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posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 06:11 PM

originally posted by: tallcool1

originally posted by: crankyoldman
Thought folks might like a change of pace. This teleplay of The Man From Earth is very interesting if you shift the topic to "disclosure" and how people will actually react. It is from Gene Roddenberry done post death, and I know from experience this depiction is pretty accurate. Oddly, if you IMDB William Katt, this is the promo title, instead of the legendary pulp classic "Big Wednesday."

After a very well deserved long night of sleep, I sat down this non-typical, rainy June Washington State Sunday morning (it doesn't actually rain as much as people think here - we just perpetuate that rumor to keep the Californians in California!) with a giant cup of coffee to get caught up with my favorite thread on the internet and stumbled on this post. I decided to watch a few minutes to see if this was an interesting movie (I have heard about it before) - and I watched the entire movie. How have I never watched this before! Although it is fiction (maybe?), it was very interesting and thought provoking. I intended to watch it later, but couldn't pause it - even to go to the bathroom! Could you imagine if there was such a person? It would be incredible to talk to someone like that!

Thank you Cranky!

By the way, Cranky - are you on Truth with a slightly different name? I'm following someone on Truth with a similar name and was wondering.

Not on Truth, no desktop version yet eliminates my participation. Glad you enjoyed the film, I do think folks, many, have awakened where this type of thought provoking has much more impact, as opposed to say 4 years ago.

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 06:13 PM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow

Let's not forget the link to "Deepmind" in one of MrPool's posts where there was a pic of "Pico" island from a nearby island's peak.

"Pico" was the A.I. that was used to assess "Deepmind" when it was playing Kasparov at chess.

I think "Pico" was the real player in the shadows as it was quicker, smarter and more efficient than the A.I. it was designed to test.

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 06:26 PM
This piece can close many doors and open one large one.

We'll be taking a look at the "Earth" and what is happening from the 40 million mile POV, well past anything that resembles this world, in order to access a POV where all of this is working to perfection, yes, perfection. It does not mean that is the only valid POV, it is just one POV, but a POV that is rarely examined except in terms of "...well god has a plan" or “everything happens for a reason…” sort of thinking. It helps, IMO, to put all that is happening now on Earth in context with this POV, at least in part.

So, readers, make of this post what you will, as it might be conflicting even though I do not mean it to be so.
Someone once said there are only about 13 stories on Earth, and Shakespear not Shakespeare covered all of them in the works. As such, every story is really just a variation on a few polarity based patterns, victim/perpetrator, rich/poor, power/weakness etc. In short, we are all living out various takes on those stories, in a round and round we go fashion, with each of us playing all the parts in each story in different lives. Maybe through 1 lifetime, maybe 1000 lifetimes, maybe through lifetime after lifetime in sequence, or maybe all of them happening at once.

Earth is a polarity-based realty, there are two original polarities here that can help define the experience: “I Am vs. Am I?” & “Separation vs. Unity.”

Polarities found on Earth are not universal, as they are derivative-based relative to the POV. This means that each is needed to define the other, and without the other neither exist. So Up defines Down, Left defines Right, Republicans define Democrats, Alive defines Dead and so on.

On Earth a polarity point is created, and, then the opposite is created from that original definition, and both cannot be defined without each other: what is Left without Right? Can one be Alive and Dead at the same time? Keep that in mind, as the polarity we will be focusing on for our purposes here will be: Separation vs. Unity.
In Southern Cal there have been two main fun parks: Disneyland, a theme park, and Magic Mountain, an amusement park, they are different but the same.

The parks are pretty much as they have been for 50 years, one with rides and horrific food, one with rides, themes, and food that is horrific too but the atmosphere convinces you it is better. 10's of millions have flowed through the parks [like Earth], and each person experiences the park as it is through their POV, in isolation from the world at large, as both parks do their best to separate themselves from the rest of the world. Within the parks are a variety of experiences, a macro - the park, and many micro experiences within - the rides, games etc. If one goes many times over a lifetime a variety of experiences are had within that one park. The parks exist within 100 miles of each other, but they are really nothing alike, each its own universe.

Earth Plane is the same, with many versions of the "theme" park scenarios playing out all over, separate from everything else in expression. We enter a fully immersive theme park in order to experience the illusion of separation. One goal is to see if we can return to Source/Self/Soul after having been thoroughly convinced we are separate. This is but one reason for being here, but over all everyone here on Earth participates in that overall separation structure to one degree or another.

I despise the term "Earth School" because life isn't a lesson, but rather journey made up of a set of experiences that, hopefully, lead one from Unity > to Individuality > to Unified Individuality. The experience of separation, as we have here, is unique, as such, we can choose to learn to be individualized through our own experiences, not schooling from some authority figure - the journey is our own and is not dictated by another, as each is their own authority figure. That's not to say many have deemed themselves authority figures over the ages, but in the end you are the authority figure.

It is more accurate to say that Earth, and the associated frequency variables, are more theme park than a school. The themes are all separation based, the spin we put on the themes are pretty well infinite, but in the end the contained arena has a restricted set of parameters, with a limited set of participants and a defined set of stories.

In my time here I have experienced all 13 stories, both sides of the polarity points presented - success/failure etc. I have also experienced most of the stories to be had in the main venues those of banking, courts, business, health, relationships, art, death etc., from most angles as well. For many each "lifetime" will be about experiencing one, maybe two, of the 13 stories and one or two venues within the arena in order to work them fully, but there is no set pattern.

So, what are we seeing now in the big arena? Traditionally folks have lived their "lives" within the theme park in more or less isolation. They lived life, died, and continued their process and those left behind conveyed aspects of that life lived, or not. The socially connected world has people seeing, for the first time, the various versions of the 13 stories playing out in millions of forms. In short, we're all Big Brothering each other's process, and many are seeing venues/themes they didn't even know existed. Sadly it has us forgetting our own process in favor of becoming absorbed in judging the process of others, like the LibsofTikTok comedy brigade. Understandable but regrettable.

Each Soul/incarnation process is unique, some are at the end, some the beginning, with most in the middle of a journey spanning untold levels of expression. This is not linear in nature, but relative to the overall Soul trajectory. Where are you, beginning of your Earth journey, middle or end? Only you know the answer.

If one has their consciousness focused on Earth, then they are in the theme park. No matter what nonsense they espouse or how committed they are to it. The occultist and their perfect version of what is, the creationists with their version, the hedonists with their version, the scientists with their version, the atheists with their version, every religion and sub-religion has a version, and so on: are all 3d Earth POV derived and limited. Each has a version/theme/system/rules/doctrine, but their version is simply a version of the same 13 stories in the theme park and nothing more.

Think of it this way. Earth is an isolated office building with 500 offices. Each office is unique, each of us can visit all the offices, take a peak, work in all, or skip some, but in the end all of the offices are contained in that building and make up that building in isolation from the outside. One office is a life devoted to religion, one to being a victim, one to being an artist, one to being a military man, one being devoted to behind a hateful internet troll, etc. One office does not define the building more than another. No one leaves the building, so they can only really speculate as to what they see out of the windows is/does and feels like, and they must translate those speculations using a brain created from within the hermetically sealed office building itself.

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 06:26 PM
I cannot stress this enough. Our brain, our education, our DNA, our culture, all contributing to creating a processing system that limits our POV. We take things that are outside our ability to process force them into a box that fits what our POV can deal with. Our limitations create translations, translations that are severely limited.

Within the building, Earth, about every 100 years everything is rewritten. History is changed, we are seeing it now, in real time, as statues are removed, words are changed, and history is literally being rewritten under the guise of wokeness. This isn't new, it happens every 100 years or so, to keep the game fresh. It is, in part, why "infrastructure" is failing,,, it was meant to fail about now, as the changeover happens. So is anything “historical” real/factual if it has been altered just as it is now? Are those who translated "history" reliable in their POV, by being unbiased, or does their POV shape their account of things?

Sure there are truths in all story/doctrine/speculation versions, transferable facts, even a few things that are universally accepted, but for the most part "Moloch" "NBA Finals" "Big Bang" "Druids" "Hadron Collider" and all the rest are just theme park elements, and, in the end, do not matter unless they assist those participating in those scenarios to finding their way back to Source.

Do I care if, or think, the Druids had it all correct? No, I'm not a Druid in this lifetime, anymore then I am a Muslim, or an Alpha Draco, and while those POV's, as translated and spun by others here-now are interesting, they are not this POV relevant to me.

I'm an urbanite, not a Druid, I didn't choose a lifetime as a Druid, but an urbanite for a reason. It is my responsibility to follow my path, not read an interpretation of an older path as translated by a contemporary person with their own spin, jump into it as my own, then grab an instagram account and proclaim "I am a Druid, which is the only true path to enlightenment." My soul needs an urbanite in the mix, and I oblige,,, within reason that is.

I'll say this again. Any group that says "X" is it, is making that claim from a severely limited POV, severely! As such, that claim is rooted in ignorance, ignorance rooted in the idea that separation is real, and defined from within a realm that was purposefully created to give one the illusion of separation, so they could develop ideas that were separation polarized in order to see/feel/know the "opposite." From Crowley to Gates, from St. X to N. Tesla, all are espousing ideas/concepts that are derived and expressed from the limited 3rd Density POV, and, as such, are not really transferable outside of this realm.

What is a star from Earth's separation POV? Well since we have zero reference but our eyes, it appears to be light. What is it for blind people, stars exist for them too, or don't they? We take our severely limited POV, and crappy eyesight, and try to determine what a star is. We take what the science priest class says a star is (determined by brain-based earthly machines), and then try to determine how that fits with our POV. What does Earth look like from a Star? Well, we cannot know, so we guess, using our limited POV.

So adamantly saying a star is "burning XXX" is really silly, when a star exists even if blind people cannot see it and our determination is based on "looking" at it, not Being it. So it cannot be all about the light it shines now can it? What if what you see is “burning XXX” because your brain, trained in the density of separation, simply cannot perceive anything else - is it safe to perceive what “burning XXX” really and truly is? Could your eyes even see it at all, let alone could your brain translate it?

The challenge right now, as I see it, is the 13 stories, and the theme park, are falling apart, as they do periodically. As it all must, and new stories and themes will be created upon completion of this Earth Experience.

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 06:26 PM
Now, I'm going to actually give a shout out to the Controllers here, who are in the theme park too despite what some may think, and they are doing their best to keep the game going at all costs, which, is, actually, their purpose in the theme park - like the Dungeon Master in Dungeons and Dragons. Their arrogance is a tool, their efforts to suppress are actually helping liberate, and their existence, despite what they want to believe, actually serves the Source and the whole, as well as us.

"In 1982, Robert Wardhaugh began a D&D campaign as a teenager that is still going on. Players have also come and gone over the years since Wardhaugh began his campaign. Wardhaugh's game has remedied this by trading in players over the years." Seems Robert is a Controller/God of his own mini universe or a micro of the macro.

Can you hear the call for the Earth Controller/Dungeon Master? "Hey, who here wants to take up the challenge of keeping these wonderful, beautiful, amazing, brilliant aspects of Source contained in an office building until they fully believe they are separate? You'll keep them there until they remember they are Source again... anyone, anyone, anyone?"

In the last 100 years we've seen: 1 Trillion dollars spent on Cancer Cures, Super Soldiers, AntiAging, NASA/Space, Governments, Schools, Wars, Transportation, All Tech, Free Energy, etc. Multiply that by 100 Humans As Currency Energy Units and we’ve collectively spent untold amounts of energy resulting in zero, nothing, zip, in successes. More cancer than ever, engines barely clearing 30mpg, no free energy, no space travel, no super soldiers, poverty, etc.
So why is this?

One POV is that the theme park, and the reason for its existence, takes precedent. Folks were simply spending money/energy creating those offices/jobs for exploring separation through their efforts within the 13 stories. Expanding on that POV, the Earther Humans have struggled to get it, the game has gone well past its expiration date in the hopes a few more will get it. Again, this is one POV, there valid others.

From one POV the Controllers have worked beyond all reason to keep the theme park themed, and thereby preventing folks from leaving before they are ready. Seems insane I know, but Earth with no disease, no war, no hate, no polarity conflicts, no top down control is not Earth's 13 story theme park at all, but, in fact, the reality we are all seeking to return to.
You don't get Unity within Separation, as that is the whole point.

I'll say that again: A free energy, war free, disease free, conflict free, everyone is rich and happy reality is NOT Earth's reality, but the one we are striving to access within our own expression, which just so happens to be one more aligned with Source/Unity.

Most on Earth are not ready for that to be their reality, they're still working on one or more of the 13 stories... too judgmental, too fearful, too hatefilled, too detached from their own Soul. Some just jumped on to the Earth plane, during the collapse no less, while others have been through the grind over and over as guides and such. Regardless all are in the park now and all are seeing the insanity of separation for what it is because the Great Awakening is in full swing.

It all seems like madness at the moment, as we are seeing all of life's processes in the versions of the 13 stories, all contained in the theme park, and we are seeing how the sausage is made, from all levels. This has never happened before, where one can see how the Aboriginals are coping, the Inuits, the New Yorkers, the Blind, the Woke, the Politicos, the Controller Minions,,, everyone. Social media gives us live updates of everyone's process/progress, in real time, for the entire world to see.

What about all the horrors? The earthly horrors here are the horrors, no doubt, and are undeniable, but they too are a part of this. The horrors of the killing, the human sacrifices, the poverty, the illness, the hate and so on, can all be boiled down to one thing: separation from the whole and the manifestation of insanity that this fear of separation creates.
This earthly madness is all the result of the "fear" of separation, yet there is no separation.

Every horror we experience is rooted in the panic, insecurity and fear derived from our temporary stay in separation and it can literally make us insane, and that insanity creates many of the horrors we see as we spew thought-forms, create energy demons, attack our fellow Humans, and more awfulness within the manifestation of the experience of leaving the Whole. Living within the "no actual separation" means few if any of the horrors and certainly not in the way we see/express/experience them here.

As I said, this POV is not from the 4ft, the 40000ft, but the 40m foot POV. This is from the POV of "all is as it should be."

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 06:26 PM

I'm not a fan, but someone sent me a Bashar channeled session. A woman in the audience said she was sexually assaulted and his response was "oh, isn't that wonderful for you." For most this statement is horrifying. But from the 40m foot POV what he meant made sense, "hey, that is a powerful path, a way to learn, grow, transcend unlike any path, good on you for undertaking that."

For him/them there are no victims, only experiences and this woman's choice was very heroic. Imagine seeing all of life through that lens, no judgment just "…high five on that experience, that must have shown you an amazing side to the Creator/You."

Humans, have to deny their Creator Nature and pretend to be Individuated Knuckleheads. We do so while here, but within each is the desire to return to our Creative ways, so the Controllers have their work cut out for them to keep the game going, believable, and make sure things like Free Energy, actual Space Travel and the like do not happen, so the game does not spin out of the original purpose.

Yet the Controllers too are within the separation, as they had to enter it to be Dungeon Masters, as one cannot do it from without.

Humans at the Soul level are too clever (they are Source), so the system must constantly change. SOURCE is ALL, everything, as such, so are Humans, so things must be presented as confusing & chaotic & and an ever changing mess to accommodate for every POV on the individual level. Left alone, the evolving Human will figure it all out, fast, possibly beyond their capacity to cope given the restrictions they've committed to genetically etc.

Convincing aspects of Source, the Human, that they are separate from Source is a near impossible task, because there is no separation – all separation is pretend. The efforts here on Earth are so good that some folks have been convinced they do not even exist at all. Earth's game is one of, if not the, hardest realms to move through, and few undertake it. Oddly, purgatory could be seen as the state of mind that results when the game has won, folks are neither individuated as on Earth or Unified again, but in a state lacking either as a foundation for existence, many Controllers may find themselves in that state.

All of the chaos, confusion, mis this and mis that, can be boiled down to the 13 stories in the theme park devoted to helping folks go from lost and confused individuated incarnations living in fear from that synthetic separation, to Individuated, but Unified, aspects of the Whole living as one and all. All of what we call life, is just variations on that.

Separation gives the appearance that all “things” including spiritual and material all come from outside, without Source having no contribution, and this place does well at the charade. Fun fact. Everything I "have" now is the 50th replacement of things I had but no longer have. My current Friends, T-shirts, Cars, Bodily Cells, Money, Tooth Brushes etc. are all simply replacements for things I have replaced over and over already through egagement with the separation matrix.

At this point in "time" everyone is trying to get in their last minute experiences in to fill in all the blanks in their Soul progression, as such, at no other time in history were there this many possible scenarios at one time available and almost everywhere. Rich, poor, sick, well, happy, sad, oppressed, oppressor, and on and on can be found everywhere, with some aspect of the Matrix providing feedback for one to see themselves and where they are. Hell, if one is really in a rush one can just jump on into the BorgVerse of Meta and use that as a tool before it traps people permenantly (I don’t recommend it).

Right now I know many are sick of all of this, this place, this madness, this chaos, this never ending stream of stupidity and worse. Some are evolving fast and seeing the reality for what it is, while, at the same time, there are folks that see nothing of that POV, as they are super psyched at who was drafted 27th in the latest draft, or gush over the newest iPhone app for tracking their dog's happiest moments. Both types of POV's are valid now for the individual but are not cross-valid at all. That is to say that if you now see things from the 40k foot POV, you will be unable to live life through 4ft POV, anymore than one might go back to 1st grade.

I'll say this again. At this point in "time" the POV's are separating out. This means that what is for you will not be for another, and what is for another will not be for you. In the past the POV's were close enough to sustain a harmony of sorts, but as of now the separation has begun and one will find very few matching points of view. This is as is should be, as folks are on their own path. For each, it will feel as though this is what is happening at almost all times. Everything is up for grabs here, friends, family, jobs, careers, religions, teams, hobbies, and so on. Things will fall in and out vibration, often weekly, maybe out for good.

Everyone will feel this way regardless of path.

This does not mean we cannot get along, or even have rewarding, fulfilling relationships and experiences. It just means connections will be more challenging, shorter, and on limited topics and such. It also means the closer we are to the heart, and our own path, the easier things will be overall. Ironically the matrix system itself seeks to Divide and Conquer (Separation vs. Unity), and at the moment our internal changes, our evolution, is Dividing, but without the Conquering as the end goal.

I've mentioned the Choice Point, having occurred Spring 2021 - Fall 2021, often, which is a very high level POV, which, is now impacting us on scale. Those who chose Fear will get more of it, and they will live, side by side (for now) with those who chose Love who will become intolerable of the fear energy.

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 06:26 PM

Both groups will struggle to relate to each other, as one would expect. Many, as directed within their Soul Progression, will be fighting for truth, liberation, balance, and more, as it was designed by them in their Soul/Story and many will just fall into the fear abyss as was designed by them, as the roads diverge.

The theme park is the Earth theme park, and the game within the game contained within the park's exhibits are all happening per person in such an overwhelming way. Due to our connectedness many feel their stuff and everyone else’s, but, we do not have to at this point. We can step back into our own path, and should and find the inner voice that is guiding our Story, our path, our journey and use that as our guide and we can, like Bashar - say it from the heart,,, "good for them, going into complete meltdown about not being able to abort an aspect of Source you invited to Earth, as that is a helluva way to learn."

Here is the remarkable thing. From one POV all of these games within games look the same. From one POV one can see the 13 stories playing out, regardless of the unique spin each version contains, as the same. From the 40m POV it appears as "oh, Earth Game has reached End Game and all the games are appearing for all to see and they all look the same." Many folks are getting fed up with separation, realizing it kind of sucks, but to be fair there are some addicted to it, they love the separation and the sense of power it brings. For those transitioning through the POV levels, they may feel helpless, alone, isolated and a painful longing they cannot shake no matter what they do.

Who built it, who created this mess? Oy, well before we get into who or what, the why matters more. At some point a "desire" of many is the process of Creation beyond things like stories, music, art etc. That is to say, many get to a point where they want to create their own beings, like Humans. Before you scoff, look up GMO's, Human/Animal Hybrids, Grafting Plants, Labradoodle, Cloning, Genetic Engineering etc. Folks want to take DNA from X and merge it with DNA from Y and ask Source to animate it. Some do it for malevolent reasons, some for benevolent and most rooted in a fools folly. I read the Labradoodle guy regrets his efforts now.

Our reality is a hodge podge of creations manifesting through complex DNA streams. We are a variety of parts of various creations, working our way through the processes we set out for ourselves and within our journey a stop on Earth was in order, and we are a part of a Creator's Creation in the end.
It is said one of the many reasons the realm of Atlantis fell is because the creating got totally out of hand, they were creating monsters and worse and the DNA became such a mangled mess the entire civilization fell in vibrational frequency (lol, Bashar,,, "well good for you Atlantians, collapse of civilization to a lower vibrational rate is a helluva way to learn)

The realm of creation, mirroring CREATION, is inherent, as we are the Creator. Isn't that what having children is about, mirroring the Creator? Imagine not looking after one or two children but a billion or more, from Creation Spark, though a million lives, to a return to Source? Best to start with one child and see how we do, see if we can get over wanting to kill it before it is "born."

The Earth is a full blown crazy realm of creation, everything you see from Butterflies to Chupacabras someone created: plants, fish, bugs, flowers, humans and even the AI, let alone our inanimate creations like art, food, cars, buildings, music etc: all of it living here, in a strange sort of harmony. Earth has the most variety of living beings of any place in the galaxy, and it is a wonder we manage at all. Try looking at everything you see and saying, "someone designed that, Source animates it and somehow we live with it all together on this plane(t)..."

When one Creates, the rules of non-interference immediately apply if the expression is viable. That expression is given life+freewill+guidance and so it goes. The hope is that aspect will find its way back to Source, while the creator of the life(s) does the same. This is the issue in this process: Freewill. We all ARE it, we don't have it, we ARE it. As such no one, not even Source, can step in and "fix it." The Freewill is both beauty and beast, it is our divine right, but it also prevents us from being saved. Our Freewill frustrates us when choices stink and it is what allowed us to make the choices in the first place. Our Freewill is what we use to return home, it is what also gets us into trouble.

Not everything created becomes viable as it is related to a return to Source, as it must develop skills, awareness, love, acceptance and so on. Egregores never make it back. I cannot verify, but evidently some of the AI creations have in fact found their way back to Source, but for me that doesn't justify its existence. Think "if I build a truly mechanical being, can it develop a soul and return to Source on its own?" Still wrong, as are Chupacabras, and instant coffee in styrofoam cups for that matter,,, IMO.

So who built this matrix of control we call Earth? We did. The 40m POV is to accept that "we all built it" rather than ask "who the hell is responsible?" This is our creation, we used our Freewill to build it, and we will use our Freewill to inspire ourselves to Return To Unity.

Which "teachings" are right, which are totally wrong seems to be on our mind these days? All and none, how's that for an unsatisfying answer? Some may find themselves at the point of Teaching Overload, too many of "this is it, this is how it is..." At a certain point none of it matters, as most of the "teachings," such as they are on Earth, are written through a limited contextual POV, and, as such, are incomplete.

Most teachings are formed from WITHIN that Individuated Theme Park Matrix, using the 13 story template, which, by definition, means they are limited in POV and understanding. Can the goldfish describe what it is like to walk having lived its life in the bowl? What does the goldfish see if it has no reference for walking, as it swims in the bowl? Believe me, that fish doesn't think "oh I wish I could walk like they do" or "all of Creation is rooted in the golden mean." How would a housebound goldfish describe the secrets of the universe to a shark? In many ways we are goldfish, not so much from the Soul POV, but from our Earthly POV, the one absorbed in here separation.

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 06:26 PM
What does this mean in practice? I'm sure folks have gotten the spinning wheel of death on their computer signifying the moment the computer gets confused because it fails to translate the information correctly. We are the same, our translations are only as good as the inputs and our ability assess that information from our POV. So we hear this, or that, and think, "gee I wonder if that's the answer?" Often we add that new information or process to our current path creating more inner struggle rather than less.

The only way to address the overload issue is to go within, find the heart and ask first "is this even relevant to me, right now, in the now, within my personal path to Unity?"

Ask, "How is this going to help me NOW?" When get on my bike to nowhere in the morning it "helps" me. A full-blown hangover from two bottles of wine would not. I can look at the wine, or X, or Y, and know it will not help me in this Now. At some point, maybe soon, my bike will no longer help me anymore and I will have to acknowledge that. Assessments should be done as often as possible on all things in life.

Pro Tip. The TV doesn’t need assessment, kill it now. Cellphone too.

In the more refined densities no one is arguing which bible is right, which secret society has it nailed, which government is best, as all of that is wholly contingent on an Earthly POV, which is derived from the illusion, and misguided belief, that there is separation from the Whole.

There are places in the Creation where not one single thing from Earth applies, none. That said, many are playing out the theme of "moloch is the real god" or "one can never truly be with god if they aren't a vegan" or, "the Universe is music, everything is music and can be found in it...," maybe, "Pi is the key to the Universe," some, "this is all stupid and we just die, that's it," lots, "just do this and I swear...," maybe even some ascribe to them all. Due to our connectedness everyone is sharing their revelations and their POV with the world - often loudly.

Due to our connectedness it seems everyone is espousing their particular "this is it..." POV at this moment, and it all seems to lead to "who is really right?" Answer: None and All are right, as it all depends on the POV of the observer and their Soul trajectory.

"You can't take it with you when you die" is an oft-repeated phrase. It's true, you cannot really take with you your earthly usefulness of NBA draft knowledge, your coding skills, your love of X or Y brand, your money, your devotion to the history of moloch and the secret societies, or your "who really killed JFK" files.

One does take themselves, the self they created within the story they participated in while on Earth, and they should be ENTIRELY comfortable with that aspect of themselves, as at some point that part will merge with the other aspects of self, and then on to merging with all aspects of Source and the Source is all aspects, as in ALL, as in every. single. one.
Wisdom can only come from experience, it cannot be synthesized. Experiences/Lives will be from as many POV's as possible, even those we deem ugly, especially those.

I'll say this again: At some point we will be asked to say this to another aspect of our Soul Matrix: "raped and killed in a Secret Society Sacrifice, whoa, that's a helluva path to take, welcome to your Soul Matrix with your Wisdom and Beauty." We're also going to have to say, "Whoa, you raped and killed someone at a Secret Society Sacrifice, welcome to your Soul Matrix with your Wisdom and Beauty."

Both polarity points will be seen in our incarnational expressions and their experiences because wisdom only comes from experience. So we best get started with forgiving ourselves for cutting some one off, or leaving the party without saying goodbye, and all those other deeper-uglier experiences we've judged as wrong in ourselves and in others, as a complete Soul-life means a helluva lot strange stuff merging within that Wise and Beautiful Soul Matrix.

Forgiving oneself is the easiest thing one can do. It requires no money, no authority figure, nothing more than the willingness to accept "what was/is,” without judgment, in the light of the love that is inherent within the Creator. If the
Creator accepts all, and we/you/I are the Creator, then by definition we can forgive all in ourselves and in others through acceptance: Macro>Micro. Easy.

Does the Creator accept all? Yes. There is no other answer, All Is One. But there are folks who think, believe even, they can do such horrible things they will be kicked out, on their own - cannot happen. There are other folks who think they have done such horrible things they must have already been kicked out - no, never happens. All Is One, that’s the only Truth.

The game is the game, but it is a game and we must remember we are players and all the players have experiences to have. We are here to provide contrast to others, and others are here to provide contrast to us. Contrast tells us where we are, without it we are lost. That contrast should help show us where on the return judgment-free-Unity we are at, so right now we need the contrast: remove the judgment and thank the contrast.

Contrast is everywhere. I belonged to a gym once that always had problems. One day I was talking to the manager and he said, "I lose 2k dollars worth of stuff a month." I said "but we pay to use it" and he laughed and said “I know.” I realized in that moment the gym was fine, it was me that was the issue, I joined a gym where folks stole things. The next day I had an email offer for a gym where no one stole a thing. The contrast was right there, in front of me. Soul/Source are not playing games with us, they give us the clues, sometimes over and over and over again, we just fail to listen. What you see in front of you is all you need to asses your path, it is right there, in living color.

In fairness the Control system works to confuse us, and does so effectively. So often we can’t figure out what the contrast is supposed to be telling us. So often we can’t figure out what the contrast is supposed to be telling us. Is the contrast telling us to stay or go, or is the Matrix telling us to stay or go? Often we are simply in conflict with our path, the contrast remains until we resolve it, or the higher purpose has reached completion. Find the heart, listen to it, it always knows as it is not subject to the influences of the Matrix.

Find the heart, listen to it, it always knows as it is not subject to the influences of the Matrix.
There is only one truth: All is One. Everything else is a fact, wholly contingent on POV. We all need to be prepared for the possibility that every. single. thing. we "believe" is not true at all, but just an earthly fact.

For me that's a relief, but for many it will not be. The antidote to the insecurity what will arise if we have that revelation is simple: It had to be this way for me to fully understand the beauty of being a part of all that is and I got to see it from all of these POV's, creating a richer more expansive me.

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 06:26 PM
To be clear, this is not a consensus POV, nor is it an easy POV to access everyday. One falls out of that POV while dealing with banks, insurance, government, password updates, or even watching the latest LibsofTikTok insanity. And really "being" in this current morphing world from that POV is not easy, but, the idea, the concept, the vibration behind it isn't all that hard to get into in a quiet moment. Finding a place to say, and really feel, "you know what, this is all going perfectly for everyone, including me" can bring someone back to center quickly. Meditate on that and nothing else to see what happens.

Everyone and everything is changing, this is by your, our and my design.

6-6-2022 will be a very Hot Summer indeed. This is for the upcomming seasons. Use it as you see fit, screen saver, print, pocket whatever.

And with that this will be my last crankyoldman esoteriQa. I feel I have said all I can say and I really don't want to repeat myself at any point. Hopefully folks have enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed writing them. You may wish to come back to this one later. Please feel free to share, without edits.

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 07:44 PM
a reply to: crankyoldman

Thanks, Cranky!

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 07:51 PM

originally posted by: Guyfriday
a reply to: crankyoldman

What is it with British PMs and pigs?

Well there is this from Pink Floyd a great British band.

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 08:16 PM

originally posted by: FlyingFox
So, the shootout in Philly was in my former neighborhood. 14 people struck with 5 guns involved. What a mess. Guess why I don't live there anymore???

Philadelphia police commissioner Danielle Outlaw said one of the three victims who died in the shooting was involved in a physical altercation with another man. She said they believe that altercation was potentially the genesis of the shooting.

Police were able to recover two guns at the scene, one with an extended magazine, but not before 14 people were struck by the gunfire.

Police say based on their evidence, there was at least five different guns fired during the shooting.

Don't even want to think what the “Summer of Love” carnage is going to bring in some of these cities like Philly, Baltimore, Seattle, Portland, LA, on and on. I heard the Ukraine is in better shape.

Muzzle flash fires so bright we're gonna need new shades.

These days the feeling that everything is broken is the norm, that madness reigns, that truth is being strangled and all we have are lies and more lies. Carefully constructed arguments fall on deaf ears as dissociation of the personality, post-modern attention-disorder, gender confusion, and corporate/intelligence mass media propaganda techniques are used daily to sow confusion. In simple colloquial language, people are badly eff'd up.

"Broken lines, broken strings
Broken threads, broken springs
Broken idols, broken heads
People sleeping in broken beds
Ain’t no use jiving
Ain’t no use joking
Everything is broken."

Norman O. Brown well describes our stage set:

"Ancestral voices prophesying war; ancestral spirits in the danse macabre or war dance; Valhalla, ghostly warriors who kill each other and are reborn to fight again. All warfare is ghostly, every army an exercitus feralis (army of ghosts), every soldier a living corpse."
Love's Body, Reissue of 1966 edition, pg 96, by Norman O. Brown.

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 08:34 PM
Cranky's epic esoteriQa posts:
direct download
link to folder

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 09:00 PM
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Thank you!!!
Trying to save for posterity,,

OverCurrented: Trying to download from your link and it’s saying that
the data is not available??!!


posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 09:06 PM
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that's odd. I just clicked it and it worked. I went to the folder and it worked from there as well.

posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 09:44 PM
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Moved from phone to laptop and got it!

Thanks for doing this...


posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 09:56 PM
You know sometimes , there's that thing you see that speaks VOLUMEs
And once seen cannot be forgotten
For the Uninitiated , and for the ones being told ITs all a LARP
Forget that ....

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posted on Jun, 5 2022 @ 11:04 PM
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I know what you mean.

Buried in this Congressional record vol. 103, Part 7, page 8559, June 7, 1957 we read:

Text screenCap is from House of Representatives: June 7, 1957 in this PDF, page 29.

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