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Russian television

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posted on Jan, 25 2022 @ 05:59 AM
For the Sun to shine (Чтобы солнышко светило) - 1985

This is a concert of children's ensembles.

00:12 - An ensemble The Sun (Солнышко) [Kiev, Ukraine] sings a song "The Sun, smile! (Улыбайся, Солнышко)"

02:00 - An dance ensemble Inspiration (Вдохновение) [Moscow, Russia] dances a waltz.

03:13 - An dance ensemble Kalinka (Калинка) [Moscow, Russia] dances a Cuban folk dance

04:18 - An percussion orchestra Polesye Bells (Полесские звоночки) [Chernihiv, Ukraine] sings a song "A rain passed barefoot [on the ground] (Дождик босиком)"

05:55 - A dance (?)

07:04 - An ensemble A+B (А+Б) [Ivanovo, Russia] sings a folk Moldavian song "Martisor (Мэрцишор)" [in Russian]

10:30 - The dance ensemble Kalinka dances a Russian folk dance "Kalinka"

11:50 - Pupils of kindergarten No. 10 - an ensemble A song (Песенка) [Kolchugino, Russia] sings a song "Merry matryoshka dolls (Весёлые матрешки)"

13:40 - An ensemble of Palace of Culture of the Plant named after Likhachev (Дворца культуры ЗИЛ) [Moscow, Russia] dances a dance "Helpers (Помощницы)"

16:55 - The percussion orchestra Polesye Bells performs a waltz from a movie "Beware of the Car" -

18:35 - The ensemble of Palace of Culture of the Plant named after Likhachev performs an exercise with rings

20:12 - An ensemble Dolls (Ляльки) [Baranovichi, Belarus] dances a dance "Childhood (Детство)"

22:33 - An ensemble Funny notes (Весёлые нотки) [Zhdanov now Mariupol, Ukraine] sings a song "I want the birds to sing (Я хочу, чтоб птицы пели)" [in Russian]

25:00 - The ensemble Dolls dances a dance "Cranes (Журавлики)"

27:18 - The ensemble The Sun sings a song "The Sun, shine please! (Солнышко, свети)"

posted on Jan, 27 2022 @ 03:39 AM
Operation of the International Monetary Fund (Операция Международного Валютного Фонда) - 1978

A plot of the correspondent Igor Fesunenko of the TV program Time (Время) about the meeting of the International Monetary Fund delegation with Portuguese officials that took place without wide public coverage. Aired 04/14/1978.

00:01 - The IMF operation began in the strictest secrecy. The IMF delegation arrived at the Lisbon airport a day before a date announced in the press and the limousines took it away in an unknown direction. The next day, somewhere in Lisbon, negotiations began.

00:20 - According to one information, in the carefully guarded building of the National Bank. According to other sources, in the salons of the Ministry of Finance on the Commerce Square (Praça do Comércio). I am telling you not the plot of some detective film and not the intrigue of an adventurous novel with poisons, silent pistols and black raincoats. In fact, everything is much more prosaic. The abbreviation FMI stands for El Fondo Monetario Internacional.

00:53 - In this regard, I would like to remind you that, in an effort to find a way out of the acute economic crisis, the Portuguese government last year turned to the International Monetary Fund with a request for assistance, i.e. about the loan. But the moneybags of the capitalist world are ready to fork out only if the government takes tough measures to so-called "stabilization of the economy", i.e. will limit the growth of industrial production, raise prices and taxes, freeze wages, limit the social rights and freedoms won by the working people after the revolution, and at the same time give maximum privileges to the foreign monopolies operating in the country.

01:33 - It is quite natural that these measures (and some of them are already being implemented) cause concern and indignation in the ordinary Portuguese, who is being made to pay for the generosity of the International Monetary Fund. Representatives of the IMF and their interlocutors, the Portuguese officials, are afraid of the extremely negative reaction of the Portuguese public to the decisions they will make. That's why the negotiations taking place somewhere in Lisbon are shrouded in such impenetrable secrets. That's why IMF experts shamefully hide their faces from the Portuguese public.

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