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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions ---NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING--- -Part- --F0R7Y--

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posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 08:15 PM

originally posted by: FlyingFox
a reply to: Ksihkehe

I say that the difference between Trump and Putin, verses the other Oligarch-class leaders is that they simply want the wealth and resources from their country to stay in their country.

Think about 3rd World leaders, how all of the "tax" money and the wealth of their nation gets concentrated, then spend overseas. Italian sports cars, French helicopters, London apartments... it all leaves the country, and cannot help the citizens at home.

That's the only difference, in my mind.

That is a great point. I recall Jamaicans selling me Jamaican dollars at a better rate than their bank. I was telling them they are destroying their money doing that, but they want off the island. Desperation leads to people doing stuff like that. At least there was some rich Italians that likely came to the island and spent the money that bought the Lamborghini for the PM of the island.

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posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 08:15 PM
Just picked upon this whilst uploading tweets to the spreadsheet:

U.S. Navy tweet, Apr 08 2022 07:00:26 EST

#NavyPartnerships 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 ⚓

#IntrinsicDefender is a bilateral exercise between U.S. and Israeli naval forces. The exercise focuses on maritime security operations, explosive ordnance disposal, health topics and unmanned systems integration.

Watch below ⬇️

1) The video is 55 seconds long = Eyes On,
2) This first screen shot at 2 seconds highlights:

U.S. 5th fleet and the Israeli Navy completed a 10-day maritime exercise April 5th

3) At the 41 second mark we see them launch some kind of mini torpedo, or monitoring equipment towards an MSC container ship!

Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC) is a Swiss international shipping line.

... with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland

(think CIA headquarters under the lake!)

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) was founded in Naples in 1970 as a private company by seafaring captain Gianluigi Aponte when he bought his first ship, Patricia, followed by Rafaela, with which Aponte began a shipping line operating between the Mediterranean and Somalia. The line subsequently expanded through the purchase of second-hand cargo ships. By 1977, the company operated services to northern Europe, Africa and the Indian Ocean.

The line has had 6 crashes or fires in the last 20 years, and in Oct 2021 MSC Danit was:

boarded in the Port of Long Beach by the United States Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board marine casualty investigators. They were investigating an undersea pipeline that appeared to have been damaged by a ship's anchor and recently spilled oil onto the beaches of Orange County

4) The shipping line is owned by GianLuigi Aponte

He is married to Rafaela Diamant Pinas, a Swiss woman of Israeli origin, and daughter of a Geneva banker

This could be a whole new can of worms being sign posted by the U.S. Navy?
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posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 09:09 PM

Tuesday, April 12, at exactly 13:43 UTC – a Jupiter and Neptune conjunction, in Pisces(water), for the first time since March 17, 1856.

Jupiter = 5
Neptune = 8
Pluto (water) = 9

posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 09:33 PM
a reply to: crankyoldman

Wow, cranky, loving that 589 deduction!

Silver went up just under 5% yesterday and Bitcoin has slid down to 39k, breaking the 40k boundary.

Renegade tweeted about silver bullets on the 6th, at 21:48:16 EST:

It's going to take all of us to protect our democracy, especially young people. There is no silver bullet, but if we focus on ideas and solutions that will strengthen our democracy, rather than weaken it, we can live up to our ideals and show the world what is possible.

Video is 2mins 10 secs = 130 seconds

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posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 10:05 PM

8 predictions for the world in 2030 (from WEF 2016)

1. All products will have become services. “I don't own anything. I don't own a car. I don't own a house. I don't own any appliances or any clothes,” (You will rent & will be delivered via Amazon drone)

2. There is a global price on carbon.

3. US dominance is over. We have a handful of global powers.

4. Farewell hospital, hello home-spital. Technology will have further disrupted disease, writes Melanie Walker, a medical doctor and World Bank advisor. The hospital as we know it will be on its way out...

5. We are eating much less meat. Rather like our grandparents, we will treat meat as a treat rather than a staple...

6. Today’s Syrian refugees will be 2030’s CEOs. (1300+ CEOs left in 2019) (a billion people will be displaced due to manufactured climate change and greener pastures are over here.)

7. The values that built the West will have been tested to breaking point.

8. “By the 2030s, we'll be ready to move humans toward the Red Planet.” What’s more, once we get there, we’ll probably discover evidence of alien life, writes Ellen Stofan, Chief Scientist at NASA.

Sweden and Finland make moves to join Nato

Right after the collapse of the USSR, Paul Wolfowitz released (leaked) a memo for the Defense Department outlining exactly the process of indefinite US dominance of the world. Plans change or everything going according to plan...Dwight D. Eisenhower: “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” Wolfowitz Doctrine

Moscow: Russia’s military action in Ukraine is meant to put an end to the US-dominated world order, as per Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Washington has been seeking supremacy by imposing ad hoc rules and violating international law...

He was referring to America’s attempts to impose its own so-called “rules-based international order”, which have met with strong resistance from Moscow and Beijing.

The Choice Between a U.S.-Led Rules-Based Order and a Chinese 'Might-Makes-Right' One Is False

A ready ability to use the phrase “rules-based international order” seems to have become a job requirement for a top position in the U.S. foreign-policy apparatus. One need look no further than Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s opening statement during his recent meeting with top Chinese officials. “Our administration is committed to leading with diplomacy to advance the interests of the United States and to strengthen the rules-based international order,” he said. The alternative, he continued, “is a world in which might makes right and winners take all, and that would be a far more violent and unstable world for all of us.” China, he seemed to be saying, is not only out to dismantle the U.S.-led order but also out to bring back the days of “might makes right.”

Although the “rules-based international order” is central to Australian strategy, what exactly this concept means remains a work very much in progress. For Australia to achieve its objectives for the order, it will have to get more specific.

But what does “rules-based order” mean?

The unsatisfying answer is that the concept is used in official discourse to mean many different things, and they’re not always complementary. Although the term “rules-based international order” was only coined after the Cold War, Canberra typically dates it to the aftermath of the Second World War and the institutions and norms – centred on the UN – that were established then. It is often credited with having delivered 70 years of peace and security.

Other recurring propositions are that the rules-based order has both constrained the use of power and depends on US power; that it could shape China’s rise and be shaped by China; and that it must be saved and must change.
The Interpreter

Techno cracy: The Operating System For The New International Rules-Based Order

In this article, we will explore the true nature of the international rules-based order (IRBO) and examine the forces that shape it. We will consider if the narratives we are commonly fed stack up.

It is widely accepted that the IRBO is undergoing disruptive change. That transformation is often reported as an eastward shift in the balance of power between nation states.

It is said that this new, emerging international order will be founded upon a global multipolar system of sovereign states and international law. This new system allegedly stands in opposition to the fading, western “rules-based” model.

This time, rather than relying upon western imperialism, the new international law-based system will emphasise multipolar cooperation, trade and respect for national sovereignty. It will instead be led by a Eurasian economic and technological power-block.

The apparent, ongoing antagonism of geopolitics looks likely to maintain the East-West divide we are familiar with. However, what is now being framed as the multipolar order is, in reality, the multistakeholder order.

The Real IRBO
The IRBO can more accurately be described as a vehicle for a worldwide stakeholder capitalist network to manipulate nation states in pursuit of its own predominantly private, corporate agenda. Indeed, we might argue that is all it has ever been.

A truly global network of corporations, think-tanks, private foundations, intergovernmental organisations, NGOs and governments work in partnership to convert global policy agendas into policy and legislation at the national and local government level. This is the Global Public-Private Partnership (G3P) and its reach extends to every nation.

Really detailed lengthy article if you made it this far.

posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 10:09 PM
This is interesting as it points to a number of conclusions... Quantum Stellar Initiative on telegram on 12th at 00:27:46 UTC, edited at 00:34:32

Dear QSI Fam,

Please note many of our QSI admins such as Kirsten, Miriam, Colette, Mike, Julie, and about 10 others were banned from our QSI channel and @whiplash347 channel in the last few days upon discovering a secret Cabal/Kabbalah operation they are a part of in order to try and thwart Protocol 19 — the beginning of QFS / GESARA 🔥🔥

Too bad NCSWIC 💪😎

Defamation is illegal.
Racketeering is even worse.

Whiplash and I (PQ) and QSI will be vindicated when the truth comes to light. Justice will prevail ❤️

God wins. Game over.

#EaglesAreComing 🦅

Join us here:
Assets on Lobstr ✅ (

1) Looks like a Mossad or blackcube effort? To infiltrate 15 admins into Whiplash347 and QSI channels is no amateur effort... and it lends to validating the White Hat credentials of Whiplash and QSI!

2) For the operation to have been uncovered indicates some serious operators (Mil Intel?) monitoring/managing these channels?

3) This appears to have been triggered by the hits the SEC took over the last few days in the SEC/Ripple/XRP case. The video posted by Kirsten was alleging fraud and laundering in the Stellar blockchain (XLM) in order to scam holders in to selling their XLM and XRP whilst giving the SEC a reason legislate or rule to hinder the Quantum Financial Systems take off,

4) Could be related to post #916

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 88957f No.613229 📁
Mar 10 2018 13:04:36 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 436341 No.613193 📁
Mar 10 2018 13:02:22 (EST)

What about Awan.
Is Israel involved?

We are saving Israel for last.
Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 10:11 PM
Maybe something or nothing...I find it interesting there is a new show this season on NBC
called "The Endgame"....much US, & especially Ukrainian & Russian connections...with
VERY strong women characters. This show just started Feb 21 2022.
"A sexy and twisted heist show on how far some people will go for love, justice and the most valuable commodity in the world: truth."

I know it's just a TV show but thought how strange for a show so involved with military, CYA & FBeye
coming out now with the war that is happening now...?


posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 10:21 PM

I believe thisssssssss to be important my friendssssss.
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posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 10:33 PM
A detailed article showing context of the 1871 Act from the 1600s on a global level, by IET17, here

The Act of 1871, Part 1: The Preface
The Power of Corporatization


The Act of 1871 and the Corporatization of America is a long, detailed, and complex topic and for the sake of providing all of the sourced evidence and context, I will be breaking this down in to parts that are relatively digestible.

The information in this post is sourced from a combination of my research, the research of those before me (already published), congressional court documents, Supreme Court documents, government documents, and more, plus all of their archives. Sources quoted will be directly available under the information given AND cited as references at the bottom of each “part” for self-verification. As a disclaimer, I am merely providing factual evidence to paint a picture of the political and economic state of America and the world over the last four centuries and it is the responsibility of the reader and, with full liability, to discern its truth and merit.

posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 11:48 PM
a reply to: nerbot

Thank you for sharing I found the information extremely interesting
& the venom something to really think about as a possibility...but also
the "watch the water" could be any poisons they might be using to
contaminate the water. It's not the first time & fluoride is possibly
only one of the many few.


posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 11:49 PM
a reply to: nerbot

I do hope Stew Peters is ok! His intro looks like CGI with a "Max Headroom" feel.

posted on Apr, 11 2022 @ 11:55 PM

KU V22.47 110422 to 4953 incl DECODE tools

1) 356 Tweets uploaded,
2) Rolled through to decode tabs.

posted on Apr, 12 2022 @ 12:08 AM

originally posted by: nerbot

I believe thisssssssss to be important my friendssssss.

Is the title matching what Q said in posts 767 and 847 by accident, or by design?

See 767 and 847 here:

posted on Apr, 12 2022 @ 12:19 AM
a reply to: carewemust

The initial take I have is this is a money spinner for someone.

The whole page written intro is all about joining and sending $$$

Be wary of whom you follow!


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posted on Apr, 12 2022 @ 12:32 AM

originally posted by: Justoneman
Veterans? I think they are talking citizens who are DOD.

THAT makes this odd. If it were vets they would say it was the Gulf War vets or whichever. THIS was DOD.

originally posted by: PioneerFigureSkating

originally posted by: Justoneman

originally posted by: XtheMadnessNow

Am I reading this right? Basically and epidemic of suicide for the DOD employees. Time to cue up that list of Clinton connected "suicides". How much coincidence will it take before the flood gates of truth break the dam?

Had a chance to witness a criminal event by the elite while at the DOD on duty? Then you have to kill yourself or else you will wish you had. As long as you are dead is all that matters to the narrative.

I would imagine this happens on the heels of every prolonged war. Last I heard it was 22 vets per day that were committing suicide. This has been going on for years at this point. If you do the math, that's a whole lot of vets killing themselves. I figure they find it hard to live with the things they have done. Especially those who eventually come to the realization that all of those wars were waged over lies bent towards making our leaders rich. We have killed millions of people since 9-11. It's a heavy burden to carry.

Soliders are employed by the DoD. This thing with the vets committing suicide isn't a new story. It's been going on for years now and is a big problem.

posted on Apr, 12 2022 @ 12:37 AM
a reply to: brewtiger

RE: Joy I think for her generation, being stubborn was considered a virtue. Now, starting with GenX, we understand that being flexible and able to change your mind or "reassess" is the hallmark of an intelligent person.

In a sense, she's announcing that her belief system is so totally failed, it and her are both irredeemable. She'll just die on that hill, or actually is in the process of...

posted on Apr, 12 2022 @ 12:37 AM
a reply to: PioneerFigureSkating

There is a video circulating (Twitter pulled it down) of what appears to be Joe Biden or someone that looks a lot like him, whipping a naked woman who is tied to a tree.

Anons are saying it isn't Joe. Could it be James? Supposedly it came off the laptop.

posted on Apr, 12 2022 @ 12:41 AM

originally posted by: ujustneverknow
a reply to: carewemust

Now he can execute a hostile take over.
If anyone can get it done, it's Musk!!

Mad Democrats will have no place to flee except Facebook
That leaves the normies on Twitter with the MAGAs.

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posted on Apr, 12 2022 @ 12:50 AM
a reply to: PioneerFigureSkating

Is that from Biden Island?

posted on Apr, 12 2022 @ 12:59 AM

originally posted by: FlyingFox
a reply to: PioneerFigureSkating

Is that from Biden Island?

No idea. I haven't seen the video. All I've seen is that one still frame. Looks like one of the Biden brothers, imo.

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