camel starts to not seem so bad, and the recruit goes out at about two thirty am, heads down to the camel, gets a bucket and commences..Well that same old veteran walks by on patrol and is like "oh my god dude, what the $%#$ are you doing?" "You said this is what you do for women around here." "Oh no Man." the old vet says.."Idiot! We ride the camel to town"

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