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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions ---NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING--- -Part- --F0R7Y--

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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 08:39 AM

What was Trump saying?
CHYNA has to pay the PRICE

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 08:54 AM



It is interesting to note how Trump in his latest statement tells us "just study history" and Vincent Kennedy from the social network AnonUp advises us to focus our eyes on the declarations to the United Nations, Security Council with the hastag #OperazioneBarbarossa

By the way, I remind you that today's date is also a Q marker.

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 09:33 AM

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 09:48 AM
Good Morning All..💕🌎💕

Happy to hear your girl is better Sufi, a Dad’s TLC is powerful stuff ! Sending Love to you and yours....❤️

Gosh, as always so many great POV’s here, but Damm Cranky, you have a gift, WOW, lmao, and I consider it from my POV, a lovely “ wink from Heaven “ gift to start my Birthday. Going to drive out to the lake today, let the dogs play, have lunch with Tesla Girl & co. Being Alive on Earth is a gift, so yeah

The linked video is a pretty interesting example of seeing things from a different POV....”MrLboyd reacts” is a black man who does a show where he listens to songs he’s never heard and reacts to them. His analysis of the song “Creep” by Radio Head is deep, especially after 6min, worth a listen.

His sentiment is really what most people’s sentiment is, regardless of all the BS being pushed.....Holy Moly.....hang in there frens, listen to the synchronized symphony our hearts sing....😊

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 09:50 AM
a reply to: MetalThunder

Also, added to the movie script.

"Fund the police" 🤔🤔

LAPD & LASD have a combined budget bigger than the Ukrainian military.

Meanwhile, in the Homeland...from the Senate - Appropriations - which has not passed, yet...

Pretorian Guards & agent provocateurs are not cheap...

Gotta watch those white nationalists at home. We only fund them overseas.🤡

That is a massive amount $$$ for the Patent and Trademark office:

LOL. We're gonna spend $80 million just to teach non-profits how to use the Federal grants process. Amazing.

$95 million for programs to improve police-community relations.
They gonna pay the media to stop their anti-police narrative?

S.3 042 - Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2022.

$16 billion authorized by the American Rescue Act in March 2021 on a party line vote to give assistance to businesses and venues closed during coronavirus.

Dashboard: The Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Program

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 09:55 AM
a reply to: CharlesNPope

I had an acoustic & electronic kit. I am older now & haven't played in years except for an awesome Djembe
that came from S Africa. Unfortunately I got really sick from toxic mould from 2015 & lost everything I owned
cause it's contaminated & that drum & other equipment are in storage. I could not even get close to the door to the storage while it was closed. I had to literally live in my truck (I built it out) for 2 1/2 yrs with my dog & cat. You learn how to survive. I just finished meds a year ago & lucky to be alive. At some point I will be able to see
if I can clean some things like hard wood (Djembe) & etc. The mycotoxins embed into most things & will be
a total loss for me cause I carry a mold gene. I am disabled/retired & compete with my service dog Border Collie
in sheep herding. We competed at the National Sheepdog Finals in 2021.
I bought a guitar recently & I'm teaching myself how to play. I read music & play all styles however Jazz & Heavy Metal
were favorites cause drummer gets to play more.
That's really cool your friend has that kind of set up!!! Disney was where I got my break & started touring & recording
with famous groups plus had me own bands,


What I wrote before about the conflict of interest re the manager, agent & record company can
only be 1 of those. I was not any of them only the drummer.

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 09:56 AM
a reply to: MountainLaurel

Happy Birthday to you & your girl!!! I hope you have a Beautiful Day!


posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 10:17 AM
Quick observation:

Have we ever looked at how the letter Q can be significant in relation to the QWERTY KEYboard?
If's been a long time...and I don't remember.

I'm no expert typist...but it seems there is no Ctrl+Q.
Also...does a KEYboard have a KEYstone?

BETTER Question?: IS a KEYboard (QWERTY letters) shaped like a KEYstone?


"List of Common Control Key Shortcuts

Ctrl+A These two keys will select all text or other objects.
Ctrl+B Bold highlighted text.
Ctrl+C Copy any selected text or another object.
Ctrl+D Bookmark an open web page or open font window in Microsoft Word.
Ctrl+E Center text.
Ctrl+F Open find window.
Ctrl+G Open Find in a browser and word processors.
Ctrl+H Open the Find and Replace in Notepad, Microsoft Word, and WordPad
Ctrl+I Italicize text.
Ctrl+J View downloads in browsers and set justify alignment in Microsoft Word.
Ctrl+K Create a hyperlink for the highlighted text in Microsoft Word and many HTML editors.
Ctrl+L Select address bar in a browser or left align text in a word processor.
Ctrl+M Indent selected text in word processors and other programs.
Ctrl+N Create a new page or document.
Ctrl+O Open a file in most programs.
Ctrl+P Open a print window to print the page you're viewing.


Ctrl+R Reload page in browser or right align text in a word processor.
Ctrl+S Save the document or file.
Ctrl+T Create a new tab in an Internet browser or adjust tabs in word processors.
Ctrl+U Underline selected text.
Ctrl+V Paste any text or another object that has been copied.
Ctrl+W Close open tab in a browser or close a document in Word.
Ctrl+X Cut selected text or another object.
Ctrl+Y These keys will redo any undo action.
Ctrl+End Moves cursor to the end of a document instead of end of the line.
Ctrl+Z Pressing these two keys will undo any action.

Just throwing this out there.
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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 10:29 AM

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 10:30 AM
a reply to: duncanhidao

Trump kept referring to Covid as "the China virus" and all the DS cronies were trying to hush him up, i.e., don't make too much of the source, because once people start digging they are gonna find out that we had something to do with it.

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 10:40 AM
Some here may remember back when this MKULTRA special operator went full metal jacket on the Ides of March and lit this thread on fire, especially the chans board...

2019 intelligence brief outlining the connection between the New Zealand Mosque shooter and the Azov Battalion.

There are possible links between the recent New Zealand Mosque shooter and a Ukrainian ultra-nationalist white supremacist paramilitary organization called the Azov Battalion.

The Azov Battalion is emerging as a critical node in the transnational right-wing violent extremist (RWE) movement.

Recruits from the U.S., Norway, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Sweden, and Australia, among others, have reportedly traveled to train with the Azov Battalion.

In the wake of the New Zealand mosque attacks, links have emerged between the shooter, Brenton Tarrant, and a Ukrainian ultra-nationalist, white supremacist paramilitary organization called the Azov Battalion. Tarrant’s manifesto alleges that he visited the country during his many travels abroad, and the flak jacket that Tarrant wore during the assault featured a symbol commonly used by the Azov Battalion.

IntelBrief: The Transnational Network That Nobody is Talking About

I believe this connection was noted back in 2019, in this thread, but since Ukraine is now a hot global topic, might as well mention it again. So many topics that were hit on in 2019 are coming full circle.

Source for the brief, The Soufan Center, was started by Ali Soufan, a Lebanese-American former FBI agent, who resigned from the FBI, according to himself, because they failed to share information with him that could've stopped 9/11.

2019 article from the Donbas Insider which goes deeper into the thicket of Tarrant's ties to Ukraine and his world travels.

You can find his lengthy "The Great Replacement" manifesto online.

The first troops to be trained by US and British soldiers were the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion...according to a US Marine intel officer.

Look who pops up in the conversation...

In the diluted eyes of msm & agent provocateurs has Russia become the new Q.?

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 11:01 AM

There are many aspects that do not add up to the story of the alleged death of the American journalist Brent Renaud who was reporting on the developments of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. The term "alleged" was not used by chance because at the moment the only source confirming Renaud's death is Andrei Nebytov, head of the corrupt Kiev police in the pay of Zelensky's Nazi regime. The first thing that goes wrong in this story is that Renaud was carrying a fake document identifying him as a reporter for the New York Times when in fact the reporter hadn't worked for this newspaper since 2015.

Another unclear aspect concerns the circumstances of the shooting. It is not yet known who would have shot Renaud. In the area of ​​the alleged shooting, in Irpen, there appears to be a strong presence of Ukrainian Nazi militias. The White House has not yet officially confirmed his death, and therefore the headlines you see in the Italian press that attribute the words "we will respond" to Washington regarding Renaud's death are false.

The Western press immediately pointed its finger at Russia before they even understood what actually happened to the American journalist. Those who are telling this story are the same ones who fabricated the story of the Ukrainian woman allegedly victim of an imaginary Russian bombing. The woman was later revealed to be a member of the Ukrainian Nazi secret service, SBU. If someone is looking for lies, all they have to do is browse the pages of the Western media to find them.

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 11:02 AM
a reply to: CrazyFox

At first I thought this Anon thread was totally off the rails/topic, but I see now that Q is being used more as a "lightning rod" for more general discussion of current events. Anon is good for that. I concede that Q is a thing and has political gravitas. It's just not clear what purpose it will serve going forward, so I'll continue to just blurt out my random impressions of it (like TMZ and that Polish-American acquaintance of mine).

What does tolerance mean to Q ? Is it strictly the traditional Christian tolerance of "love the sinner, not the sin"? Is the desire to reform America and the world a moral crusade? Trump does not strike me as having high moral standards (lol). So, is the Q movement really tolerant of immoral people but just not of illegal (DS) government? Is Q tolerant of race, but not so much sexual orientation? Are Anons left to sort out most of these issues on their own? If the Q movement were to gain political control, just how tolerant would they be? Would the movement then show its true colors? Would it even be tolerant of other types of spirituality? I do wonder.

I research the abstract and symbolic meanings in the Bible, and there is plenty of that to be found. In fact, this is the hermeneutics of the Deep State, if you will. The DS uses the Bible. If you can handle it, the Bible was written under the auspices of the DS and as a tool of the DS. The Bible stories are multi-level. There is the literal, direct meaning for simple, parochial/tribal folks. There is an intermediate level for the teacher/preacher. And, then, there is the level for the privileged ("those that have eyes to see"), i.e., members of the elite social class/DS. The ancient world had a very well-defined class/caste structure and the Bible is a product of that age. But, we are so much more advanced now, right?
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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 11:28 AM
a reply to: Ektar

I have a saying, "What doesn't kill you really messes you up for awhile".

Glad you have found some relief, Ektar. It's so hard to figure out what the problem is and then what to do about it. Oh, I guess that's what this group-grope thread is all about (lol).

Have you looked into proteolytic enzymes, such as serrapeptase, to help break down mold in the body? I've never heard of a "mold gene" so I'm sure it's a challenge to find treatments that aren't worse than the disease.

"I'm not just blogging, I'm engaged in 'asymmetric-warfare'". How ya like me now, Q ? (haha)

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 11:35 AM

originally posted by: CharlesNPope
a reply to: duncanhidao

Why would Russia go crying to the UN, then? It looks like the DS will take advantage of Russia's complete lack of credibility, even in ladies figure skating.

You take it to the UN or no one, right?

Perhaps they want to string us along and make us go 'they are full of shiite', then release hard proof to the Security council as action is taken by our White hats preparing to arrest the Cabal.

That is a good thing to have happen if it is the plan. Limit the number of casualties from the Billions to the thousands.

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 11:37 AM
Happy Birthday ML !

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow

WHY was Hunter Biden sworn in as the oldest US Navy Ensign?

Navy Ens. Hunter Biden received a fitness report after his first two weeks as a public affairs officer, his personnel file shows.

Mr. Biden, who received an age waiver and was sworn in by his dad, Vice President Joseph R. Biden, at the White House, underwent a performance review six months later, according to his Fitness Report and Counseling Record.


“At the age of 42, [Hunter] gets commissioned as a Naval Officer.

Why? because he’s not allowed to carry an encrypted Blackberry with military-grade communications without that being against the law with the NSA.

He’s given this encrypted Blackberry, because it brings him into an enclave; a secure enclave that only is classified.

When Hunter Biden and former CIA official Cofer Black went to work for the board of Burisma, Hunter Biden suddenly became the oldest ensign in the United States Navy, at the age of 42, before he was kicked out for failing a drug test.

George believes Hunter had to join the military because otherwise, he would not have been legally allowed to carry an encrypted Blackberry with military-grade communications.

George said, “If they used these same encrypted Blackberrys to do the Iran nuclear deal – and part of that nuclear deal was missiles, this becomes very important…If somebody is using encrypted communications, the NSA cannot see…the NSA is blind to that traffic.
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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 11:38 AM

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 11:43 AM

originally posted by: duncanhidao

Inversions = 144 = 33+111 37x3=111
Mirrors = 110 = 73+37

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 12:03 PM

originally posted by: duncanhidao

What was Trump saying?
CHYNA has to pay the PRICE

Huh, that's kinda interesting. All roads may lead to Fort Detrick.

Lemkivshchyna, (Lemko Region) Boykivshchyna, (Boykos or simply Highlanders.

Hutsulshchyna or Hutsuls.

Organization for the Defense of Lemkivshchyna


originally posted by: CharlesNPope
a reply to: Ektar

"I'm not just blogging, I'm engaged in 'asymmetric-warfare'". How ya like me now, Q ? (haha)

Information Awareness Office seal.
Motto: lat. 'scientia est potentia' – knowledge is power.

The Information Awareness Office (IAO) was established by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in January 2002 to bring together several DARPA projects focused on applying surveillance and information technology to track and monitor terrorists and other asymmetric threats to U.S. national security by achieving "Total Information Awareness" (TIA).

Incredible wiki page on this office & many familiar names/codenames/agencies. It's like NSA +++.

The Occult Art of Austin Osman Spare: Child Prodigy, Anti-Nazi, and “Possibly the Greatest English Magician of the Twentieth Century”

“For I am I: ergo, the truth of myself; my own sphinx, conflict, chaos, vortex – asymmetric to all rhythms, oblique to all paths. I am the prism between black and white: my own unison in duality.”
Austin Osman Spare

Austin Osman Spare

China’s Communist Party Uses All Sectors to Wage War on the US; The US Must Respond—Casey Fleming.

How has the Chinese Communist Party used unconventional tactics to wage war on the US for the past several decades? And why did almost nobody notice?

What is asymmetric hybrid warfare, and how is it central to the Chinese Communist Party’s strategy of attack on the West?

And, how can companies, universities, and governments effectively protect their innovation against this assault?

In this episode, we'll sit down with Casey Fleming, Chairman and CEO of the intelligence consulting firm, BlackOps Partners. He is an expert on security strategy, asymmetric hybrid warfare, cybersecurity, and economic espionage, and he regularly advises the private sector as well as Congress, the Department of Justice, and the White House.

This interview was quite eye opening and educational. You probably never heard of China's "863 Program" started in 1986. This is some serious "asymmetric hybrid warfare" (Silent War) plans to challenge the NWO and take over America. Rob, Reverse engineer, Replicate, Replace. This is what happened to the former Canadian telecom company Nortel right after the 2008 finance collapse... which China robbed, bankrupted, replicated, replaced... and incorporated into their company called Huawei. Right during the Obama era. Imagine that!

Coho program: developing ultra wide-band RF signal detection and recognition capabilities to facilitate an asymmetric advantage for US and allies to maneuver in the electromagnetic environment with respect to access, surveillance, filtering, and localization.

Excerpt from the DoD/DARPA Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Budget Estimates [254 page PDF]

Back when Q was active, a blogger outside of the US was one of the most critical writers on the whole Q phenomena. He wasn't biased toward either side and was just trying to figure out who was behind it and posted his research, opinions & beliefs. He had some really good posts which are still online at Pre-Qognizant.

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