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Russia Ukraine Update Thread

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posted on Mar, 12 2022 @ 08:52 PM

originally posted by: majesticgent
Apologies if this has already been posted but it probably bears a repost.
Russia warns U.S. over military shipments to Ukraine

Speaking Saturday, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow has warned the U.S. it would see the deliveries of Western weapons to Ukraine as targets.


Ryabkov said that Russia has no intention to expel Western media and businesses amid the soaring tensions with the West, adding that "we aren’t going to escalate the situation."

Talk about double speak. If they target those shipments what do they think will happen? Does this mean that they are bold enough to attack these convoys in the neighboring countries?

NATO has active combat air patrols over their countries, so if a Russian airplane goes into their airspace they will be intercepted if not shot down if they go after convoys. Talk about an escalation.

We'll see...

Russia would monitor The convoys. When they get into Ukraine they will bomb them. Imo

posted on Mar, 12 2022 @ 09:18 PM
Putin is afraid of an assassination by a close adviser or advisors. That’s why he has those crazy long table conferences with people. The only way to prevent that is to speak to everyone over those long tables that way no one gets close to him. Even foreign leaders.

posted on Mar, 12 2022 @ 10:14 PM
a reply to: Cydonia2012

I figured they would have been doing that already. To me it seems as if Russia are threatening them before the transfer to Ukraine

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 01:03 AM
12 March update.

March 12, 4:00 pm EST

* Russian forces secured limited advances east of Kyiv and north from Crimea on March 12 but continue to face logistical challenges, mounting casualties, and sustained Ukrainian counterattacks.

* Russian forces did not conduct offensive operations northwest of Kyiv in the past 24 hours.

* Russian forces made limited advances around Chernihiv and toward Kyiv’s eastern outskirts after pausing for several days.

* Continued Ukrainian counterattacks and successful operations by Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces continue to threaten Russia’s long line of communication in northeastern Ukraine.

* Russian forces captured unspecified “eastern outskirts” of Mariupol on March 12 and continue to shell the city in a likely effort to force it to capitulate.

More at the URL noted above.

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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 03:20 AM
a reply to: Brassmonkey

Ukrainian military planners are likely to search for weaknesses in the Russian force's attempts to encircle the city. Alternately and less likely, they seek to lure the Russians into urban areas and surround enemy forces in separate pockets. The defenders will look to utilise river traffic to keep the defenders resupplied.

The battles of Stalingrad and Aleppo hang over the minds of competent military commanders. So it might turn out to be a case of being careful of what you plan (wish) for or not.

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 03:52 AM
* - Belarus government has said it will send five battalion tactical groups to the border with Ukraine to replace the troops currently stationed there. It denies that this is part of preparations for entry into the war

* - Russia will treat western arms shipments to Ukraine as legitimate military targets, deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov says. "We warned [the US] of consequences from the insane transfer to Ukraine of weapons like mobile anti-aircraft systems, anti-tank missiles, and so on

* - Since morning Russian troops shelling Avdiyivka with Tochka-U ballistic missiles and MLRS GRAD. Also Ocheretyne shelled

* - France says Scholz, Macron holding new talks with Putin

* - The effects of the war are coming to us now, millions of women and children are seeking refuge. For them we must be strong now. Everyone needs to step up - both within the EU and internationally - @ABaerbock in press conference with @nicupopescu

* - Baby More than 1 million children have fled Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And at least 79 children have been killed and 100 injured. Putin is a criminal. Russia has to be stopped StopRussia StandWithUkraine

* - Large fire spotted in the west part of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, on March 11, 2022 with Sentinel-2. Part of the fire seems to be burning down a forest

* - Saboteurs were detained in Kharkiv, tasked with blowing up of objects of critical infrastructure, weapons and explosives seized

* - 20 buses with people evacuated from Bucha arrived in Bilohorodka

* - New demonstration against Russian occupation in Berdiyansk today

* - Zelenskiy said that Russia is sending new forces to Ukraine after suffering what its "biggest losses in decades"

* - Poll: American Voters Now View Ukraine as Favorably as France, Germany and Japan

* - Damage in Komyshuvakha village of Zaporizhiye region after shelling with MLRS GRAD

* - Damage at School of Physics and Technology of Kharkiv University of Karazin

* - Commerzbank is joining German rival Deutsche Bank in pulling back from business in Russia following the country's invasion of Ukraine

* - Photos of widespread damage in Makariv, Kyiv region (Telegram photos / Safe)

* - Heavy shelling triggered multiple fires in Severodonetsk and Rubizhne

* - 5 bodies, including 2 of children were extracted of the rubble of house in Slobozhanske in Kharkiv region. House was destroyed in airstrike on 10th March

* - Zelensky: About 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed since the beginning of the war

* - President Zelensky:I spoke with @OlafScholz, @EmmanuelMacron. We discussed countering the aggressor, RF crimes against civilians. I ask my partners to help in releasing the captive mayor of Melitopol. Prospects for peace talks also discussed. We must stop the aggressor together

* - Shelling today damaged 15 houses, wounded 3 local citizens in Zolochiv. Shelling coming from the area of Kozacha Lopan

* - 3 killed, including child in Zaporizhiye region as Russian tank crushed civilian car

* - Russian forces in Kherson call deputies of the local regional council and try to convince them cooperate. According Sergey Khlan, a deputy who was contacted, they are trying to hold a "referendum" on the establishment of the "Kherson People's Republic"

As a reminder -

Just so people know and understand. Information from war zones can become confusing as there will no doubt be info released from the players (on both sides) involved that might not necessarily be true.

As such take everything as a possibility and NOT as absolute truth.

The very first casualty in a war is the truth and all warfare is based on deception

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 04:12 AM
* - French President Macron and German Chancellor Schultz after phone call with Russian President: Putin does not have a desire to end the war

* - The French presidency rejects Putin's accusations that Ukraine violated humanitarian law and considers them "lies"

* - Memo sent to @SecBlinken by @POTUS "to direct the drawdown of up to an aggregate value of $200 million in defense articles and services of the Department of Defense, and military education and training," to provide assistance to Ukraine

* - Macron, Scholz urge Putin to end siege of Mariupol: French presidency

* - Olexandr Senkevich, the mayor of Mykolaiv: In Mykolaiv, more than 160 houses, three hospitals and 11 educational institutions were damaged last night. Eight civilians were injured

* - .@StateDeptSpox says the United States would not offer Russia any relief on Ukraine sanctions as a condition of continuing talks on the Iran nuclear deal

* - 2 Russian helicopters shot down near Novomykolaivka in Kherson region

* - Explosions in Kharkiv

* - Video: Russian MLRS was destroyed by Ukrainian drone

* - Aide to chief of office of President Zelensky: Negotiations with the RF delegation are now ongoing in a continuous video format. Special working subgroups have been created. Ukraine's positions are determined by the previous directives

* - Reports of Russian aircraft shotdown over Rubizhne, Luhansk region

* - Ukrainian intelligence: Russian forces targeted a convoy of displaced civilians in the outskirts of Kyiv, killing seven of them

* - Russian tanks on the western edge of Mariupol

* - Ukraine's Foreign Minister: Putin's removal from power can stop the war

* - Engels Air Force Base -a large amount of Strategic bombers


Do NOT scroll down past the video - Combat footage with bodies

* - Video: Ukrainian drone strike on Russian command vehicle Location of this event is not known (Twitter video / Safe)


* - Explosions again at Northern Saltivka

* - Russian occupation forces appointed collaborator Halina Danilchenko as acting head of Melitopol'

* - US official: US military aid to Ukraine includes anti-aircraft

* - Russian troops have taken control of a humanitarian convoy traveling from Zaporizhia to Mariupol. Seized humanitarian aid - Zaporizhia administration

* - Bridge blown up between Pavlivka and Vuhledar

* - Since the beginning of the Bucha occupation, 67 people have been buried near the church

* - Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke on the phone with Ukraine President Zelensky for more than an hour and discussed the efforts to reach a ceasefire

* - Svyatohirsk Monastery was damaged in shelling

* - "According to the information I have, they (Russians) try to arrange a kind of a logistics base near Chernobyl with the understanding that it will be more- it will be impossible to attack that logistics base because of its vicinity to the nuclear power plant." - @DmytroKuleba

As a reminder -

Just so people know and understand. Information from war zones can become confusing as there will no doubt be info released from the players (on both sides) involved that might not necessarily be true.

As such take everything as a possibility and NOT as absolute truth.

The very first casualty in a war is the truth and all warfare is based on deception

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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 04:31 AM
* - Oleh Baturin, a local journalist in Kherson, has disappeared. His wife says he left home for a quick meeting at 4.30pm, left phone and documents at home, never returned. Baturin filmed protests against Russian

* - The U.N. nuclear watchdog said Ukraine told it on Saturday that Russia was planning to take full and permanent control of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, Europe's biggest, but that Russia had later denied this

* - Skadovsk mayor: no presence of Russian troops now in the city

* - Explosions are audible in Kherson. Stay in the shelter

* - People report two strong explosions in Lviv. In the city, as well as in many other of Ukraine, an air raid alert has been announce several hours ago

* - Explosions are also reported in Uman

* - Lviv regional administration: The Russian army carried out an air strike on the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security. According to preliminary data, they fired 8 missiles. Information about the victims is being established

* - Photo: missile launch from Luninets (Belarus) this morning (Telegram photo / Safe)

* - Western Ukraine targeted again this morning. Ivano-Frankivsk Mayor Ruslan Martainkiv says Russian missiles struck the airport there again. "I remind you that the goal of the enemy is to sow panic and fear. The enemy may and will strike in the rear of Ukraine," he added

* - Russian army shelled evacuation train Kramatorsk-Lviv in Lyman town in Donetsk region. 1 killed, 1 wounded

* - Russian ministry of Defense: in last 24 hours Russian army managed to capture southern parts of Pavlivka, Mykilske, Volodymirivka and Blahodatne villages in Donetsk region

* - The fire at the natural gas rig in the Izium area was extinguished - the chairman of the Donetsk community Anatoly Nazdrachev. Earlier it was targeted in airstrike. No casualties, village nearby also badly damaged

* - Ukrainian Prime Minister: Food stocks are enough for the country for several months only

* - 1 killed, 1 wounded as result of Russian airstrike this morning at 05:46 at residential building in Chernihiv

* - Ukraine denounces the Russian bombing of a military base located very close to the border with Poland, in what is the largest escalation against this region

* - Poland: 1,675 mln people entered the country from Ukraine since the Russian invasion began. Yesterday almost 80,000

* - Russian army continues to shell Severodonetsk (Telegram video / Safe)

* - Heavy bombardment targeted Bashtanka in Mykolaiv region. Civil defense extracting survivors from the rubble

* - Russian strike on Danylivka Kharkiv

* - Over the past day, the Russian forces shelled residential areas of Kharkiv, Chuhuev, Izyum, Rohan about 50 times with artillery and mortars

* - Russian troops kidnapped head of Dniprorudne Evheniy Matveev - Head of Zaporizhiye Regional administration

* - Lviv Governor: 9 killed and 60 wounded in Russian raids on the Yavoriv military base

As a reminder -

Just so people know and understand. Information from war zones can become confusing as there will no doubt be info released from the players (on both sides) involved that might not necessarily be true.

As such take everything as a possibility and NOT as absolute truth.

The very first casualty in a war is the truth and all warfare is based on deception

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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 04:52 AM

* - DUKE41 - Sikorsky UH-60M Blackhawk / US Army - Southeast Poland near Ukrainian border
* - LAGR236 - Boeing KC-135T Stratotanker / USAF - On station over Romania
* - YANK01 - Beech RC-12X Guardrail / US Army - Currently over Lithuania
* - EEF44 - PZL-Mielec M-28 Skytruck / unknown - Doing circles of Estonia
* - CL60 - Bombardier Challenger 650 / unknown - over Romania patrolling Moldova / Ukraine / Romania border
* - RBP01 - Schiebel Camcopter S-100 / unknown - over black sea near Romania (says private owner but it has military applications - unmanned air system)

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 04:52 AM
Isn’t the constant arming of Ukraine pushing Putin into a corner in which tactical nukes, or chemicals become something he sees as his only option other than retreat or a forever war?

Are the West arming Ukraine to this end; are they hoping tactical nukes/chemicals are the step too far that turns Putin’s allies against him?

The aim can’t be for the war to drain Putin’s coffers, since Europe are still paying Russia over a quarter billion a day for gas.

With that money still pouring into Russia I bet there’s some very influential weapons manufactures on all sides of the complex who are lobbying Europe to keep buying the gas, the US to keep sending the weapons shipments, Putin to not retreat or make a peace agreement, and Zelenskyy to keep dropping Churchill speeches on YouTube.

Just like the Spice on Arrikis, while Europe’s cash continues to flow into Russia the war will not end. The real battle will come if the cash stops: can Putin survive without that cash flow longer than Europe can without gas?

But right now, while that cash flows it’s a pantomime opposition to the war. And maybe that’s a good thing, since the cash flow is maybe the one thing (or the main thing) preventing Putin from escalating.

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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 04:55 AM
* - Residential apartments block at Industrialna damaged as result of shelling by Russian army on Kharkiv today

* - Lyman(10:53). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!

* - Artillery shelling by Russian army targeting residential houses at Velyka Danylivka in Kharkiv

* - Vinnytsia(10:58). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!

* - Kyiv(10:59). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!

* - Zhytomyr(11:01). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!

* - TV tower hit in Sloviansk in the Donetsk region

* - 1 killed, 3 wounded as result of shelling near bus stop at Sharikova street in Kharkiv

* - As result of shelling of a civilian car on road near Husarivka village in Kharkiv region yesterday family with 3y.o child killed

* - Lviv(11:24). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!

* - Ivano-Frankivsk, Uman’(11:24). Red Alert: aerial threat. Sirens sounding. Take cover now!

* - British government: The attack on a Ukrainian military training center near the Polish border is a major escalation

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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 04:59 AM
a reply to: McGinty

Putin put himself into his current position by invading a sovereign nation. He can easily resolve the issue by withdrawing his invasion/occupation forces from all of Ukraine.

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 05:32 AM
a reply to: Xcathdra

And the USA can leave Iraq and stop invading/attacking
What’s left of Syria
See how that works?
But Putin is Hitler.

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 05:34 AM
a reply to: Xcathdra
Of course, but I’m thinking about what is, rather than what should be. I agree completely that Putin should withdraw, but do any of us really thing that’ll happen? He’s balls deep now and will only withdraw if a face saving narrative for doing so is manufactured, facilitated by all sides, ensuring he keeps his premiereship.

But it seems that the hawks have decided that this is the battle they want to fight with the aim of breaking Putin. I fear what a broken Putin might do.

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 06:01 AM
a reply to: McGinty

The very least Putin can do is order an immediate ceasefire throughout Ukraine.
Maybe then NATO aligned countries can stop arming Ukraine and serious negotiations can begin.

Putin has to realise that the very act of invasion has rendered a lot of his demands impossible.
It has proven the need for a strong NATO and caused genuine unease - possibly fear - in its neighbours.

But NATO has to recognise Russian concerns if a lasting peace is to be achieved which would at least mean deploying minimal, if any, armed forces and equipment in areas close to the Russian border and a certain amount of autonomy in LPR and DPR.

The process can only start with Putin calling a ceasefire to this invasion.....I suspect he's far too arrogant to do that.

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 06:11 AM
a reply to: Freeborn

The opposite is true,the organization has shown it is no longer defensive.
NATO should have been dissolved after the fall of the soviet union and the Warsaw pact
instead they have increased their membership and have become offensive.

NATO has proven to be a thorn if not a sword in the side to peace
had they not meddled with Ukraine, and teathered it's president
none of this would be happening.

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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 06:14 AM
a reply to: all2human

Russia would have had to be willing to destroy her nuclear weapons stockpile after the Soviet union and Warsaw pact came apart if they wished to see NATO dissolved.

Russia has brought NATO to her doorstep by way of Putin's illegal invasion, if in doubt well see how Finland and Sweden now feel regarding the defensive organisation.

posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 06:17 AM
a reply to: andy06shake

Regardless, not a defensive alliance involving it'self in a non-member state
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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 06:28 AM
a reply to: all2human

Regardless, hardly an offensive organisation given there distinct lack of invasion where the Ukraine is concerned never mind the reason for there creation.

As to Ukraine being a non-member state, one of the reasons Russia has invaded the place was incase she choose to become a member state.

Russia is like a child, in a bad mood because her friends choose to play with other people.

They just created an enemy on there own door step for the foreseeable future imho.
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posted on Mar, 13 2022 @ 06:32 AM
a reply to: Freeborn
Indeed, it’s not going to happen! Certainly a cease fire is the right thing to do, but Putin then loses what he’ll see as leverage should he negotiate. Moreover Ukraine would’ve regrouped a little, possibly rearmed (or distributed their acquired arms more thoroughly). He’s now all-in and the only peace I see is his conquest of Ukraine (but as you’ve previously, wisely pointed out it may not end with that - he’ll perhaps be emboldened to set the next territory in his sights). Or, a manufactured narrative that allows him to sell the end of this conflict as a win.

I think the west’s refusal to accept his demand of Ukraine neutrality is very telling.

Nato doesn’t want more Russian missiles on their border - the US would not want Russian missiles in Mexico - so why is Putin’s demand so unreasonable. Imo using the notion of Ukraine having autonomy on this - wanting them to have the option of joining nato if they democratically choose to is disingenuous. In the real world this demand for a neutral zone between nuclear armed entities with a history of enmity makes complete sense. Refusing this tells Putin loud and clear that nato wants it missiles in Ukraine.

Sure Putin is morally wrong to invade and the fvcker should stop killing civilians immediately. But strategically he’s not going to allow nato onto his doorstep - the western hawks know this and by insisting upon keeping that option on the table they are keeping this show on the road.

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