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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions ---NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING--- -Part- --F0R7Y--

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posted on May, 13 2022 @ 11:31 AM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow
You beat me to it.
Lol. I was trying to figure out if he is just messing with the board. It must be a horror show there right now because who knows what the final price of the company will end up at. Shareholders are going to be really mad.
I wonder what the legal implications are if the Twitter Board deliberately misled. Maybe the shareholders could sue for misleading them as well. A two prong attack because Musk will not stand by his original offer.

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 11:37 AM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow

I could not find the document I had seen but here is another breakdown of just 2022.

2022 Food Growth/Prod/Dist related fires (USA only):

Does NOT include 2 plane crashes into food mfg companies

- Taylor Farms Salinas CA (produce)

- Shearer’s Hermiston OR (snack foods)

- Rio Fresh San Juan TX (onion packing)

- Nestle Jonesboro AR (frozen food mfg facility)

- Penobscot McCrum Belfast ME (potato processing)

- Nutrien Ag Leoti KS (fertilizer)

- Louis Dreyfus Claypool IN (largest US soy proc plant)

- Weaver Fertilizer Winston Salem NC (fert/farm chem)

- Maricopa Food Pantry Maricopa AZ (food distrib)

- Azure Standard Dufur OR (organic foods)

- Walmart Indianapolis IN (dist center)

- ConAgra Waterloo IA (processing plant)

- Warehouse San Antonio TX (frozen food warehouse)

- Clearly Clean Schuylkill PA (plastic food pkg plant)

- Raw Farm Creamery Fresno CA (dairy warehousing)

- Pepsi Piscataway NJ (factory fire)

- ConAgra Jackson TN (food mfg plant)

- US Foods Denver CO (Food truck warehouse)

- Cargill Lecompte LA (cattle feed plant)

- Maid Rite Steak Scott Township PA (meat plant)

- Wisconsin River Meats Mauston WI (meat plant)

- Van Drunen Farms Momence IL (freeze dried foods)

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 11:44 AM
a reply to: Charliebrowndog
There are also some of our favorite institutional investors that will not take this artificial inflation of blue check twit accounts lightly. Sitting in the room are BlackRock, Morgan Stanley and State Street. They have some real $ to put up for an epic lawsuit.
But even more interesting is did the people on the Board know the truth? They may have directors' liability insurance but if this is gross negligence or criminal activity maybe that would invalidate the coverage. Not sure of the legal aspects of this but I just wonder.
This could get ugly real fast. The Twit Board may say well look at the stock market and other companies stock prices are down as well but that will not fly me thinks.>articles>insights>top-3-

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 11:49 AM
a reply to: Charliebrowndog

One sampling I came across...

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 11:51 AM
a reply to: Charliebrowndog
That list is disturbing. It probably helps explain the shortages that I am seeing. At my local Whole Foods they have made the produce section much smaller and of all things apples are hard to find. But there is no question that there is much less selection and there is just less over all. And the prices are breath taking. I never would have believed I would see a dozen eggs for $12.99.

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 12:26 PM
a reply to: Charliebrowndog
He already knows something isn't right with the figure.

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 12:48 PM

MKULTRA kiddy prisons run by the Mormon military-intelligence mafia are still being paid to physically, psychologically, and sexually abuse children.

The heirs of the Browning Arms company, In-Q-Tel employees, generations of deeply connected republican political operatives, billionaire aerospace moguls, etc.

The Litchfield bros:

WWASP Survivors

World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (Wiki page)


Romney, Torture, and Teens (2007)

Republican Party of Utah PAC Donors

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 01:00 PM
Elon rug pulled them. Make an offer, then they gotta open their books and code and boom….exposes the bot farms and “censorship”
It’s almost obvious. As soon as the deal gained steam suddenly bot accounts began to disappear, shadow banning decreased. Left blue checks cried they lost followers. Right blue checks jumped for joy at rising numbers.
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posted on May, 13 2022 @ 01:23 PM
Apparently "a bird sings" when you try to buy it and force them to release their records.

And this will be how you introduce evidence legally:
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posted on May, 13 2022 @ 01:39 PM
On May 22-28 there will be a vote for the UN/WHO pandemic response treaty.

The WHO met in a special session Dec 2021. It’s 2nd ever since funding in 1948.
They adopted a decision titled “The World Together”
Under article 19 of the WHO constitution (article 19 provides the World Health Assembly with the authority to adopt conventions or agreements on any matter within WHO’s competence)

This treaty has 13 amendments, proposed by the Biden administration.

These amendments will empower WHO’s Director-General to declare health emergencies or crises in any nation and to do so unilaterally and against the opposition of the target nation. The Director-General will be able to declare these health crises based merely on his personal opinion or consideration that there is a potential or possible threat to other nations.

On January 18, 2022, with no public awareness, officials from the Biden Administration sent the World Health Organization these extensive amendments to strengthen WHO’s ability to unilaterally intervene into the affairs of nations merely suspected of having a “health emergency” of possible concern to other nations.The U.S. amendments cross out a critical existing restriction in the regulations: “WHO shall consult with and attempt to obtain verification from the State Party in whose territory the event is allegedly occurring…” By eliminating that, and other clauses, all the shackles will be removed from the Director-General of WHO, enabling him to declare health emergencies at will.

The existing WHO regulations then provide for an 18-month grace period during which a nation may withdraw its “yes” vote for amendments, but the current proposed amendments would reduce that opportunity to six months. If the U.S.-sponsored amendments are passed, a majority of the nations could, in the next six months, change their individual votes and reverse the approval. But this is a much more difficult proposition than stopping the whole process now.

20 nations, plus the European Union, listed by the U.S. as supporting the amendments:

Albania, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, India, Jamaica, Japan, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Peru, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Uruguay, and All Member States of the European Union (EU).
WHO’s powerful reach is also defined by the number of other organizations it is authorized to cooperate with once it has declared an emergency or health crisis: “other competent intergovernmental organizations or international bodies with which WHO is expected to cooperate and coordinate its activities, as appropriate, include the following: United Nations, International Labor Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency, International Civil Aviation Organization, International Maritime Organization, International Committee of the Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, International Air Transport Association, International Shipping Federation, and Office International des Epizooties.

The sweeping new powers will be invested in the Director-General of WHO to act on his own. The Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, commonly known as Tedros. Tedros, the first non-physician director-general of WHO, is an extremely controversial Marxist activist and politician from Ethiopia installed by the Chinese Communist Party. Despite the fact that his role as the cover-up apologist for the Chinese Communists at the onset of COVID-19, this “dear friend of Anthony Fauci” was re-elected without opposition in 2022

Even after Donald Trump slashed the U.S. contribution to WHO in February 2020, the U.S. remained the largest donor to WHO. On March 31, 2020, the U.S. contribution was $115.8 million, followed by China at approximately one-half that amount
Then in early July 2020, Trump notified Congress and the U.N. that it was formally withdrawing from WHO. Bill Gates quickly announced he was increasing his contribution from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to $250 million.

Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and the foundation “Welcome Trust” Created CEPI. (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovators). In 2017 CEPI made an agreement called a memorandum of understanding with WHO. CEPI then presented a PowerPoint presentation to WHO in July 2017, in effect dividing up the world between the Gates’ CEPI and WHO in the coming pandemic. Gates would handle the financing, supply, and distribution of the vaccines, and WHO would control and monitor the scientific and medical community. Among the stipulations of the PowerPoint, which the Gates-created foundation presented, was that the pharmaceutical companies would be reimbursed for all direct and indirect costs by the government for developing their high-speed manufacturing platforms.

President Biden has recently told the Business Round Table — the presidents and CEOs of the wealthiest 200 corporations in America — that they must lead the growing New World Order

“And now is a time when things are shifting. We’re going to — there’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it. And we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.”

John Kerry, the President’s climate czar, had announced that when Americans elected Biden, they voted for the Great Reset, whether they knew it or not.
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posted on May, 13 2022 @ 02:00 PM
a reply to: PeteMitchell

Wonderful.🙄 The WHO/WEF cabal will have the power to override/suspend the Constitution.

WHO planning new “pandemic treaty” for 2024

They never let a crisis go to waste and since they are hellbent on "Multilateralism" ...'if we can’t get Russia to kneel through military means, we’ll do it under the guise of a pandemic.'

Techno cracy: The Operating System For The New International Rules-Based Order

The International Rules-Based Order (IRBO) is under threat and global power is shifting. As East and West rekindle old enmities we are led to believe that this struggle will determine the future of international relations and the direction of nation states. However, the global transformation is not led by national governments but by a global network of stakeholders and global technocracy is their goal.

This time, rather than relying upon western imperialism, the new international law-based system will emphasise multipolar cooperation, trade and respect for national sovereignty. It will instead be led by a Eurasian economic and technological power-block.

The apparent, ongoing antagonism of geopolitics looks likely to maintain the East-West divide we are familiar with. However, what is now being framed as the multipolar order is, in reality, the multistakeholder order.

Those leading the transformation have no allegiance to any nation state, only to their own globalist network and collective aspirations. In their hands, international law is no more of an impediment to their ambitions than a vague commitment to “rules.”

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 02:04 PM
a reply to: angelchemuel

Yep, I think this was the plan all along to expose not only them but other Social Media outlets. Twitter is just going to be made an example of in my opinion. How long before other media companies start to get questioned by their investors?

Musk may end up buying Twitter but it won't be close to the same figure.

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 03:12 PM
Moment of Zen

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 03:17 PM
Well 4% of a couple hundred million people is a hell of a lot of fake accounts. Why am I not surprised at the lack of logic at this point?

originally posted by: XtheMadnessNow
BREAKING: Elon Musk tweets that his $44B deal to buy Twitter “temporarily on hold” pending more details on spam accounts.

AP news

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 03:28 PM
a reply to: Justoneman

Last year (or maybe it was 2020) @Jack said just over 2 billion accounts. Who knows really. Regardless, it only takes one to start a war or a farm...

Inside a Ukrainian Troll Farm (2019)

Interference in U.S. and European elections by Russian internet trolls has become a hot topic in recent years, particularly since the discovery of the Internet Research Agency, a well-resourced “troll farm” in St. Petersburg. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that domestic troll farms — hired by local politicians and campaign managers, not foreigners — could be just as influential.

“People in the real world aren’t that educated,” a manager explained. “So if you write with grammar mistakes, this may even be a positive thing.”

And so it began...Sept 1, 1939...

TruNews Godcast

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posted on May, 13 2022 @ 03:41 PM

originally posted by: FlyingFox
Moment of Zen

The moment I’ve been waiting for. I finally have a victim card to play

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 04:19 PM
I think it's time I just said "thankyou" to EVERYONE here.

THANKYOU for fueling one of the greatest news discussioin and opinion sources I could ever have tapped into.

That's all, carry on.

Luv ya.

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posted on May, 13 2022 @ 06:09 PM
a reply to: crankyoldman

Sports logos come to mind. A bit of vicarious living, tbh.

posted on May, 13 2022 @ 06:20 PM

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posted on May, 13 2022 @ 08:18 PM
a reply to: FlyingFox

This presentation is clearly Left-Handed propaganda. Look at the symbol at the bottom of that slide... It's the fist of a left hand.

If being right handed was as great as this slide makes it seem, then why are most US Presidents left handed? It's all a conspiracy by the left handed I tell ya.

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