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life is changing too fast for our own good

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posted on Feb, 16 2022 @ 04:41 AM
living off the land really gives us a lost journey of our past of true survival
living in a city I really feel is a death trap if things fall apart
this video shows us that modern man does not like the old way of life

posted on Feb, 16 2022 @ 05:23 AM
Most people's idea of roughing it is to take their 40 ft RV to a national park for a few days and come back to tell their friends how tough it is to go camping.

"The dishwasher broke down and I had to do them by hand. 2 days of that and I told Herb we're going home. I'm not living like a caveman"

posted on Feb, 16 2022 @ 05:33 AM
I go camping here along the beaches. I do need the 7-11 's to buy food. But I talk to the farmers here with their wrinkle faces of hard work, they tell me one thing, the kids today are too soft to survive in hard times without 7-11 .

posted on Feb, 16 2022 @ 06:43 AM
a reply to: DAVID64
My RV is only 30 ft

posted on Feb, 16 2022 @ 02:46 PM
What modern "man's" mistake is; Is not realizing the medical immunity benefits of rolling around in the feces of "Nature" can do for him.

Claustrophobic hiding in a "clean room" like it's a religious experience has only made them sicker... devising ways to destroy not only small forms of life and large forms of life brings about a phenomenon of no respect for life at all.

Such persons are nihilists but fearing other life so much more only seem to treasure theirs as if it was priceless... and make all sorts of excuses why it is more valuable than any others through politics and fiscal influences such life destructions have made as dirty money.


When I was small I had dirt in the wounds that healed just as fine as scrubbed with soap and dressed wounds meaning there is no real difference in the bodies ability to heal or the methods used or not used. The difference was profits and brow beating of how can you let that child walk around with scabs and blood running down their knees and elbows... while their child lived like the boy in the plastic bubble.

When I hear allergic? No no that's just an excuse of weakness... I started getting what are known as seasonal allergies or when the yearly pollen fell... wanna know what I did? Went and got two handfuls of that yellow stuff off of my car that fell from the trees and rubbed it all over my face in my eyes in my nose and at my ears... hasn't bothered me since.

Oddly enough that would of course be considered the LAST thing anyone would or should do in the course of "treating" it... vaccine has a similar thought behind it as in overloading the body with the feces to boost immunity against what people claim to be allergic to.

Oddly enough, that thought has carried into let's force the same in the concepts of political or religious ideals... All one can say then? Thank goodness for the constitution... However a gross misuse of it, has weakened several generations, when each following generation is supposed to be stronger than all the previous generations combined and that's when society gets deemed as weak.

Enabling the enabler is not beneficial as they are happy to keep promulgating ignorance that doesn't work or has never worked as long as they can profit from the promulgation... one could call them dis-info agents but they are either too dumb or ignorant to even know what that is.

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