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Pluto and the Great American Renovation

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posted on Feb, 11 2022 @ 10:18 AM
Pluto is now returning to the exact position in the heavens as it was at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, long considered the “birth date” of the United States of America. This event is occurring Feb 18-22, again in July (!) and the end of December.
Where Pluto is in the chart shows where one’s obsessive focus, desire to wield power, potential for bullying and the place most in need of transformation/purification of values.

Extremely limited reading of the US chart:
-The”personality” of the US government can be seen as freewheeling and fun. The world sees us as fun loving, ‘don’t tie me down’ kind of folks. A bunch of people don’t like this about American and see us as frivolous.
-The government likes “ownership,” and considers all animal, plant and human life on American soil as possession and property of the government - this is not appropriate. Our sovereignty is stressed by authority figures from unseen quadrants; overlords/rulers/fathers/bosses/God and the like, and therefore has difficulty moving forward with a vision.
-Government officials do not want to be reigned in or limited in any way. Because Libra is on the 10th house cusp...the cockpit of the the ship so to speak, the US government comes off as elegant and glamorous, ala Jackie or Melania and, perhaps, fickle. Interest in relationships can be the way gold diggers and social climbers are interested in relationships (Obama and Tiger showed us). The US government is erratic and unstable in its relationships. There is a secret element that has the urge to secretly and aggressively control the minds and the money of the world.

The government as a whole has a tendency to be laissez faire, waving off concerns with a flirty wink of an eye while sashaying away in their designer clothes with their celebrity friends. Make no mistake, they are the iron fist in the velvet glove...and the velvet is becoming quite threadbare at this time. There is a youthfulness and the optimism of a nation that has experienced seemingly endless prosperity since its birth. And, there are plenty who don’t like us and there are reasons for that.

“Mission” of world protector. Neptune square Mars, an awesome aspect for God consciousness but only after some...well, giving up drinking and learning to fast, shall we say. Currently, US expression of energy in the outer world is through Mars, and Mars is militia; a militia used to obfuscate, create illusions, slippery slopes. The aspect shows officials delude themselves about their “righteous” motivations. This is expressed by portraying the need to intercede everywhere on behalf of everyone while having no moral basis for action, only chaos and gluttony.

Sticking points
Karmic layers are layered, first as your personal karma, then family karma then karma of the community or society and that, is the US. As Americans, in addition to reaping the benefits of living in our enviable ways, we all, also, must bear some of the not-so-fun karma or payback...but no worries, many of us are willing to make right the wrongs of the government.

Basically, government is somewhat a “father” figure to the people; it should rule justly and protect righteously and not interfere with the day to day life. Government officials should be honorable in order to make a peaceful and respectful citizenry. However, our leaders get weak-kneed by those w beauty, wealth and power.

The demand and the effect
Not unlike a dilapidated White House, rodent infested and maybe worse, the country needs a renovation. Not a “reset,” oh, no. We’re talking a foundation to weather vain renovation, on all levels, physical, spiritual and organizational. It is time for a proper housecleaning, basement to attic, clear out that mold, mildew, rotted wood and old, stained paper.

But the White House is in a flood plain. Is it worth the renovation? Can it be moved? Should it be rebuilt someplace else...say, in the heartland?

The biggest problem we, as Americans, face is that anyone who is elected into the “Club,” gets sucked in and is unable to maintain integrity. All officials who put on the mask of the US government quickly forget any ideas of change. At some level of appointment, each rising official is approached, indoctrinated, given a task and timeframe and upon completion, initiation, and continued elevation. Not unlike any school of initiates.

We MUST take control. And, again, many of us are ready to do this.

In order to overthrow these materially-driven reptilians, we must walk away from them. We can manage ourselves just fine without federal government assistance. It would behoove us to care for our elderly, our sick, our children, our roads, food, as much as possible. If we rely on government to “save” us, we must pay the price.

The problem: For many of us, the price has become much too high. For others, the fear of getting sick or dying has sprouted like a weed and no price is too high. The pitting of one group against another will continue...until we reject it en masse.

During 2022, duality will be in our faces. But it is not our neighbors, nor our families, the vaxxed/unvaxxed, friends or co-workers who need to go is about 96% of US government officials. The military should remain except for the corrupted officials who are/were not intelligent, brave or loyal enough to keep government officials in check. If it is not done by We The People, there are plenty of entities drooling over the prospect of ruling over this nation and its people.

The election, COVID and all other wagging of dogs will result in a seven year clean up, yup, that brings us to about 2030, the year we won’t own anything and be happy. Well, like TPTB do, they try to hijack astrological aspects that confer wisdom, insight and consciousness upon humanity and direct it to the most foul manifestation of the aspect’s energy. In the sixties, they robbed us of the intense energy of enlightenment during which the entire planet could have learned to levitate, literally, during meditation. Instead, Laurel Canyon pushed the “turn on, tune in and drop out,” Tavistock slipped the Beatles Lysergic... and created another social experiment. They are trying hard now but it won’t work. We will no longer be misled.

Our path is through the legal system, we must be patient while the wheels of justice turn. We also have to vote, watch the elections and carefully oversee the judges in our communities. We must prosecute offenders, traitors, thieves and rogues in the same system they, themselves, have set up. In the end, they should be the ones w nothing because most of what they have should be confiscated as ill-gotten gains. Those who killed others in order to secure business or positions with the old US will finally get theirs; including those who sunk the Titanic to secure the contract to create money for this nation. In fact, over the next seven years, we could see the number of global monetary devices reduced to five to ease exchange and commerce...the monetary system here in the US is going to be volatile for two more years while blood money is removed from circulation.

posted on Feb, 11 2022 @ 10:19 AM
Pluto is a slow boil, like heating a kettle of water on the stove. Right now, the water is just beginning to simmer, by July the water will just be boiling and by December, it’ll be like, “will somebody turn off the kettle already!!!” They are going to push and push until we act. And we will, in a way that they can’t even image. The emotion, the anger of the American people will be a force to be reckoned with. In the Spring of 2023, we just might take a wrecking ball to DC.

Look for the government to dump the next hot load of incendiary and tyrannical BS against those who demand the freedom to chose Feb 17-18.


Another opinion for your perusal:

posted on Feb, 11 2022 @ 10:54 AM
Wow, that's quite a "read" of the situation. Thanks for an alternate view.


posted on Feb, 11 2022 @ 11:01 AM
nice thread... you bundled the utopian and egalitarian and platonic vision of a USA overshadowed by plutos' energy/resonance

me... i see that Feb 18th date as bringing us closer to dictated wage & price controls (once again)
and dark winter & spring ahead....

keep us hopeful in the meanwhile
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posted on Feb, 11 2022 @ 11:44 AM
a reply to: BlissSeeker

Great write-up! You sure managed to get a lot in there.

I think if I had to sum this return up -- and our mission going forward so to speak -- it's all about the balance of power (Pluto), especially in relation to authorities/government (Capricorn) vs the people (Sun in Cancer in opposition).

Natal Moon (the people) in Aquarius and semi-sextile natal Pluto reveals the importance of the actions and reactions of the people in the final outcome.

I tend to look at the return as a process, from the first conjunction to the third and final conjunction. The first conjunction will present the problem in its starkest form; the second conjunction (while Pluto is in retrograde motion), will reveal important -- even crucial -- information that will help inform and guide us going forward; and the third and final conjunction will provide information and/or events that will further illuminate the depth of the problems, and the solutions going forward.

I really need to make some time to take a better look at all of it. Thank you so much for taking the time to do so and sharing with us!
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