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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions ---NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING--- -Part- --F0R7Y--

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posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 12:55 PM
a reply to: FlyingFox

Aren't "loitering munitions" something like that? Not sniper rifles, but armed all the same.


posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 12:57 PM
Back to Ever Ly Well.

The commercial announcing the boxing match between MSNBC and Fauci emphasizes Ever Ly Well hormonal testing kits.
This airing right before Dr. Anthony Fauci, the least trusted person in the world.
We have just been through the Plandemic and what issue has been raised as in serious concern. Fertility issues.

Of course Ever Ly Well charges $176. for the test. * Symbolism.

They emphasize discreet, bank encryption security, HIPPA, no selling of data and that is with Google on their scientific board. Trust level is rather low when there was no hesitation to share results of the Covid tests with public health officials.

They test for 10 hormones and an undisclosed antibody, which is not disclosed in the link. Maybe something to do with determining if it is a natural antibody or synthetic.

1. Estradiol -Main estrogen in women which is produced in the ovaries.
2. Progesterone- Maintains the lining of the uterus and helps maintain a pregnancy.
3. Luteinizing- Responsible for ovulation.
4. Follicle- Affects the menstrual cycle.
5.DHEAS and Cortisol- Adrenal glands.
And some others.

The timing is highly, highly suspicious. Fertility issues are being reported to the VAERS system and we all know that there is serious under reporting. The only women who will be ordering these tests are women experiencing difficulties. It would be interesting to monitor sales going forward because if sales increase exponentially we can prove cause and effect.

Ever Ly Well was selected by FAST Company as one of the most innovative companies in 2019> Preplandemic.

Way too many connections, Fauci, NIH, Blackrock and confidential Google, Harvard, MIT, NYU [Support from a state that does not permit the services that Ever Ly Well provides], Good Water, Dr. Robert Langer-Moderna.
Something is up. All of these actors would not be around this if it was only for testing asymptomatic people and reporting results to the authorities.
Just connecting some dots. I just hope this is not the case.>blog>women's fertility What This Hormone Test Can Reveal About Your...

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 01:09 PM

Ancient Chinese Secret

retirement or resignation or other .....

Colleagues worry Dianne Feinstein is now mentally unfit to serve, citing recent interactions

“I have worked with her for a long time and long enough to know what she was like just a few years ago: always in command, always in charge, on top of the details, basically couldn’t resist a conversation where she was driving some bill or some idea. All of that is gone,” the lawmaker said. “She was an intellectual and political force not that long ago, and that’s why my encounter with her was so jarring. Because there was just no trace of that.”

Four U.S. senators, including three Democrats, as well as three former Feinstein staffers and the California Democratic member of Congress told The Chronicle in recent interviews that her memory is rapidly deteriorating. They said it appears she can no longer fulfill her job duties without her staff doing much of the work required to represent the nearly 40 million people of California.....

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posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 01:32 PM
T1, I haven't read them but your precis stimulated a RE_READ of "Saving Israel for last" (#916)...

Rather than meaning "White Hats will deal with Israel as the last Act", maybe it means:

The last Act will be to SAVE ISRAEL?

Considering that Jerusalem is the historical central home of 2 religions; Christianity and Islam, surely it should be important to do this there:

end all sin and establish righteousness

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 01:43 PM

There is no such thing as government regulated free speech. If government is the arbiter of what is acceptable speech, you are on the road to a dystopian nightmare.

Ben Franklin would have been thrown out of Twitter first.

Emma Lazarus | Bronze plaque.

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 01:48 PM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow

If Twitter goes private then does that mean it is no longer beholden to the SEC? ... Just accounting law?

Lots of talk on twitter today that Dems would look to remove section 230 if Elon Musk succeeds in buying Twitter... but would it apply if private?

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 02:08 PM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi
It wasn't bait, just the truth.

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 02:13 PM
On Elon Musk, I see lots of speculation about whether he is a black hat or a white hat. Every time he does something that seems good, people think he may be a white hat. Others say he is definitely part of the establishment.

For those who haven't read Atlas Shrugged, I recommend it. For those who have, there is a character in the book named Francisco d'Anconia. His role is to play by the establishment's rules in order to demonstrate how flawed they are. He builds a very successful company and is the darling of the elites. When his company crashes as a result of following the flawed playbook, it takes down lots of the elites and governments who had invested a lot of money.

I often wonder if Elon is Francisco. He seemed to follow the leftist playbook when building his companies. Tesla was built on government handouts and incentives. SpaceX was built on government contracts. Is he now going to show how this leads to disaster?

Maybe just wishful thinking...

Anyway, the twitter story is interesting. It would be great if he just bought it and shut it down.

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 02:40 PM
Vanguard just surpassed Musk in Twitter stockholdings:

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 02:53 PM
a reply to: F2d5thCavv2

Yeah, but they don't seem to feature guns. Like a miniature C-130 Spectre or Spooky...

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 02:53 PM

originally posted by: RelSciHistItSufi
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow

If Twitter goes private then does that mean it is no longer beholden to the SEC? ... Just accounting law?

Lots of talk on twitter today that Dems would look to remove section 230 if Elon Musk succeeds in buying Twitter... but would it apply if private?

I don't know what all are the in's & out's but it makes it easier to circumvent gov't policies, (keep stuff hidden from subpoenas), exemptions, notably financial info, kinda like his SpaceX program and/or a company like Vanguard. As far SEC goes believe it has to do with how many shareholders & exercisable options.

Elon at TED Talk ~3 hrs ago:

"Priority one will be to eliminate the bot armies..." "There will be an EDIT button."

— "If in this case you are not successful, you know, the board does not accept your offer, you've said you won't go higher. Is there a plan B?"

Elon Musk:
— "There is."

Starting at 1:16:00

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 02:54 PM
He was never going to get control of Twitter. This is a means to some other end.

originally posted by: ColdWisdom
Vanguard just surpassed Musk in Twitter stockholdings:

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 03:19 PM

originally posted by: FlyingFox
I just don't understand why there's no gun-based sniper drones.

Who knows. There might be and we just don't know, yet. The Ukraine may be shaping up to be the MIC's next Beta test playground, like Iraq & Afghanistan.


Business Insider

Duke University which resides where?

Research Triangle Park, an area of Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh.
Companies founded by Duke alumni include the nation's wealthiest charitable foundation at $31.9 billion: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Carlyle Group (David Rubenstein), Boston Scientific (Peter Nicholas), The Pritzker Group, principal owner of Hyatt Hotels and TransUnion (J. B. Pritzker), PIMCO (William Gross), and 1-800-Flowers (Granville Semmes), and Neuralink (Elon Musk), along with DARPA partnerships.

Duke Robotics a wholly owned subsidiary of UAS Drone Corp (OTCQB: USDR) is a forward-thinking company focused on bringing a unique stabilization solution for both the military and civilian sectors.

The TIKAD is the first and only Unmanned Aerial Solution (UAS) armed with lightweight firearms.

It enables, remote-real time, and accurate firing of lightweight firearms via an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platform.

LVIV, Ukraine — They wait in a secret warehouse on the city’s outskirts, lounging in a corner hammock or an idle wheelchair as a red van weaves through small villages and over gravel roads. When it finally pulls into the gated lot, seven bodies spring into action. The drones are here.

The volunteers unloading the military supplies are friends from the Ukrainian film and television industry — a longhair bunch of cinematographers, gaffers, set decorators and marketing strategists. They take dozens of boxes of self-heating meals, six thermal rifle scopes, a satellite communications kit and 10 drones worth $8,000 each. All are bound for the front.
This is Vladislav Salov’s show. Before Russia invaded six weeks ago, the 34-year old was a cinematographer who shot Apple, BMW and Mercedes commercials for a Kyiv-based film studio. On most shoots, he was the first assistant camera, responsible for image clarity.
“Now he’s managing all the contraband in Ukraine,” said a friend and former unit production manager turned smuggler.
Archived link if you wish to read it.

Are we watching a war or a sick $Billion dollar movie gone live? Like you mentioned earlier, where exactly is all that money really going??

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 03:55 PM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow
Reminds me of all those coding jobs Biden touted

AI in Ukraine

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 04:41 PM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow

XtMN, I'm getting the following error on your archived link:


posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 04:57 PM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

direct download of the page here for you

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 05:18 PM
It is well known I'm not a clone bot musk fanboy, at all. That said, some things have stood out today. 54.20 = 911

"Titanic" ^^^ posted here by Rel the other day. Also worth noting is QSR has pointed out of MBS controls this situation, not DOPEY.

So what is producing this reaction? Twitter is the center point for real time reality creation, as mentioned here years ago. For good or ill, it HAS been, past tense, the system to used to both create reality and attempt to short circuit reality creation depending on POV.

As it has often been said "twitter is where the war is."

So. A few weeks ago I mentioned the inversion of the inversion has happened. DarNKiss. I assume this clip is from the piece posted here ages ago, but regardless, listen to what is said, directly, about INVERSION.


The Twitter takedown, at least pewblickly, and the hilarious reaction of "in order to save democracy we have to destroy democracy" nonsense is as a DIRECT result of this shift in the collective consciousness.

Right now Morale is at rock bottom at:

Big Tech.
State Department.
Team Joe WH.
eneMedia outlets.
All governments local etc.
Education systems.
Monetary structures.
Pharma/Med industries.
The uber Woke class.

In the world it seems ALL are flatlining, with one exception: Anons, MAGA folks, Great Awakening Folks, who see the collapse as glorious.

HERE is a clip that will boost morale for the above listed folks.

H/T 2 a friend.

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posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 05:27 PM
a reply to: crankyoldman

FoxNews just reported that Facebook and Google are consulting their anti-Trust lawyers to determine if they can buy Twitter before Musk can buy Twitter. (Panic)

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 05:29 PM
CIA is panicking because China is colluding with Russia to defeat Ukraine, and they (the CIA) doesn't know what to do about it.

To be this candid, the new Director must be in panic mode:

posted on Apr, 14 2022 @ 06:26 PM
After a storm, also, when freed.

a reply to: IAMTAT

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