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Seeing the big picture - pandemic truth & consequence vs. personal happiness - life in a bubble

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posted on Feb, 9 2022 @ 10:07 PM
The difference between Truthers & compliant citizens within the realm of the pandemic is strictly ethical,but can be interpreted based on the levels of psychological accommodation each group is prepared to afford to the members of the 'opposing team', in terms of how they view each other & behave towards each other, and how each group reflects on the grand scheme of things – what makes for a virtuous response to the pandemic, what makes for a selfish response to the pandemic. Ironically, the group which claims to not want to kill Grandma, and to want to protect healthcare workers, is actually more selfish than the group which demands truth over all, which demands justice – but ironically, the selfless choice to forgo comfort & the illusion of 'ignorance is bliss', is actually condemned by the virtue signalling mob as being somehow evidence that they do not care enough about their fellow humans, purportedly they should be lining up for vaccinations to 'protect Grandma' – never mind that in so doing, they may be providing support for the largest crime in world history. But they keep their eyes closed tightly to truth, and to all calls for actual justice, precisely so the dissonance of knowing that doesn't make their minds explode.

I put it to you that Truthers are more naturally concerned with the wellbeing of others, as impacted by the truth or deception being levelled at the average man in the street by the political class - whereas compliant citizens are living in a self-deluded bubble, happy with their own lives & unwilling to do anything other than confirm their biases. This is a lesser problem for the Truther community, because they have consciouesly decoupled from their former biases - they no longer believe the world to be cut & dry, simple, easy to live with. They are ideologically connected to the pure quest for the truth, regardless of how uncomfortable it may make them feel – in fact, almost every Truther goes through the various stages of grief as they gradually expose themselves to more & more Truth, as those former comfortable delusions are stripped away they are left exposed, like a drowning man desperately trying to draw another breath. Conversely, the compliant citizens are more wedded to their sense of personal happiness, hence they comply, comply, comply – refusing to give up their coddled delusion, in the hopes of boosting their happiness to pre-pandemic levels by simply forgoing the need to think independently, relying on government & corporate sources of authority to literally do the thinking for them..

This dissonance, between where they want to be & where they (internally) acknowledge they are, in terms of their general happiness & wellbeing after two years of pandemic restrictions, is also the reason that we have seen such anger directed at (for example) the freedom convoy protestors (the quintessential 'Truther movement') by the counter-protest protestors, one of whom was an ANTIFA scumbag who tried to commit mass murder by driving his SUV into the crowd the other night. See the following video for the Rebel News coverage of the counter-protest in Ottawa the day before yesterday, to see just how angry, abrasive, aggressive, manipulative, even hateful & certainly provocative the counter-protestors have been acting up there in the cold.

Angry anti-freedom protesters try to stop Vancouver’s Freedom Convoy

Psychologically these counter-protest people are on a hair trigger to react badly towards the freedom convoy protestors, who by comparison have been wonderfully open, joyous, supportive & willing to discuss differences of opinion rationally & without any shred of anger or hate, as can be seen by a vast number of citizen journalist videos in recent weeks (shout out to Myke Nukem, our very own intrepid man with a cam up there in Ottawa

The only negative emotion which has cropped up in the freedom convoy protestors has been the occasional venting of verbal frustration at the tactics of the police seizing their fuel & deliberately agitating against other freedom convoy protestors, but even that is rare. Almost all interaction with the police that I've witnessed in the excellent citizen journalism many of us have been following arising from the freedom convoy protest camp has been polite, cordial even, with shared solidarity in several cases, and kindness in return from many police officers when discussing how things were going. That said, I think the past couple of days have seen a major change in the way police are responding to the freedom convoy protestors, as noted they've been stealing fuel & agitating against the protestors – even despite this, most freedom convoy protestors are staying perfectly civil when dealing with police, which is commendable to say the least. I know I'd be sorely tempted to just knock out the agitating policeman & then let the chips fall where they may as his colleagues tackle me to the ground, in light of some of the disgusting, underhanded tactics being used to agitate...

So anyway, I hope this brief essay will have helped you think more about the ways you can prove to others that the supposedly 'ethical' compliant Karens & Kevins (& 'honourable mention' Antifa 'Soy Boys') out there who are condemning the Trucker's Freedom Convoy as a bunch of Nazis & whatnot, are in fact not ethical at all, neither are they concerned with truth, neither are they concerned with justice, neither are they concerned with the wellbeing of Granny, neither are they concerned about the wellbeing of Healthcare workers. All they actually care about is their own happiness, which by necessity includes a need to not have to face the uncomfortable truth, or even to admit that there might be evidence that all is not what it seems – they are thus intent on complying their little hearts out, until the various world leaders' governments give them their old happiness back, stepping lightly into a world where they have complied the # out of the pandemic, having made absolutely sure that the virus is 'cancelled' into submission by having their fingers in their ears, their eyes covered, their mouths opening only to insult & berate the opposition – depending on their sign writing 'genius', their steely willpower & their inner hand wringing powers in order to carry the flame aloft for....erm... Themselves, and nobody else.

Sorry ANTIFA, we will never surrender to your pathetic complaints, hand wringing & self-obsessed lunacy.

Truth & Justice are calling in the streets (just like Wisdom does...)

Only the ethical, honourable, righteous citizens of the world, under grace & with the power of God, can save you from this pandemic..



posted on Feb, 9 2022 @ 10:29 PM
In my humble opinion I think the "sides" of this issue are coming closer together on a daily basis. The mandates are being dropped all over the place, more and more people are saying "it should be a choice to get vaccinated".

I, for example, experienced the shunning and the cold shoulder of being the dirty unvaxxed. Those same people are now saying they can't wait for the mask mandates to be removed. The talk of vaxxed vs unvaxxed has all but dissappeared in my sphere of existence.

I'm the kind of person that when a bar fight breaks out, I step back, observe the exits and observe what's going down. I don't jump into fights and I don't run. I just observe. That's the same way I've dealt with this situation and I think many here have done the same.

It's almost over. My fear is what happens when all this shady stuff comes to light and how pissed off people will be.

posted on Feb, 9 2022 @ 10:30 PM
Well said! Sadly, those who need to read this most won't ever do so.

posted on Feb, 9 2022 @ 10:45 PM
Oh dear God, all these testimonials fill me with sorrow. I feel overly privileged to live in a land governed by an honorable man, and mostly led by respectable legislators. it's difficult to realise such virtue is the exception not the norm.

Everyone living under tyranny has my prayers and well wishes. I hope and pray these shackles fall off sooner than later.

posted on Feb, 9 2022 @ 11:46 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Didn't you chastise me as divisive for making a statement which summarised exactly the sentiments you've just shared?

Like i said then, those who support vaccinations have dug their own grave and must now be prepared to face the consequences of the world they created while fighting the symptoms of whatever garbage they lined up en mass to inject into their bodies.

Suddenly people everywhere are waking up to the ruse but i'm afraid it's too late, they must face the consequences of their own actions and take responsibility for them or else don't expect those of us who warned them to suddenly welcome with open arms after years of abuse.

So this is how i should treat the mask zombies? "You told me to trust government, you supported locking down society, you facilitated the destruction of our economy, you advocated for mandates which caused the deaths of millions, you backed medical apartheid, you endorsed the mass medication and genetic modification of our children, you fostered division among people who wanted to make individual choices but none of that matters now and we should forgive and forget."

Nah, think i'll continue to treat them like closet fascist, bootlicking, naïve and stupid fools.
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