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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions ---NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING--- -Part- --F0R7Y--

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posted on May, 12 2022 @ 11:20 AM
This is laugh out loud funny. Truly. "Box of food............... in their trunk." Captain Queeg here.


This is funny too, for different reasons.

Isn't the milk from the boob free?

Someone mentioned that the plant that makes the baby formula stop making the formula to make those "free" Rona test kits the government sent out, after they jabbed most of the country and the fakedemic ended. Which is classic government: too little, too late, costing too much, with too many unintended consequences.

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 11:38 AM

Hilarious! As if striking these countries wasn’t something already proposed and carried out by the Bush and Obama administrations! Give me a break! Trump managed not to smash any small nations to bits for a change. This is pure truth inversion.

General Wesley Clark: We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years

As deal...

Amazon - Hardcover – May 10, 2022 (752 pages)

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 11:45 AM
Good reading for the day. If you've not already seen it. Lots of valuable links as well.

Revelation of the Method

Anyone follow this Twitter page?

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 01:01 PM
I said two weeks ago that the Crypto losing 1T in value versus FIAT would do little to damage the world economy, but would rival the previous "crashes not crashes" in volume and teeeveee shouting. Nuclear relativity.

According to twit trending we are 20% there.

50% soon? Crypto regs coming = problem, reaction, solution. We observed this PRS was in the chamber last summer, and was needed: TETHER, BTC, CCP, Evergrande, Laundering etc.

Consider what is said here ^^^ in light of my pieces detailing the "Reset Already Happened" and it makes sense. The "bloodbath" we see isn't billions of minions losing perceived value, but Controllers simply manipulating perceptions to an end.

To be clear, from my POV, the Casino Coins falling is the same as what happens when hot hand at the craps table starts falling from favor,,, losing money for the crowd as he does. All the charts, graphs, histories, leverages, debt ratios, valuations are just people around a felt table yelling "baby needs a new pair of shoes" hoping the enthusiasm convinces others to add to the fun. The Casino always wins, that's how the keep the lights on, the free drinks flowing etc. yet folks still think they can beat the house, 10k years later, still.

Sanctions are just killing Russia, just killing them, bringing them too their knees.

Good account to FOLLOW

Funny thing is, the Halfwit Minions are set to take the bullet first on all of this. They revel in their "power" but they have zero in reality, they are minions who were chosen not because of their intellect, but their ability to NOT think. They quite literally cannot see this happening, that's why they were put where they are.

Everyone in positions of power are imbeciles incapable of doing anything but following orders.

Want proof? DJT navigated: NY, Mafia, FBI, Bankruptcy, eneMedia, building regs, Clinton Machine, +++ over his lifetime. He's not an idiot, and they hate him. Joe was always a total mental mess pedo, nobody home, and they loved him enough to champion him for 50 years. Who do they champion, who do they kill?

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posted on May, 12 2022 @ 03:13 PM

originally posted by: SideEyeEverything
Good reading for the day. If you've not already seen it. Lots of valuable links as well.

Revelation of the Method

Anyone follow this Twitter page?

Don't follow, but I'm aware of that acct. I posted on that Hoffman guy awhile back.

There are several revisions of his book. The latest was published in April 2001.

The book bounces around a lot, covering a plethora of topics. These aren't disjointed though, everything dovetails together. It is quite interesting actually, to see such seemingly disparate topics tied together with a few common threads: Freemasonry, rituals, social engineering.

I think the most important take-away, and there are plenty, is the connection between the alchemical process, the revelation of the message, and the media. The world is stranger than fiction.

Excerpt from the 2001 book version:

The following is a statement which comes from within the British-intelligence wing of the Cryptocracy:

“This demonstrates one of our simpler methods. Realizing that our activities will sooner or later come to light, we structure ouractivities so that as conspiracy researchers unravel them, they will release information into the public consciousness in such a way that it mirrors our initiatory procedure. In this way, the more we are investigated, the more masses of people are psychologically processed by the very people who seek to expose us. The meme that constiutes our essential structure is then successfully mimicked within the consciousness of those who investigate us. Success can then be measured precisely to the extent that our work is “exposed.”

The alchemical processing of humans is performed with the props of time and space: what happens ritually in a series of significant places can "bend" reality. That's what "wicker" means in its most subterranean signification. Wicca (witchcraft) is just a description of the end-result of the function of bending reality.

How is reality bent? By the placing of ritual props in ceremonial places. These places exist both in the mind and in physical space.

“...The question I raised in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare is, what if there is a civic magic by which a kind of open-air ritual, a kind of open-air mass, if you will, is being conducted through these various ceremonial killings that we saw. They’ve tapered off, the kinds of killings like Berkowitz was engaged in and the Hillside Strangler, with a tremendous amount of symbolism connected to them…I sought to answer it by looking for parallels in terms of this intricate symbolism very carefully orchestrated.”

The Alchemical Processing of Humanity Through Public Psychodrama’, An Interview With Michael Hoffman.👇

If you prefer here's a transcript - discussion of the Revelation of the Method or Making Manifest All That Is Hidden; the Cryptocracy; occult public psychodrama; alchemical processing; metaphysical alchemy; the lone nut syndrome; the cryonic process of freeze and thaw; the Kennedy assassination...etc.

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 03:24 PM
Since I mentioned Dieselgeddon earlier
Oil & gas lease sales canceled in Alaska, Gulf of Mexico

A spokesperson for the department confirmed the Cook Inlet lease sale would not proceed due to insufficient industry interest. Meanwhile, the planned sale of two leases, lease 259 and lease 261, in the Gulf of Mexico will not proceed due to contradictory court rulings on the leases, the spokesperson confirmed. 

Everything is Opposite in Clown World

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posted on May, 12 2022 @ 04:14 PM
Any of you follow Donnie Darkened on the blue bird?
He’s got some interesting takes…even a thread about trump being the antichrist.

Now I won’t jump to that conclusion, but there was some interesting symbolism in regards to trump that was brought up.

Trump was born on a blood moon (which was a total lunar eclipse over Jerusalem), Aleister Crowley claimed a moon child was born
Trump was born 700 days before Israel was recognized as a nation
He was inaugurated at age 70yr 7mo and 7 days
May 14th is the “anniversary of Israel. (May 14th apparently the sun will also rise in alignment to complete the pentagram in DC.)
Israel will be 888 months old
Trump will be 911 months old
This is also 2 months and 22 days after 2/2/2022.
What happened on 2/2/22? Pluto was in conjunction with the US for the first time in 248 years (the last time? July 4, 1776).

This weekend has a blood moon total lunar eclipse.

7 month after trumps inauguration, August 21 2017 was a total solar eclipse across the USA.
There is another in April 8 2024

The exact halfway point between the 2 eclipse’ - 7 years apart was December 14 2020
December 14th 2020 was a total solar eclipse in South America AND the very first Covid vaccine was given.

Corona = crown. He’s called himself the father of the vaccine
On august 21 2019, 2yrs after he watched the solar eclipse he proclaimed himself “the chosen one”
He states his pastor was Vincent Peele. A 33rd degree Freemason.

The 2017 eclipse passed thru 7 cities named Salem
The 2024 eclipse passes thru 7 cities named Salem
Jerusalem was referred to as Salem in both Genesis and Psalms

Trump returned to truth social after 77 days and exactly 1yr and 111 days after being banned on twitter.

I’m not saying trump is satan by any means y’all.
However, I’m bringing things from all angles here. Possibly challenging some current mindsets/beliefs….because how many time have we heard “symbolism will be their downfall”?
There’s a ton of symbolism surrounding trump. The Israel correlations are interesting. Especially since it’s “save Israel for last”

What about dark to light, trust the plan, etc…..there’s been many (a lot on the left so it’s quickly discarded) that have brought up the potential for “Q” to be a psyop.
But why couldn’t it be? Dark to light?….they created a false “light” to guide those that didn’t align. And then from 2022-2024 they obliterate the ideals of the “left” as society and the economy crumbles, leading to the eventual “well I didn’t like trump but I guess at this point I’m willing to try anything to have normal back”

You have a cause/effect/reaction.

But instead of a good vs bad it’s simply 2 sides of bad.
For instance, all this “save the children” stuff. About stopping this underground trafficking organization. …I mean maybe that’s happening? Or maybe like the left, the other side has figured out what exactly pulls on those emotional strings of some to really get them to dig in and “trust the plan”

I’ve seen in here numerous times the discussions about how the black hats seemingly brag or telegraph their actions without fear…..maybe they are ALL in the same club, displaying their half truths and future actions knowing that there’s nothing anyone can do about it. So none of what we have all discussed in here has to be “wrong” the game plan could still be the same…but for reasons other than why we think

Hell, they just said they are gonna talk about aliens again next week?
Perfect timing for an “alien” invasion ehh?

Sorry I’m kind of rambling or may seem scatter brained.
Just trying to get this typed out while at work and not accidentally refresh my page lol.

Again, just thinking out loud. Curious to hear some feedback and thoughts from others

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posted on May, 12 2022 @ 04:25 PM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow

Hmmm “ A Sacred Oath”, kinda similar to “ A Higher Loyalty “ huh ? I guess the narrative to justify Treason against an acting American President is that Trump was soooo “ Dangerous “ it was necessary to lie, cheat, deceive and break the law to “ Protect “ the majority of Americans who voted for him and his MAGA agenda. Does everyone feel safer now ?!

Comey’s mini series based on his “ book “ called “ Comey’s Rule “ was a shameless hit piece on Trump’s administration and character. It completely ignored the proven truth about the Russian Hoax conspiracy and continued to push lies proven to be untrue. The writer’s thinly veiled attempt to address the transgressions by Renegade, HRC, Clapper, Brennen, McCabe, Yates, Lynch, Peter/Lisa and Co. was cringe worthy.
Comey was portrayed as a beloved Saint...uggg

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 05:09 PM
a reply to: PeteMitchell

Very compelling points Pete that any critical thinker should consider, I sure have and probably most here have as well. At this point we can only view the ACTIONS of the players involved to try and determine who’s working for or against “ The inalienable God given right of Humans to pursue Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. “

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 05:13 PM


Funny, where else to we see Sigils? Hmmm, lemme think, I know I've seen some somewhere, but... hmmm, oh yes.

Fun fact, may have mentioned before, Cranky HATES logos and the associated energy. I rarely, if ever, wear anything with a logo. I strip everything I buy of the labels, debadge or cover them up if I can't take it off. The curious IRL effect is interesting, when people meet me they have trouble figuring out what tribe I belong to. Am I a Ralph Lauren, a Nike, a Levi, iPhone or MAGA tribe member? You'd be surprised at how much confusion this creates on the subconscious level for many, and, frankly over time it isn't all that helpful in the real world interactions, but I feel the tradeoff is fair.

On rare occasions I will use the logo for impact because I know it helps me in the long run, say my truck badges, but if it were up to me I'd get rid of all of them. No free advertising for me, and no Sig energy directed at me.

BTW, Ellis.

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 05:13 PM
a reply to: MountainLaurel

My apologies if all that was already covered in the past. I guess I’m still playing catch up haha.
I think I jumped in here roughly 3 full threads ago. So surely there’s thousands of pages in the original threads that I’ve missed!

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 05:36 PM
a reply to: PeteMitchell

Thank you for this info, it continues to connect more dots on a personal level. As for Trump being the antichrist, look closely at Jared Kushner as well. He has the ear of Ivanka Trump, the oldest, and likely favorite daughter of Trump. Any father with a little girl knows just how well that little girl has them wrapped around their finger. This means Kushner may also have a good deal of influence on Trump via proxy. Kushner is the one who is the head of brokering the middle east peace deal.

Also remember that, if these are the end times and we have seen how much the church manipulated the texts in the bible, then things may play out a little differently than we are lead to believe. The main thing is to find Peace within, as this will ultimately lead you to God regardless of what is happening externally.

So long as we can become a foundation of people based on Peace and Unity, then the Show will have achieved it's desired result. In the end, God Wins.

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 06:05 PM

Scientology to Rosicrucians to Plato, Freemasons to ancient druid wizards to Disney, NASA, Nazis to DEUS EX MACHINA: The Rise of a Transhumanist God King & His Technocratic New World...a fascinating thread of threads.

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 06:10 PM
Mercury is in retrograde from May 10 to June 2

Stephen Puetz once worked to see if all great market crashes in history were related to each other.
What he found was that all 8 (from the 1600s Holland to Japan 1990s) happened within 6 weeks of a solar eclipse (typically happen once every 18 months) AND within 6 days before/3 days after a full moon. He also noted most commonly this coincided with a lunar eclipse as well.

He noted that the tendency was for the “markets” to peak a few days before a full moon and then the day of or days after the markets began to crash.

Idk if y’all have seen the markets this week…and I already brought up the lunar eclipse this weekend. April 30th was a solar eclipse over Antarctica

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posted on May, 12 2022 @ 06:27 PM

originally posted by: PeteMitchell
a reply to: MountainLaurel

My apologies if all that was already covered in the past. I guess I’m still playing catch up haha.
I think I jumped in here roughly 3 full threads ago. So surely there’s thousands of pages in the original threads that I’ve missed!

Oh gosh, no apologies necessary, none of us know how this all turns out ! Black hats, White hats, Gray Hats, MAGA hats, Pirate Hats, Pink hats....The Cat in a only knows ! 🧙‍♂️

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 07:15 PM
Invasion by infiltration.
Or whatever it is, the "former Democrat" always says.
Perhaps being part of the plan does not mean the plan is solely based on that part.
a reply to: PeteMitchell

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 07:34 PM
It's happening...

Operation Monarch is coming to Warzone

DECLASSIFIED: Newly unearthed footage from secret facility B1108 on Caldera.

CIA gaming department: Monarch algorithmic gaslighting.

This M.K. guy has written a number of such books.

Interestingly, Jim Keith in his book "Mind Control, World Control: The Encyclopedia of Mind Control" (1998) didn't buy it, loudly and publicly. And then he "bought the farm" not long after.

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 08:32 PM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow
I am afraid that EU commission is probably only going to 'Grade" the abuse for reference on how to do it the "right way" instead of arrest people for actually abusing children. My cynicism is deep on this.

posted on May, 12 2022 @ 08:33 PM

originally posted by: MountainLaurel
Black hats, White hats, Gray Hats, MAGA hats, Pirate Hats, Pink hats....The Cat in a only knows ! 🧙‍♂️

Bowler hats made of felt used to be dipped in an orange liquid in a process called "carroting".

It was made from Mercurous Nitrate which is obviously poisonous due to the Mercury, hence the term "Mad as a Hatter".

Wearers would develop "erethism", commonly known as "Mad Hatters Disease" or "The Danbury Shakes" which was “the hat manufacturing capital of the world.”

Explains a lot about the history of British bankers me thinks.

Complete Guide to the Bowler (Derby) Hat & How To Wear It

eta..seems to be lots of posting with "mercury" going on. Psyops?
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posted on May, 12 2022 @ 08:43 PM
T1, certainly feels like the UK media is steering events re the Queen.

There is some interesting symbolism around the "Queen's speech" at the opening of parliament:

1) Precis of the journey of power from King to Lord's to House of Commons:
a) King ruled by "Divine authority" and the knight's advised but were just the implementor's of the King's orders, or LAW, in their localities. So the House of Lords basically has the final say in parliament on the Law and Justice, as advisors to the King,

b) Magna Carta leads to the House of Commons whose consent was required for the King to levy taxes,

c) Whilst laws currently seem to be designed and voted on in the Commons and then proposed to the Lords, they do not become law until the Lords agree them and the King then signs them into law. Likewise the Commons proposes taxation but needs to be signed off by the Lords and then the King.

2) Symbolism from the reading of the Queen's speech, in this picture:


a) There would normally be the Queen's throne where the table with the Crown is. Prince Charles is sitting on the Consort's throne, i.e. number 2 position, and he's wearing his "Admiral of the Fleet" uniform (highest honarary rank),

b) If the Queen were in power then the Crown would rest on the Ruler's throne rather than a table! That way it would symbolise that the Divine right of Kings to rule, given by God still rests with the Throne (Queen)... instead the Crown is shown as just a "table ornament",

c) As Admiral of the Fleet, in the House of Lords, Prince Charles is representing Maritime Law!

d) Prince Charles is wearing a GREEN sash - I have not seen a Navy officer wearing a green sash before so this is messaging something... capitulation? (cabal color language; GREEN = ALLY)

e) Look at Prince William and the Duchess of Cornwall...
Prince William in CIVILIAN clothes but wearing military and regal medals, looking despondent, wearing a PURPLE tie (cabal color language = communication),
Duchess of Cornwall, wearing Black and White, with a HAT, hands held tensely.

In summary, I think this reading of the Queen's speech symbolises and communicates to the Law-making chamber that the UK has transitioned from Maritime Law to Common Law?

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