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Looking back Looking forward

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posted on Feb, 2 2022 @ 02:08 AM
A while back a friend of mine in the old community (&Z) we met, asked some questions about the direction humanity was going at the time.

I felt like sharing the essay I wrote here. Zoklet is long gone, and Wayback Machine is hit and miss trying to dig up the links. This is the perspective I shared back in 2009. I was curious to see if it would hold any weight.

Recent times have had me questioning the direction events have been moving in, however, I remain optimistic. I feel it's worthwhile sharing if only to add another perspective to the sometimes challenging maps that have been drawn.

I believe in there is a cyclical nature to time, so the too long & didn't read would be:

The end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started,
And know the place for the first time....T.S. Eliot

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posted on Feb, 2 2022 @ 02:08 AM
a reply to: dffrntkndfnml

The Journey

I believe that ultimately in any age our goal collectively, is to reach intuitive knowledge about the true nature of divinity through self-realization. I feel that we are meant to strive for this in order to take our rightful place in the cosmos.

First of all, where is humanity going?

To know where we are going we have to be able to look at the past. The ages gradually blend together through transitions, and I don't think anybody can say clearly "We are in the Age of Aquarius". Generally, the consensus is that we are shifting from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. This shift will be gradual and the intensity of its influence will increase as we move forward individually and collectively.

The Age of Pisces

I think that the lesson for us in this era is was centred around action and personal creativity. I think that the setup for this is through an environment that favoured situations where learning about the role that our actions play is required. This was emphasized by contrasting the role of our individual sovereignty with the will of divinity.

This environment favoured growth for individuals that thought that good actions are rewarded and bad actions are punished. In the long run, this has been demonstrated to be true, though it can be disappointing to feel the reward is long overdue, and that the punishment often comes unexpectantly. We have to learn to practice making a conscious discrimination, between what is good and bad.

The lesson to learn is that ultimately all actions are those of the cosmos and that these are blessings in themselves. We must learn to serve humanity by practicing performing tasks to the best of our ability, and that only unselfish actions will be rewarded, sooner or later. We have to learn to make harmony between our thoughts. words, and deeds. This is a difficult challenge because it teaches an immense amount of willpower. Belief in the personal freedom to act may be too strong. The will of the cosmos becomes apparent sooner or later.

Manifestation of this Age

Individually the virtues necessary to achieve success in this age focus on practicing discrimination in areas related to thought, education, practicality, instincts, and the material world. In our daily lives, this comes into play by practicing self-denial in the service of others. We learn to become free from ego restrictions and identification with others, totally free from social and personal differences. This is personified in heroes and beggar-saint personalities.

Collectively the reflection of our success individually is expressed in our growth materially, and socially. We have been blessed with the acceleration of development in different forms of education, in particular Philosophy, Religion and Law. Publishing has flourished, and travelling great distances has never been easier. Our success in this area has given many a renewed optimism, and generosity. With our progress, however, we must learn to practice humility to prevent from becoming conceited.

My Perspective

The Age of Pisces has brought great growth in all areas of philosophy. The growth of independent thought has brought a revolution in regards to education, science, religion, law, practical aspects of our experience of the world. Literacy and education is an opportunity available to more students than ever before.

Philosophy has grown in leaps in bounds expressed through the development of a wide variety of systems of thought including metaphysics, theology, chemistry, biology, physics, psychology. Religion has grown and spread organically. Systems of law have been explored and developed with regards to all manners of ethics, and experience. In practical terms the technology we have developed has helped the majority of humans experience life with opportunities that didn't exist for our ancestors.

On the planet, there are a variety of expressions that the lessons of the Age of Pisces have taught us. Materially and socially we have experienced gains like never before.

Science has given us the tools to responsibly control nature to a degree that the majority lacked in the previous ages. Mathematics and biology are sciences that give us clearer tools than ever to examine the physical nature of our reality. Using science, we have been able to make advancements that offer people the opportunity to live longer, healthier, lives, and with increased productivity, and potentially fewer resources when managed ethically.

The world has shrunk exponentially with the growth of humanity. We have investigated our home, most everywhere geographically and intellectually. The tallest mountains have been climbed, and the planet mapped almost entirely with the exception of the deepest parts of the ocean. The development of forms of rapid transit has made the luxury of travelling within the reach of more people than ever. Shipping, trains, automobiles, and airplanes have revolutionized travel with regards to all types of cargo. Intellectually, science has carried us to the deepest material understanding of the nature of our planet, and universe. It has provided us with a multitude of benefits, allowing us to explore the frontiers of more abstract forms of intelligence.

Socially humanity has flourished. The population of humanity is collectively higher than ever recorded in modern times. This growth reflects the possibility for human potential like never before. Though the amount of natural resources encourages us to higher efficiencies, the amount of labour availability has never been greater.

The creative expression of our unique traits as humans has never been as prominent. The sharing of cultural expressions has never been as common or diversified. The arts have flourished. We have a wide variety of creativity expressed on many different levels at a magnitude never before seen.

Language, spirituality, government, business, mythology, theology, fine arts, and humanities are but a few expressions of our collective society. In addition to this massive creative surge, communication techniques have been refined on a global scale on all levels. This allows us to learn and share more clearly and in real-time. This continues to develope on a mass scale.
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posted on Feb, 2 2022 @ 02:09 AM
The Age of Aquarius

I think that the lesson for us in this era is centred around practicing learning the need to love ourselves. Areas related to feelings, emotions, ambivalence, and duality are highlighted. The task is to learn to see through duality. Emotional aspects are key, due to the strength of our feelings for everything in life; home, roots, emotional relationships to others in general, but not partnerships as such, which is central.

One of the main challenges of this lesson is to overcome the changes of moods, we are confronted with. The awareness of opposites increases over time, for example, good and bad, right and wrong, black and white. We are exposed to events that increase our understanding of paradoxical truth; duality is core to understanding a material reality, which is limited by time.

Practicing controlling the mind is key to success learning this lesson. The primitive mind must be controlled so that the individual can learn to let go. This example illustrates the case further. A monkey can be caught reaching for a food in a container with a hole large enough for it to put its hand in. Once the monkey has grabbed the food, it can't take it out. It won't let go of the morsal-even if it costs it its life. The monkey is caught, same as us if we don't learn to relax.

Practicing learning this lesson shows us that life is a series of ups, and downs, happiness is followed by unhappiness, which is followed by happiness. True bliss is not earned until we learn the ability to see through the duality of happiness and unhappiness has been obtained, so that duality can be rejected.

Manifestations of this Age

Individually the virtues necessary to achieve success in this age focus on expressing the positive, extroverted side of our human nature. This is associated with personal identity, powers of leadership, control, command and self-expression. Practicing goal-oriented self-discipline results in increased bonds of friendship, and the progressive use of intellectual imagination. This plays out in our daily lives in the relationships that represent impersonal friendships, fellowship, communal and social activities, unusual and odd interests, clubs and societies.

Collectively our individual success is reflected by growth in areas related to our relationship with setting limits and the nature of time. Progress is being made in regards to the limits of the material world, and the bridges into the spiritual realm. Security and stability grow through the experience of disappointments and delays, it's the cultivation of wisdom for those who can stand the test of time.

What is the purpose, or goal, of humanity in our age?

The goal or purpose of humanity is to have a smooth transition between the ages. This will be achieved to the degree that we practise incorporating the lessons of the previous ages into our current lives individually. Our collective progress will be in direct proportion to the sincerity that people practice cultivating the wisdom of experience through virtue. Due to our unique place in time, the opportunity to move forward as brothers and sisters sharing life together has never been better.
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posted on Feb, 2 2022 @ 02:18 AM
My Perspective

The Age of Aquarius continues our growth collectively to experience the lessons learned from the previous age, on a more intense and deeper level. Collectively we must practice learning a positive attitude with regards to the role we play in the world, especially with regards to our responsibility to ourselves, and each other as a global society. Only seeking freedom through the practice of self-responsibility will enable us to take advantage of the unique opportunities that the present brings.

The Age of Aquarius encourages the growth of the positive use of imagination as a tool to take our abilities to an unforeseen level as a deep expression of our collective love for one another; the limits of time and space are collapsing as we collectively confront the mystery of duality together. Only through the deepest forms of love, and the practice of cultivating the virtues, will the level of responsibility available to us collectively, allow us to realize humanities deepest urges and needs.

Physically the boundaries of time and space are shrinking to an unforeseen level. Through the positive use of our abstract thinking skills, we have explored outer space, and are looking at the smallest parts that make up our physical reality. The degree of refinement science has offered to us as an expression of human curiosity, has satisfied the masses, and encouraged new pioneers to explore even more abstract modes of analytical technique.

Science has been a valuable tool to explore the past and future. The discoveries that we have made about our ancestors, serve as a constant reminder of just how special each and every one of us is, and the role we play as a society. We have amassed a library of information, unimaginable in modern times. This allows us to have access to the past in a way unique to the masses. Physics has taken us to a deep understanding of the material world that constantly reminds us of just how special the conditions for the nature of our existence are. Science has given us tools to help clarify the past and explore probabilities for the future.

Mentally the boundaries of time and space are being pushed to the limits. The advent of the internet has provided a system of information exchange inconceivable to most. This medium is so special due to the availability of information in regards to the common and mundane human experience. It offers an opportunity for passion to override privilege with regard to doing research on a wide variety of topics.

It stores great works reflecting the wide variety of human experience across oceans, cultures, societies, and prejudice. Every day it grows, as it becomes a physical expression of our human need to share. People share themselves with each other intellectually, physically, and spiritually. It is growing constantly and reflects the most life-like expression of the human form digitally.

I feel like this medium serves as a reminder of the fact that the only thing that never depreciates over time is true knowledge. The beauty of this system is that it is decentralized, and at the same time everywhere. The power of the internet offers an opportunity for each and every one of us to break away from the mistakes of the past by learning from one another's mistakes. We can use it as a tool for self-awareness by studying the mechanics of how it works, and each other. Collectively it offers a medium for humanity to move forward, instead of in circles.

Spiritually the boundaries of time and space are folding. Due to the advanced degree of our scientific knowledge, collectively we are learning to practice virtue as a tool to handle the responsibility that comes with knowledge. People are starting to awaken to the difference between spirituality and religion.

Virtue is emerging as the common bond that encourages the growth of our humanity. The growth of true spirituality emerged parallel to the development of ever more helpful or potentially destructive technologies. By practicing virtue and aspiring to righteousness individually, collectively the positive lessons of Age of Pisces can continue to inspire us beyond the limits of time and space. Ultimately the practice of cultivating wisdom coupled with this advanced level of technology is the only way for us to maximize the potential use of our positive creative force to overcome our human limitations.
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posted on Feb, 2 2022 @ 02:19 AM
Starred and flagged< I'll be back to read completely later it's really late here or very early, I think 3 am is still considered late.

Interesting topic ...

posted on Feb, 2 2022 @ 02:20 AM
Our Unique Beauty

Humans are unique among creation. We are the pinnacle of biological success on the planet with regards to intelligent life as far as we know. We possess certain characteristics that make us unique in a way words don't do justice describing.

Our intellectual abilities place us at the height of the animal kingdom. What makes us special is our ability to use tools and speech. We are able to construct tools to help us as a gift of our creative process. The tools we construct are usually physical, but at the most advanced stages, they become more abstract. A simple comparison to illustrate the point is the difference between a hammer and mathematics. The hammer is most purely physical, and the mathematics is mostly mental. Some of the advanced forms of abstract tools are symbolism, math, computer science, religion, and virtue.

The positive use of our intellectual abilities hinges on our practicing the proper use of free will. Using our intellect properly and honestly evaluating the effects of our decisions on the influence of our lives; enables us to use every negative experience towards a positive end. Even when events are out of our control and we have limited choice with regards to the environment and situations we find ourselves in, we are able to practice discrimination in the way we choose to observe something happening around us, or each other. This is very special.

Everyone is talented in different ways, and intellectually sometimes we feel disappointed in ourselves. We need not feel down though because our hearts are truly our most precious commodities. Even while practicing getting better at making decisions, the beauty contained in our hearts is there for all of us.

The passion which we live our lives with, when channelled correctly is indescribable. People may not be intellectually developed, but everybody is able to cultivate intuition and a healthy respect for the finer things in life. We can feel life directly through our hearts, and we can feel its silent voice always urging us to make better decisions. When we learn to listen to that voice, we may not need anybody else. Even those who question what it tells them are not refused answers when they practice getting in touch with the power of love. Love is the golden ring of understanding that enables us to communicate with each other, even when it seems that we're not listening.

The intellect and the heart are tools we were given at birth, and even in solitude, we have access to them. Practicing virtue enables us to get the most out of them, and each other.

What are you doing to help humanity?

In order to help humanity, we need to be the change that we want to see in the world. Individually, we must take practice taking responsibility for our actions. By changing ourselves individually and practicing virtue we will change collectively for the better.

Each of us is unique due to the wide variety of experiences we have been exposed to. When we practice taking responsibility for our actions we learn to grow in a positive manner. By others observing our actions, we offer them an opportunity to learn from our mistakes as well. Learning from each other offers the chance to exponentially increase the quality of our lives to the degree that we practice communication. Even when confronted by communication barriers, others have the ability to observe us visually. Over a period of time regardless of how we choose to communicate we are each able to observe each other and make up our own minds.

Most of my life I have studied science, and philosophy. Due to the unique experiences, and perspective, I choose to possess, it has given me tools to examine my life in a way most may not. I want to use my experience to serve as a positive marker on the path so that others don't have to suffer the pain I went through to this point in my life. I want to use my life to show the proper degree of gratitude that I feel towards all life in general.

The way I am going to do this is by using my knowledge to encourage the proper use of free will through education about my opinion on the positive effects of virtue. I want to align myself positively with encouraging virtue by creating rainbows of hope for all those I come into contact with.

This is not complicated. People need to remember, what they have forgotten. We came into the world with everything that we need. Through the practice of true honesty, self-discipline, and hard work everybody will have a chance to shine.

Love overcomes all.

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posted on Feb, 2 2022 @ 02:22 AM
a reply to: putnam6

Thank you, it's a long read.

Check it out at your leisure.

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