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Why are there so many cardiac arrests?

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posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 12:15 AM

originally posted by: paraphi

originally posted by: Sander1976
What is wrong here, what is going on?

Instead of blaming this on vaccinations, why not look at the obvious.

The US has an ageing population, so more people are moving into the age groups where cardiac problems become an issue. Couple that with the propensity of Americans to get fat.

Is the ability to think issues through being lost to the "it must be the jab" school of intellectual stupidity?

Wellllll, the issue here is this isn't in the United States. Did you read the article?

Here we go:

The UK reports detailed and timely public health data, something for which we should be very proud. A weekly report from the 10 English ambulance trusts shows numbers of calls for cardiac or respiratory arrests. The two are grouped together as it is not always clear whether a cardiac arrest was precipitated by a respiratory arrest. The data shows two anomalies:

a significant rise in arrest calls since spring 2021 and a significant rise in the number of expected arrest calls in the baseline figure. The latter is important as deciding whether there is a problem is critically dependent on knowing what “normal” levels should be. There is no text in the reports detailing why the baseline has shifted so dramatically. The expected number of daily arrest calls rose suddenly in March by about 50 per day – around 30% higher than before.

Other publications have shown such shifts when additional trusts are added to the dataset but all the ambulance trusts have been reporting data throughout this period. What is more, the baseline for other conditions, e.g. overdoses and falls or injuries, have remained constant between 2019 and 2021. The only other baseline that has shifted significantly is that for chest pain which has risen from a steady 1,600 per day to 2,000. The number of calls for chest pain remains around the previous baseline of 1,600.

I'm glad to see data finally coming out, especially from other countries. Many of the contacts for accurate data in the USA seem to have honesty issues.

posted on Mar, 4 2022 @ 08:43 AM

Shane Warne: Australia cricket legend dies aged 52 of suspected heart attack

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posted on Mar, 7 2022 @ 04:51 PM

You do all know that not all heart attacks are cardiac arrests and not all cardiac arrests are heart attacks, don't you?

You did all check the source material and see that it also referred to respiratory arrest, didn't you?

You did all look at the chart that showed the increase was seasonal, although a little higher than usual, didn't you?

And you do all know that the data needs to be considered in context, don't you?

So why so many posts that miss the point completely?

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