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World Boot Camp

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posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 06:21 AM
This is the first time in my life the whole world has me feeling like I’m a newbie in boot camp again.

Everting from being restricted on where I go, to questionable medical practices for the herd.

I know there are people worse of than me. But damn, it feels like the world is being rewritten in terms of boot camp training. And social media and big techs are the cheerleaders colluding with the world elite to set the general orders.

The beatings will continue until moral improves.

It is at odds with the free reign of shop lifting in major cities. But you have to wonder if it’s just another ploy to demoralize the law abiding. To disrupt normal life. Make safe areas even smaller and more restrictive.

I really feel there is a push to force people to an online and isolated existence to alienate and demonize in person social contact. Contact that can’t be logged and placed in a database. Just being at the bedside of a dying loved one was deemed socially unacceptable. Or going to a funeral. The demonization of basic human needs. The need for facial expressions. Like people in an Isaac Asimov story being repulsed by human contact. To be programmed into an online existence monitored by government, and who’s morals and flow of ideas are dictated by big tech.
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posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 06:50 AM
a reply to: neutronflux

nicely said

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 06:54 AM
a reply to: neutronflux

Your last paragraph really nailed it, I have a sneaking suspicion this is what it’s all been about or at least a primary motivation. Why did they call it social distancing as opposed to physical distancing for instance?

Once people have become accustomed to self isolating any social events or gatherings can feel awkward and uncomfortable. People were already living their lives through social media to much before all this. Wether people realise it or not their behaviour is influenced by the people around them, what if you take that away and replace it with a controlled environment where you can select the information and emotions people are exposed to, you can create their very reality for them, even it is entirely false?

It seems to me this has been one big psy-op to create cognitive dissonance on mass. Like an abusive relationship where the abused won’t leave and even defends their abuser.

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 07:59 AM
Not in my neck of the woods.
The world seems like an alien place when I view it through my monitor.
I wonder if I will even recognize NYC again if I ever venture back for a visit.
I wonder if I will even know how to order food or purchase things.
I feel bad for these tranced out zombies.

The really tragic thing is that it's just like a religion. They can't wake up!
Imagine if they did wake up, I mean, even ex-Christians still worry about God watching them from afar. The conditioning is permanent.

There is no hope for them vs us. We just need to wall them off and start our own culture that has zero to do with them.

Hopeless. Like a an island of lepers. There is nothing that can be done.

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 08:55 AM
a reply to: neutronflux

What do you think the 15 to 30 somethings think or are they already fried between the ears?

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 09:17 AM
a reply to: neutronflux

Some of it even seems like what happened after boot camp... the Mickey Mouse stuff, as we used to call it.

An example would be having to do a job that was silly to begin with and then undoing it shortly afterwards, a simplified example would be digging a hole and filling it back in ten minutes later.

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 09:33 AM
Definitely your last paragraph hits me right in the feels.
Very well said.

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 09:42 AM
a reply to: neutronflux

That is the exact thing I told my wife when this # started like 2 years ago 'with all these arbitrary rules, distancing, told how to stand, what to wear etc I feel like the whole world is in basic training now. this is messed up'

My friend had his birthday 'meet up' on zoom for christsakes. i didnt go because I was out hiking but damn. granted 80% of the people were in different states, he used to still do one in a coffee shop or something.

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 09:49 AM
a reply to: Waterglass

I think an example is how crypto currency is becoming prevalent. The internet’s version of gold.

For online games, weapons are traded and sold. For profit.

And this blows my mind..

NFTs, explained
I have questions about this emerging... um... art form? Platform?

There’s nothing like an explosion of blockchain news to leave you thinking, “Um… what’s going on here?” That’s the feeling I’ve experienced while reading about Grimes getting millions of dollars for NFTs or about Nyan Cat being sold as one. And by the time we all thought we sort of knew what the deal was, the founder of Twitter put an autographed tweet up for sale as an NFT. Now, months after we first published this explainer, we’re still seeing headlines about people paying house-money for clip art of rocks — and my mom still doesn’t really understand what an NFT is.

Many fear a “Matrix” prison. It seems the younger generations long for an augmented virtual reality.

Work was talking with potential interns during virtual interviews in a digital room.

People Are Buying Digital Clothes Because That’s a Thing Now

Digital fashion makes everything traditional fashion does—shirts, dresses, pants, hats, shoes, and accessories—but none of it is tangible. Instead, customers “wear” digital clothing through augmented reality and digitally altered photos.

What’s better than having a god? Being the god of your own augmented reality.
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posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 10:50 AM

originally posted by: neutronflux
This is the first time in my life the whole world has me feeling like I’m a newbie in boot camp again.

Everting from being restricted on where I go, to questionable medical practices for the herd.

I know there are people worse of than me. But damn, it feels like the world is being rewritten in terms of boot camp training. And social media and big techs are the cheerleaders colluding with the world elite to set the general orders.

The beatings will continue until moral improves.

It is at odds with the free reign of shop lifting in major cities. But you have to wonder if it’s just another ploy to demoralize the law abiding. To disrupt normal life. Make safe areas even smaller and more restrictive.

I really feel there is a push to force people to an online and isolated existence to alienate and demonize in person social contact. Contact that can’t be logged and placed in a database. Just being at the bedside of a dying loved one was deemed socially unacceptable. Or going to a funeral. The demonization of basic human needs. The need for facial expressions. Like people in an Isaac Asimov story being repulsed by human contact. To be programmed into an online existence monitored by government, and who’s morals and flow of ideas are dictated by big tech.

Not to be snarky, but are you just now starting to pick up on this? This has all been evident to me (and many others) for over two years now. I was called an "esoteric conspiracy theorist" by people I used to respect when I said these things. As far as I know, they still feel that way.

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 12:56 PM
a reply to: incoserv

Have a thread you can share with us?

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 12:58 PM
a reply to: incoserv

You have a thread two years ago about the current crime wave? From current changes is prosecution of criminals, or lack there of. Shrugs.
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posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 02:16 PM
a reply to: incoserv

Thought about this more.

The real credit goes to people like Isaac Asimov. And Aldous Huxley and works like Brave New World.

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 02:57 PM
Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve....................................................

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 05:04 PM
a reply to: incoserv

Conspiracy theorist elitism at its best.

posted on Feb, 6 2022 @ 08:16 AM
a reply to: neutronflux

The FDIC has directed certain USA banks treat treat crypto currency as US currency, so long as they can follow the rules?

posted on Feb, 13 2022 @ 02:55 PM
a reply to: EmmanuelGoldstein

The world seems like an alien place

You just described my whole experience from day zero (why do people always start counting from 'day one', by the way, when we have a perfectly good 'zero' to start things from?).

This world has continually shocked me more than any world before. I don't think I have ever incarnated into a messier, crazier or stupider - let alone, more shocking world.

The things that people consider normal - or the fact that they DO consider those things normal - are really, really shocking to someone like me. How can people so casually support cruelty industry, and then put in their mouths flesh of the innocent, the murdered, the bloodily slaughtered?

Do people really think cruelty industry murders the animals in some kind of 'painless and humane' way?

What about animal testing, that has gone on for decades, if not centuries? Who, exactly, gave people the right to murder masses of dogs by making them run continuously while forcing them to breathe cigarette smoke, just to clarify whether cigarette smoke is unhealthy or not?

Even if SOME animal testing could be justified (it can't, you selfish, cruel, inhuman, demonic bastards!), there has been and still is SO MUCH useless, completely un-benefial testing that it boggles the mind. The different corporations, not wanting to SHARE their test results, "have to" do the SAME, exact tests and kill and injure, damage and traumatize more and more animals - just to get the same results.

I am saying this only to bring to light people's EXTREMELY schizophrenic attitude and view about animals. They have no problem 'babying their dog' (and thus causing psychological trauma by not giving the dog structure, enough exercize, or fulfilling the animal's needs) while slicing some OTHER animal's muscles on their plate and then inserting those sliced flesh pieces into their mouths and swallowing them, so their blood stream and intestines are slowly poisoned by this unnatural, evil substance.

On one hand, they can call themselves 'animal lovers', and yet eat animals at the same time. Can you BE more split personality and not even realize it? Well, to be fair, there's such thing as 'meat lovers pizza', so maybe THAT is what people mean when they call themselves lovers of animals (I'd rather not go into the other possibilities in this post).

This kind of craziness and hypocrisy is rampant, it's everywhere. No one seems to mind buying, using and driving an air-polluting car. People smoke poisonous cigarettes, and thus polluting MY breathing air even more, without caring at all, while lettin their car just sit there, engine running. Why would anyone DO this?

Almost everything about the whole infrastructure is in SOME way based on evil. Even when people want to improve things, like doing renovations, it's at the expense of EVERYONE'S mental health, as they cause incredible noise, like it's a normal thing. Can't people finally invent noiseless renovation tools and design buildings that don't carry the noise like someone is drilling your very skull every time someone is renovating or wants to hang something on their wall?

People think 'standing armies' are a normal, accepted, good thing. It used to be a shockingly weird form of evil to even mention that 'standing armies' could be a norm. Now it's just business as usual. Army exists to murder people.

Murder is unlawful. Everyone thinks it's acceptable to sentence a murderer to rot in jail for a long time, maybe their whole life. After all, they ended someone else's incarnation prematurely and thus trampled on other people's rights. For a civilization to work, murder can't be a normal thing, it has to be condemned, and it has always been unlawful. People have rights, and those rights have to be protected, so anyone trampling on rights, must be punished, or people can't ever enjoy or use their rights.

At the same time, people cheer for 'the troops'. They don't know how wars start, who pulls the strings behind the veil, what political, monetary or greed reasons of PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS people are sent to mercilessly murder each other (I am reminded of the cheerful story of the sniper that broke the world record for murdering someone from three kilometers away, hurrah!).

As Calvin once asked, 'How do soldiers murdering each other solve the world's problems?'

Yeah, I just don't understand. I am not reasonable, if I don't condon, support and celebrate murder, if it's done by the right people in the right clothing. If an individual murders out of jealousy or passion, it's murder. If a joystick-wielding drone operator murders because some a-hole in camouflaged pants told him to, it's 'serving the country', and completely lawful somehow.

(Of course murder is ALWAYS unlawful, even when government tries to rationalize it as 'legal' -- lawful and legal are different things, just by the way).

People are ignorant of even their own selves, they think they ARE their physical body. How ignorant can you get?

The masses TRUST, they actually trust so-called authorities. If someone wears a white coat and spews the worst verbal vomit in the form of unbelievable lies, the masses will believe that someone.

People are SO easily duped, it's not even funny anymore. You can watch 'The Real Hustle' for proof - I know the show is mostly fictional, but it does showcase scams that HAVE worked throughout history.

The education system prepares people for what, exactly? To be good, corporate drones?

How many of us have ever used or needed all the things we were taught in school? How many of us had to learn all kinds of things they NEVER taught at school, just to survive?

School does a few things really well; it takes creative, happy, energetic, colorful people (and I am talking about both variety of personalities and colors of their aura, chakras, etc.) and turns them into depressed, anxiety-ridden, problematic psychopaths and emos without any creativity, willing to sacrifice their TIME just to get MONEY so they can buy things they don't need, but are told they have to have.

Almost everything people consider 'normal' in this world, is a big shock to me.

The whole 'puritan work ethic' thing, the corporate wage slavery, the 8-16 (or 9-5) schedule that's completely INSANE, is just 'normal'.

People eat genetically-modified food, chemically processed slob that can't even be called food, in a frantic and stressful way, and then pop pills so they can 'balance their brain chemistry' (as the 'mental health experts' recommend - after all, the Big Pharma cares so much for people), so they can keep doing their wage slave 'jobs' until they're nothing more than wrinkly shells of organic matter, with some kind of soul still possibly hidden deep under the layers of fat, wrinkles, cynicism and nihilism.

Besides all this (and SOOOOOOO much more!!), even if you look around in a 'normal' setting, it's like looking at "How many mistakes can you find in this picture" test. So many mistakes, constantly. Always. Every single day.

People are letting their dogs lead them, instead of leading the dogs, and are then surprised and angry, fearful and shocked, when their dog suddenly tries to leap or to attack another dog and starts barking like the crazy animals they are - made crazy by their ignorant, clueless handlers that don't even see them as animals that they fundamentally are.

posted on Feb, 13 2022 @ 03:16 PM
People dress up their dogs and treat them as 'babies' or 'small humans' and then wonder why the ANIMAL lashes out or develops mental and psychological problems, that then lead these people to either try to drug the dog or 'put them to sleep'.

What EUPHEMISMS! I could write a hundred posts about euphemisms alone. Why can't people AT LEAST be honest. They eat murdered animals, they get pets that they treat wrong, so they have to hire a murderer to end the dog's life. They have the dog murdered.

For some reason, death scares people, and the western 'socities' (whatever this means, and I don't want to go to the whole freeman-on-the-land definitions at the moment) HIDE death among so much of the truth as much as possible. This means, people can live in comforting illusions that 'everything is fine', when their VERY actions support bloodshed, cruelty, murder behind the curtains every single day. Almost anything they buy has some kind of ethical problem behind it, but best not to think about it, as the capitalistic countries just hide everything nice and neat, so you don't have to confront the truth of what you are really buying or what your actions are really causing at all.

Most people don't even see, experience or realize what's going around them anyway, because they're now members of the Cult of the Rectangle. So what if some beautiful sunset is happening, I need to see these pixels on this tiny rectangle. So what if a human being is suffering right next to you, these pixels are moving, can't you see?

It's ridiculous that they "had to" (damn enablers!) install traffic lights ON THE GROUND so cellphone zombies wouldn't just walk into traffic so much. This is normal??

When you read the old Peanuts comic strips from the 1950s, you can realize Charles Schultz (yes, it IS with a T, even though it isn't in this reality) already back then was seeing the direction this world was heading, although even he couldn't quite predict how crazy it was going to get.

Plastic is everywhere, without a way to process it properly. Recycling is a literal scam.

But sure, ban plastic STRAWS and plastic bags (which are actually better for the nature), because that will make everything all right. Never mind the double-, or triple-packaging of every imaginable product everywhere around you.

I could go on, as I have barely scratched the surface of the iceberg, but it's impossible to express ALL my shock in just some posts in a discussion forum.

Let's just say that this is NOT my kind of world, I REALLY do not belong, and a normal human being can NOT be well-adjusted in this world, and can't fit in.

Anyone that fits in to THIS world, is crazy in my opinion. I don't want to have anything to do with anyone that is 'well-adjusted' to a world like this.

Either people are ignorant and stupid, and live in illusions, or they're voluntarily ignorant and cruel, and WANT to live in illusions.

It's hard to find a truthful, honest human being who aims to be as good as possible, and cause as little harm as possible. It's very difficult, as the game is rigged; almost everything you do causes some kind of harm to someone(s) in some way. Pop in to buy a chocolate bar? Nope, even chocolate is unethical.

Saying a dog is cute? You are actually not only supporting a carnivore animal that's alive ONLY because other animals (might've also been cute, but doesn't matter because out of sight, out of mind) were brutally, painfully, barbarically murdered and slaughtered, but you are causing the animal distress, as you are treating it as something it is not. It is an animal, it is a carnivore, so when you approach it with high pitched 'awww how cute!!1'-type babying instinct (to women, everything is a 'baby'), you are making the animal react defensively and possibly very nervous as well.

Has anyone ever noticed how much the little dogs get away with? Because they're seen as 'cute', they are allowed to be as anxious, fearful or even aggressive as possible, and no one bats an eye or does any corrections. Dogs are allowed to yap, bark, howl and even bite quite a lot before anyone ever even thinks of intervening.

Do I have to even talk about bad parenting?

Then there is a host of other topics that are 'forbidden' to be discussed here, but let's just say that when you look at the decay of the 'western lifestyle', it is NOT a pretty sight, the people at the 'bottom' are even physically really ugly.

To add to this, people have an enormous amount of psychological problems, with are conveniently packaged for us to be entertained by. For example, the TV show 'hoarders' shows so many crazy people, it's hard to think anything in this world is 'normal'.

I wonder if hoarding is the norm or the exception..

Then there's the whole gender war going on, the corruption in every single government, the insane 'trans' and 'gay' crap (look, I won't judge anyone for being gay or whatnot, but I won't be force-fed celebrational attitudes about any form of sexuality, that, by the way, should be everyone's private business, not openly celebrated, no matter what it is). Also, rainbow doesn't belong to the sexually depraved, it belongs to EVERYONE.

People can't even treat colors as just universal joy for everyone, but insted, they have to be segregated into neat little packages and categories, and then SOME people, based on their physical characteristics, are discriminated against based on colors.

Instead of colors being just a tool for art and source of joy and energy, they're suddenly political tools to kick the downtrodden in the face. You are not allowed to like colors, especially bright ones, especially pink, if your physical body's genitalia happens to be male.

At the same time, these insane people spout things like 'gender is just a social construction'.

How can you be trans, how can the 'B' in that stupid litany mean ''BI', if sex is just a social construction? How can there never be an excuse to hit a woman, if no one even knows or can define what a woman is?

This world is a treasure drove of insanity and shock, I don't think I will ever quite get used to any of this stuff, I don't think I can ever quite be able to live in this world without being shocked almost daily.

What did you even say originally that I am replying to? That this world is an alien place?

Yes. I don't feel like Extra-Terrestrials are the 'aliens'. To me, either I am the alien in a completely normal and good world, or this whole damn, accursed, wretched world is the 'alien', and human beings simply can't adjust to its alienness.

Almost everything in this world is so alien and shocking to me, I have to wonder WHAT kind of heavenly world did I live before incarnating here.. it seems that most people have lived exactly here, as none of this (and many other things) seem to shock them at all.

Anyone that has lived in a good world, a normal world, even for a moment, is definitely going to feel this world to be alien.

The only 'normal' thing in this world, on the physical plane, to my experience, is the nature. But even nature is weird here, there are carnivore animals, there are cockroaches, there are viruses and electric eels, there are disgusting, ugly bugs and horrors, there are even plants that eat meat!

Nope, this is not my kind of world AT ALL, I definitely do not sync with this world, I don't fit here at all. I know I could adjust to any relatively good world, but I can't adjust here, it's just TOO crazy, too alien.

posted on Feb, 13 2022 @ 03:31 PM
a reply to: neutronflux

About the 'isolation' topic..

We are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-level beings.

We have a 'higher self' and a 'lower self', and most of the time, we're somewhere inbetween.

We don't see reality as-is, but like shadows through a set of mirrors in the dark. We can rarely look at reality face-to-face (I had this kind of experience once, it lasted for about two days, and I think it's called 'Zatori', but I am not sure - it was a very deep and yet 'normal' experience, that's impossible to describe).

This world being 'objective', while we and our natural habitat being 'subjective', it's very difficult to make sense of things.

Of course we are never truly separate from existence of all levels, but our consciousness is temporarily and artificially constricted and confined so we can learn lessons and pay our karmic debts.

One of the challenges of 'physical existence' is exactly becoming aware that it's just a tiny fraction, a sliver, a glimpse in a mirror, instead of the true reality. We can, and are allowed to, painstakingly become aware of what the Universe is really like, but we are not given direct, obvious and immediate evidence on a silver platter, because we have to work it out ourselves.

Of course the FEELING of isolation is inevitable. You can be lonely in a crowd, because on a FUNDAMENTAL level, that crowd isn't real. Not the same way as true reality is. It's just a 'fleeting experience on a physical level, without creating true connection or contact to anything important'.

You may talk with people, even hug them or have all kinds of arousing intimacy - but in the end, you are just you, and you never truly connect to another soul. You are both confined in your multi-dimensional, but apparently physical shells, that you can bump into each other without ever truly connecting your souls together so they would become one soul.

Even if you could, it wouldn't last, and it would not be the same as true satisfaction of the yearning inside of you will be.

This yearning can't be satisfied with just another soul. It needs the All-Soul, it's like a drop of water needing to be in the ocean, so just another drop of even a drizzle can't truly satisfy that need. It needs to be a seamless part of the ever-moving waves crashing onto a beach endlessly.

Of course you have -experience-of-isolation- - - how else could it be? No one on the physical level is TRULY non-isolated - why do you think people STRIVE so much? They think that will end their isolation, fill that gaping hole in their soul that yearns so much it makes you cry late at night. But it won't.

Money will never fill that hole. Romance will not fill that hole. You can try food, computers, mansions, boats, cars, luxurious lifestyle, ever-flowing champagne, drugs, parties, sex - all the materialistic hedonism you can imagine, and it won't fill the hole.

You can try meditation, spiritual practices, tarot readings, going to psychics, doing 'questionable consumptional rituals', lucid dreaming, astral projection, reading books, watching videos, hypnosis..

..well, I could list things for a long time, but I think you get the point. Nothing will end your 'isolation', nothing will satisfy your yearning, nothing will fill that hole.

Only when you realize what I am saying, can you begin to fill it. When you realize that 'nothing', indeed, is the key. When you stop striving, and you let the hole be unfulfilled, when you let your yearnings run rampat, when you embrace the 'isolation' instead of running away from it, when you realize it's not real any more than anything is.

In the end, only joining back to the ocean - becoming again the seamless part of the whole, the All-Spirit that IS the Universe, can truly fill that hole. When you return from your 'adventure of individuality and illusory isolation' to join back to the Creative Flow, you cease to exist as individual, and then - and only then - will you be complete and fulfilled.

The isolation is a necessary illusion, but still just an illusion. On a fundamental, subtle level, you are still always connected to the hand that created you. Your soul is multi-dimensional, and no matter how much you are 'suffering from isolation' on the physical level, some higher part of you is still always connected, and never truly isolated.

We are both never truly isolated, and fundamentally always isolated, so you might as well embrace it for what it is.

We come to this world alone, we leave this world alone. We better get used to being alone, or what you call 'isolated', for if we just tune in and let it happen, our Cosmic Creator is always with us, in every atom of your physical side, and every non-material side of our very being - which really, fundamentally, IS the One that forms all existence.

Isolation? From what?

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