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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions ---NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING--- -Part- --F0R7Y--

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posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 03:03 PM

originally posted by: GUGLiL
a reply to: dashen

Amazing so Trump is the anti christ

Wow, I don't know if I like him or not now

Well, technically speaking of course...

He is the son of christ....

Frederick Christ Trump Sr. (October 11, 1905 – June 25, 1999) was an American real estate developer and businessman. A member of the Trump family, he was the father of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 03:04 PM


The measures include:

a new Regulatory Horizon Council to advise government on rules and regulations that may need to change to keep pace with technology

a digital Regulation Navigator to help businesses find their way through the regulatory landscape and bring their ideas to market

a review of the Regulators’ Pioneer Fund, which backs projects that are testing new technology in partnership with the regulators in a safe but innovative environment

a partnership with the World Economic Forum to shape global rules on innovative products and services

Published 11 June 2019< br /> rd

The Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) has worked in partnership with the German Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning to understand the future implications of human augmentation (HA), setting the foundation for more detailed Defence research and development.

The project incorporates research from German, Swedish, Finnish and UK Defence specialists to understand how emerging technologies such as genetic engineering, bioinformatics and the possibility of brain-computer interfaces could affect the future of society, security and Defence. The ethical, moral and legal challenges are complex and must be thoroughly considered, but HA could signal the coming of a new era of strategic advantage with possible implications across the force development spectrum.

HA will become increasingly relevant in the future because it is the binding agent between the unique skills of humans and machines. The winners of future wars will not be those with the most advanced technology, but those who can most effectively integrate the unique skills of both human and machine.

A May 2021 project report by the U.K. Ministry of Defense, created in partnership with the German Bundeswehr Office for Defense Planning, offers shocking highlights of the dystopian cybernetics future that global technocrats are pushing mankind toward.

But human augmentation will not be restricted to the military ranks. It’s really a way to further separate classes of humans, with the rich and powerful elite being augmented “super-humans.” It’s worth noting that anything released to the public is a decade or more behind current capabilities, so everything in this report can be considered dated news, even though it reads like pure science fiction.

Theoretically, absolutely anyone, any random civilian with a brain-to-cloud connection and the needed biological augmentation (such as strength or speed) could be given wireless instructions to carry out an assassination, for example, and pull it off flawlessly, even without prior training.

Alternatively, their physical body could temporarily be taken over by a remote operator with the prerequisite skills. Proof of concept already exists, and is reviewed by Dr. Charles Morgan, professor in the department of national security at the University of New Haven, in the lecture below. Using the internet and brain implants, thoughts can be transferred from one person to another. The sender can also directly influence the physical movements of the receiver.

They list several different ways to influence the physical, psychological and social performance of the “human platform,” including genetics (germ line and somatic modification), the gut microbiome, synthetic biology, invasive (internal) and noninvasive (external) brain interfaces, passive and powered exoskeletons, herbs, drugs and nano technology, neurostimulation, augmented reality technologies such as external holograms or glasses with built-in artificial intelligence, and sensory augmentation technologies such as external sensors or implants. As noted in the report:

The senses can be extended by translating frequencies beyond the normal human range into frequencies that can been seen, heard or otherwise detected. This could allow the user to ‘see’ through walls, sense vibrations and detect airborne chemicals and changes to magnetic fields.

More invasive options to enhance existing senses have also been demonstrated, for example, coating retinal cells with nanoparticles to enable vision in the infrared spectrum.”
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posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 03:08 PM
The Gates Foundation seems to be removing some of their grants from their web site or hiding them under a very obscure name.

I had been searching for grants to Moderna since they had made grants to Pfizer and just about every other Pharmaceutical company out there.
I finally found one but it was under the name Valera which is a subsiduary of Moderna.
January 12, 2016 Moderna/Valera were given a grant by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for $20 million with an agreement to fund up to $100 million. The grant was for mRNA antibody therapeutics and for other mRNA based projects, such as the vaccines.
In the agreement with the Gates Foundation Moderna agreed to the obligation stipulating that they would grant the Gates Foundation certain non-exclusive licenses. ***

I have been wondering about the coincidence that two pharmaceutical companies both developed mRNA technology ready to deploy an mRNA vaccine in time for the plandemic. Both had a link to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Bill had the licenses and ensured that they were not exclusive so that he could pass on the technology to Pfizer without violating any patents.
He couldn't help himself and double dipped and all just for more $$$.>gates-foundation>news-release>darpa-a...>wp-content>uploads

posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 03:18 PM
Like Don is even a patch of hair on Barry's dairy aire.
Check out Barry's children's name spelt in a mirror.
Wait until you figure out who the Christ is.
Ftr religion has Been manipulating mankind for over a millennia.
Catholicism don't get me started.
At least the Greek Mythology was intelligent
Some people say the devil's greatest deception was that he did not exist
Some say it was when he founded Christianity
Uh oh if the devil is Christ does that mean the anti Christ is synonymous with anti devil?
The "devil" is based on the Pagan God of nature
Ie nature is evil

Ia reply to: GUGLiL

Hope that helps
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posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 03:19 PM

originally posted by: Gravelbone
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Head of Ukrainian military intelligence

Thanks for passing that on. Totally missed it. Not surprised though, but very interesting. Alot of mil/intel & technology transfer going on.

DoD article:
U.S., Ukraine Aim to Implement Strategic Defense Framework

And from the State Dept...

U.S.-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership (Nov 10, 2021)

Section II: Security and Countering Russian Aggression

Guided by the April 3, 2008 Bucharest Summit Declaration of the NATO North Atlantic Council and as reaffirmed in the June 14, 2021 Brussels Summit Communique of the NATO North Atlantic Council, the United States supports Ukraine’s right to decide its own future foreign policy course free from outside interference, including with respect to Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO.
Except from strong US influence of course.

The United States and Ukraine intend to continue a range of substantive measures to prevent external direct and hybrid aggression against Ukraine and hold Russia accountable for such aggression and violations of international law, including the seizure and attempted annexation of Crimea and the Russia-led armed conflict in parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, as well as its continuing malign behavior. The United States intends to support Ukraine’s efforts to counter armed aggression, economic and energy disruptions, and malicious cyber activity by Russia, including by maintaining sanctions against or related to Russia and applying other relevant measures until restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.

Section IV: Economic Transformation

3. The United States is committed to the energy security of Ukraine and intends to support Ukraine’s efforts to become energy independent, decarbonize its economy, deregulate its energy sector, diversify energy supplies, integrate with Europe’s energy grid, modernize its nuclear sector, manage a just transition from coal, and prevent the Kremlin’s use of energy as a geopolitical weapon. The Strategic Energy and Climate Dialogue is designed to accelerate these efforts.

This Charter replaces the U.S.-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership, signed at Washington on December 19, 2008.

I wonder what was going through Putin's mind when he read that charter? That's it, the gloves come off!

posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 03:57 PM
a reply to: CrazyFox

Nature is not evil. It is apathetic.

Some prefer to appeal to a Higher, more Benevolent Power

posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 03:59 PM
link>upcontent>uploads August 27, 2020

Moderna was part of Operation WARP SPEED and they did not disclose that they had government funding to develop the mRNA platform. In fact they had strategic alliances with not just the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation but BARDA,DARPA, NIH, NIHAID, CEPI. BARDA was one of the first to start funding them and allocated millions for the development of the mRNA platform.
Not only that but the requirement under 35U.S. CS 202 [c] [6] and 37 C.F.R s 1.77 [3] patent applications and patents must disclose government funding and none of Modernas did in fact disclose this.

The implications under the Bayh-Dole Act requirement that government funding was used have some serious ramifications for Moderna and may provide a legal exit out of the government contract that was signed during Operation Warp Speed.
Contracts that are funded by BARDA & DARPA and collaberation with NIAID come with government rights and remedies which include terminating the contract and pursuing criminal or civil remedies under the False Claims Act and False Statements Act.
-terminate agreement.
-reduce or change the obligation without consent from Moderna.
-claim IP rights.
-Audit costs-Limit the gov'ts financial liability and suspend Moderna from future contracts.

Now to find how to get out of the Pfizer contract. If they are using the same technology which may have been transferred to them via Bill Gates then the same reasoning would apply. Pfizer is using patents that were funded by the Federal Government which we as taxpayers fund. All of it belongs to us.

Are we winning the pharma wars yet?

posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 04:30 PM

originally posted by: Thoughtful1>upcontent>uploads August 27, 2020

Are we winning the pharma wars yet?

posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 04:44 PM
a reply to: dashenWell aware
That was a dig on the whole anti Christ Christ psyop that has been indoctrinated into our dogma since it was a"Prophecy"
Devil based on a destructive and false representation of Pan (nature god)_ deceives everyone at war with nature. Nature being good and wins because we all die right?
Cyborgs are not natural.
Mother is getting angry.

Does anyone get the feeling that a cage match is in the works?
Linda worked for Don, Vince is one helluva producer

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posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 04:49 PM
Do you think thermobaric bombs (like Russia is allegedly using) is necessary for the destruction of a biological weapons laboratory? Pulling anything caught in the blast back in with the vacuum to burn it?

posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: CrazyFox

posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 05:25 PM

Western governments in the NATO military alliance are developing tactics of “cognitive warfare,” using the supposed threats of China and Russia to justify waging a “battle for your brain” in the “human domain,” to “make everyone a weapon.”

NATO is developing new forms of warfare to wage a “battle for the brain,” as the military alliance put it.

Now, NATO is spinning out an entirely new kind of combat it has branded cognitive warfare. Described as the “weaponization of brain sciences,” the new method involves “hacking the individual” by exploiting “the vulnerabilities of the human brain” in order to implement more sophisticated “social engineering.”

The brain will be the battlefield of the 21st century,” the report stressed. “Humans are the contested domain,” and “future conflicts will likely occur amongst the people digitally first and physically thereafter in proximity to hubs of political and economic power.”

In a chilling disclosure, the report said explicitly that “the objective of Cognitive Warfare is to harm societies and not only the military.”

With entire civilian populations in NATO’s crosshairs, the report emphasized that Western militaries must work more closely with academia to weaponize social sciences and human sciences and help the alliance develop its cognitive warfare capacities.

Based on the Understanding Phase findings, NATO has identified the following priorities:
- Develop a Critical Thinking online course
- Develop improvements to the decision making processes
- Leverage technologies, including VR and AI to develop tools in support of better cognition and better decision making

In tandem, NATO is creating a Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic, DIANA, which will provide a network of technology test centres and accelerator sites to better harness civilian innovation for our security.  NATO Defence Ministers also agreed the Alliance’s first Artificial Intelligence strategy, which includes standards of responsible use of Al, in accordance with international law.  Ministers also met with NATO’s close partners Finland, Sweden and the European Union to discuss global challenges and how to further strengthen our cooperation.

 In less than two years, NATO hopes to have its own, modified version of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) up and running.

These two initiatives have been long awaited and demanded by NATO observers, and versions of both a “DARPA-like” technology accelerator and an alliance-wide investment bank were included in a 2020 list of recommendations by NATO’s advisory group on emerging and disruptive technologies.

He cited the U.S.-based capital venture firm In-Q-Tel as an example of the type of partner NATO would seek to run the “day-to-day” business of the fund.

Advances in biophysical, biochemical and behavioural technologies are beginning to turn science fiction into reality. These developments offer exciting possibilities, while also raising issues with regard to ethics and responsible use.

The Alliance faces a range of significant opportunities in emerging and disruptive technologies. The field of Cognitive Biotechnology (CBT) is an emerging domain with wide ranging implications for Alliance members’ economic and military competitiveness. And, as was discussed in the case of Artificial Intelligence, developments in this field will require both a dynamic adoption of new technologies and a focus on their responsible governance.


Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous weapons systems, big data, biotechnologies and quantum technologies are changing the world, and the way NATO operates. These and other emerging and disruptive technologies (EDT) present both risks and opportunities for NATO and Allies. That’s why the Alliance is working with public and private sector partners, academia and civil society to develop and adopt new technologies, strengthen the Allied industrial base and maintain NATO’s technological edge.,%28DIANA%29%20and%20to%20est ablish%20a%20NATO%20Innovation%20Fund.
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posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 05:41 PM
a reply to: cherokeetroy

Problem for this line of progress as I see it: if you put any significant amount of conducting material / metal / some carbon compounds into your body, you are then more vulnerable to an EMP type attack.

You can be taken out easier, if needed. "Deleted" ???

EDIT TO ADD: Oh, and not just EMP attacks ... extreme solar flares would also be a problem, and perhaps unpredictably so!
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posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 05:43 PM

Re The logo of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Main Directorate features an Owl holding a sword above Russia.

Do the colors mean anything...facing the owl left side Black & right side White?


posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 06:02 PM

It's the schoolhouse rock version of parapolitics...


posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 06:06 PM
a reply to: cherokeetroy

Essentially a gigantic world wide mind ruck

I think we have experienced the beta testing portion already

posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 06:15 PM

Free Think This Out for a minute or 2

Why hasn't Bill Gates said anything about Russia's invasion of Ukraine? March 4, 2022

....In fact, Gates has not posted anything on Twitter since last Thursday, February 24, which was exactly the day when Russia president Vladimir Putin ordered a military operation against the neighbouring country....


On a lighter note

And Remember

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posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 06:44 PM
a reply to: dashen
Arktic circle? Flag?
Russians have been blowing up Reptilians for some time. Flag crest Nuke Arktic ocean entrance in the north (allegedly US did at South as well)

22 min go boom boom

It really sucks living under Nzis in this country when they were at least disceet, now that they are brazen it seems unbelievable.
All the lies, the reactions when you disturb the lies
In my hometown in 1002 2 Teenager's committed "suicide" in a "Satanic Cult Ritual"
I have my suspects but am trying my hardest not to go into that rabbit hole again.

The mirror of live is evil
Those that are evil do not get to live (metaphorically no soul/compassion/love)

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posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 06:49 PM

According to a source quite close to the ECB, Christine Lagarde would have had a complete shock reaction in the face of the collapse of the markets. Seriously, what did she expect? Russia is the leading supplier of natural gas to EU countries. If you sanction Russia it is obvious that you will push up gas prices. If you sanction Russia, you sink your enterprises which depend on that gas and which are already severely tested by two years of false pandemic. If you sanction Russia, you are basically committing suicide. In all of this, we see that financial operators are discarding the euro which is collapsing against the dollar. Ultimately Russia is helping Europeans to get rid of the corrupt foreign organization called the EU. Vladimir Putin is giving the final push to the last feeble bulwark of the New World Order.

posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 06:53 PM
a reply to: MetalThunder

4 years delta!

Today Russia has freed itself from Masonic control.
Goodbye facebook.
Goodbye twitter.
Goodbye microsoft.
New internet

3 years delta

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