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The Hawk on the winds of time

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posted on Jan, 31 2022 @ 12:15 PM
Ok this one is a bit contrived and not very well thought out, no real plot and no characters just something to think about and a what if, I kind of mixed a little bit of Edgar Cayce and the idea of Time Crystals so it's really just a thought jam, if you can turn this into something then feel free I hold no copyright and even less if it was actually real ha.

So here we go?.

The great city had grown over the ages around the great temple a huge pyramid of ancient construction built long ago or perhaps it had always been.

At the heart of the pyramid in the great hall that the priests performed there ceremonies within was a great crystal that pulsated with energy, some said that to touch it would drive one mad with visions of catastrophe and terror.

There were other crystals in other pyramid like temples around the lands that were regarded as children of the great crystal since many of them were much smaller.


Long ago or maybe long into the future the crystals makers had abandoned it trying to seal up the power station meant to power there world due to a flaw within the time crystal, it was not really matter but appeared as such and produced light within the greater crystalline structure of the station building which appeared as pyramid from without, at least on the three dimensional plane it did but it's real structure was much more complex than that.

In there abandoned plan the great time crystal which was modulated so as to harvest energy from the very flow of time and the different potentials of the universe at different points in time had been linked through quantum entanglement to other smaller crystals in receiving and distribution stations even the smallest of which could provide far more energy than necessary to power our own 'modern' world but like the splitting of the atom things could go wrong or the power could be abused and the flaw in the crystal was one of those things that went very wrong causing they whom could to leave there world and flee in a vain attempt to escape the time vortex they had accidentally created, a vortex that mixed future, past and the present all up in way that had caused artefacts from many ages to be cast into other time periods from there own, history had become unstuck and reality itself was broken, oh over time quantum affects would heal the universe or at least the local reality as time branched into new parallel reality's diluting the affect of the turbulence in time but it would always be there lurking just out of reach randomly creating chaos making pilots that flew over the epicentre of the destruction travel in time, sometimes into the past and sometimes into the future, small vortex anomalies could be beneficial but the big event's could destroy entire reality's.


The primitives who had wandered barely more advanced than hunter gatherers had first started to worship the great pyramid long ago and over countless century's there culture had grown, due to the strange radiation that was emitted form the pyramid crop's grew faster, body's healed of most wounds and people somehow lived longer in the lands around it in a great circle with the temple at it's centre.

But thousands of years passed and men always of inquisitive nature sought out the secrets that gave them all these gift's on there island so they developed there own rudimentary science which slowly grew ever more advanced, there theory's were based in part upon there beliefs but reality for them was very different that outside the influence of the time warping crystal and there observations as they lived in the eye of the time storm so close to the fractured crystal were anything but precise as a result of this skewed as they were by the influence that affected there concept of a baseline and control reality.

But like any human civilization it was seldom the great minds that ran there growing empire and indeed it was more often greedy small minded ambitious and even men that ruled over the others, despite there long lived gifted by the peculiar property's of the crystal side affects of it's original function as a focusing stone and accumulator of energy's including those that were meant to be beneficial to it's creators these leaders never learned wisdom.

In the hands of fool's great power is always destined to be abused and with the rudimentary science they learned to harness the energy as a weapon, indeed it was THEY who had put the flaw into the crystals original creators design by there greed and abuse of something that had never been intended for them, when they used it in an attempt to destroy there enemy a nation half way around the world whose own crystal temples were powered also from the great crystal it caused those temples to explode destroying there city's and wiping there civilization out but this in turn caused a feedback of energy that ruptured time and caused chaos, the land they had called home was torn apart as time collided with time and fractured time exploded outward, the crystal remained but with new fractures and the explosion that radiated out from it radiation not only in the three dimensions but also in the fourth into the stream of time itself, indeed it was the explosion that the time crystal's original creators had tried to flee from.

For the Hawk caught upon the winds of time far above in an instant it saw land, sea, fire and the stars of space all in an instant before finding itself once more flying over forest and field destined to never reach it's nest but always be cast upon the wind.

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