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Mayan Calendar Cicada Edition

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posted on Jan, 9 2022 @ 11:01 PM
(Nobody has solved anything, so far, because, they really don't want to, because of uncleanness............secondarily, like most puzzles, with grand claims, it exceeds the human they are not qualified (so the answer is because of uncleanness, a need to avoid the solution, a conflict of spiritual authority, which is theological or moral, that disappointes their low standards). Mostly this is true, not all the time. In this particular situation, these statements are true.................)

(humanity has a limited number of years left before it dies, apart of the new testament trend is that when the son of man is resurrected, he wants nothing to do with humanity, and god blesses that, and humanity festers and then passes away...........remember the old testament completed the language of the new testament, in daniel and in ezekiel, with joseph (the lord's blessing) and with the tribes (the lord's body) (for some reason, the answer is no, humanity is not entitled to a judgment or anything more then the rotting of the body) (they do have a score to settle with moses, based on pain only, humanity has no will to live, then it also has no will to suffer until it passes, you have an oxymoron, that expires when the son of man is no longer a factor, then, nothing, work hard play hard, find a hobby, and let humanity passaway)

(we will try to give a legal answer, but what we said was, when moses is dead, the achievement is that, no judgement for humanity was produced, humanity will continue in its foolishness until its passing in a few years................reply response)

Cicada Puzzle #1

The Answer to the First Puzzle is ZERO.............(the son of man has the title of "high priest"............God makes special intercession, and restriction for sin, for and to his actions............a false witness, a heretic, an unclean blasphemer, an unclean genetic line or a unclean work............will not succeed against the son of man............humanity is silent for the sake of its suicide pleasure, humanity is dumb and blind)
(cicada 3301, equals zero this is the first answer, it does not apply)
(when moses built the ark of the covenant, there was two angels in it, first was his soulmate, and secondarily was an angel of the lord, the argument of cicada 3301 did not apply, God made an example out of moses, illustrating that the joseph and the tribes were completed in the old testament, and did not, require an incarnation of the messiah or wives, according to the new testament)
(the son of man is immortality and life, humanity is not)

Cicada Puzzle #2

The Second Answer is Zero.................the son of man has the title of high priest, as a pyramid builder..............a false witness, a blasphemer, one of those genetic lines, or an unclean work, will not previal against his testimony............AND A WOMEN WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST HIS TESTIMONY............what that means is very simple. you know what they did to me these many years and the loss of life and dis-membering of their bodies that followed that, do you remember that place that is still standing?...............well..............the son of man is free from the controversy of trying to take a wife and disrupt the natural process of the transformation of his soulmate, to complete god's promise for the pyramid builder.
(the SECOND answer is also zero, meaningless)
(the son of man is a picture of the messiah, called under joseph, which also references women)

Cicada Puzzle #3

The First and Second Answers were ZERO.

The Pyramid Builder is represented by the Charge, or the black star...............
His Soulmate's Proper Function is represented by the 3 Pyramids...................

She will use the energy or is traditional for the new testament, of the second sun planet jupiter (the original binary twin sun), and the processs will be completed for the son of man, or the ensign of nations according to isaiah.

(God has ordained a soulmate and family or a soulmate and wives, as an example of the equal potential the gospel affords for the pyramid builders............and also for the new testament.............regardless of that truth...............its possible for them to die of sin, this can mirror a natural death, this can be a sudden death, or they can be locked into humanities sin with or without wives for disrupting the natural process.............which the son of man under joseph..............cannot............this argument is more pronounced and convicted in the new testament) (even, that is all true. the son of man is the marker for the rise and fall of many, when the resurrection of the son of man is completed, god won't do anything more or less on the issue, so we'll just have to wait and see) (back to topic)
(I catagorize this as a loss of function, and for continual sin, a possible loss of life, ofcourse you understand what these people do with me, when it comes to a "right to live argument", you can be faithful and flirt with those issues, then I will have relative full understanding..............)

You can understand, the WHEEL OF NOSTRADAMUS, yes, is your "3301"..............(cannot generate a spaceship, or take wives, or do this or that, God follow through with the son of man at the appointed time and all is well).................(your allowed only to be an enemy, and to perhaps fustrate that person's testimony, but no more, nonetheless, the argument is not limited to my understanding only............what can and cannot be done on an individual basis, will be addressed by the son of man, in secret, or this is resolved when god resolves the son of man, that is the only answer)

Cicada 3301 Comet Elenin..........Association Equinox from then to Equionx in, September 2022

So think like this..............Equal Distant Spacing..............this is your Cicada 3301 Conclusion? Don't be a false witness with me, when you are almost dead yes?

Two Years before the Alignment of Earth's sun 2012, is what you saw at that time Cicada 3301 with me yes? (comet elenin study)
Two Years after the Alignment of Jupiter Sun 2020, is what you will see September 2022 with me yes?

The reason they use lethal force with me, is not to kill me, my testimony or body, its to be absorbed into my body, when I am resurrected with a space ship and wives, they will also like me be resurrected, that is your only hope. Otherwise, I don't think I would be in the position to help directly, but i'll see what can be done in secret, and this is not a primary issue.

(Ezekiel's Prophecy of Ezekiel 4:5-6 appears to number the life span of the son of man, at the end of time, that corresponds with the new spirit the messiah pours out, also from their bodies, and this appears to parallel to halley's comet, in which case both figures equal 2022 without an intelligent study)
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posted on Jan, 10 2022 @ 12:14 AM
(the prize for solving the cicada puzzle, is lethal force used against whoever solves it, so its almost funny, that most of the answer were zero.............and if you don't kill me, your third answer will become a zero, you understand that 3301 does not apply to me?, but is a new testament limitation for all pyramid builders..............the only second chance is through the body of the son of man, there may be no other way............with that said...........we will not die anyway, so this is about you not me anyway) (will we die this year, maybe, you need to understand, god is only doing assisted suicide with humanity right now, and humanity clearly will continue and die this way, fortunately, what god intends for the son of man in the new testament era is a wife and a family..............for me and people like me)

posted on Jan, 10 2022 @ 09:18 AM
I feel like so much effort has gone into this thread... yet I have zero clue about what you are trying to convey here?

posted on Jan, 10 2022 @ 09:31 AM
a reply to: modobe

God / Jesus said believe. He didn't say believe and come up with a bunch of mumbo jumbo that amounts to nothing.

posted on Jan, 10 2022 @ 09:54 AM
the only thing i recognized was the graphic of the Winged Disc...

which is also prime candidate to be the 'Symbol' or 'Mark-of-the-Beast' which All are required to take on hand or forehead...according to Prophecy
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posted on Jan, 10 2022 @ 11:51 AM
Looks like a whole lot of copy and paste mumbo- jumbo from the latest internet rage.

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posted on Jan, 11 2022 @ 04:42 PM

originally posted by: nugget1
Looks like a whole lot of copy and paste mumbo- jumbo from the latest internet rage.

King Sherkarer 20 to 30 B.C. Egypt

(King Sherkarer............could not take wives because of the human dirth charge..........he could not be convicted by that beating on his body like those unclean people do with moses whoever he is, always meant nothing maybe just the loss of their lives..........)

(King Sherkarer the Pyramid Builder, his Soulmate, gave herself to him and many wives that is god's law both in the old and new testament, more so in the new testament for the son of man under joseph)

(Nostradamus associates Open Books in his Lost Book, with the taking of wives..............wives are provided for the son of man via his soulmate, and god affords that process when his testimony is resolved..............on Planet Jupiter..............the Cart Wheel represents a Charge.............Nostradamus was explaining that he was the son of man in his day, and humanity or its sin, or a good or bad work, by himself or a blasphemer or some unclean person, would not disrupt the process for him specifically)

(1. Son of Man Title "head of priesthood (completed law not requiring a new testament)...2. Son of man Title "head of joseph" (for messiah association, generally attributed also to women...3. Son of Man Title "Ensign of Nations" (according to isaiah, the son of man and his family are an example for god's willingness to resolve mankind into the new universe)

(the 3301 was a description of a pyramid builder, that wanted to martyr himself, by using lethal force against moses, in an attempt to be absorbed into his testimony, as a charge, not necessarily me the hope of being carried along when my testimony is resolved to experience the same benefits, that humanity in its sin has deprived them of, which the son of man in his season obtain, without any of humanities suicid*al pleasures, or its depravity influences in disrupting the process that affords a soulmate and wives of his choosing, according to who or what he and his soulmate has in view or has had in view)

Example 1

(this situation, involving the Planet Earth has not happened.............technically this has happened with Jupiter Only)
(the Symbol from Nostradamus, does identify with that happened with Jupiter in 1994, that is the point we are trying to make)
(which became the subject of Cicada 3301............which then tied to Comet Elenin 2010)

You have 28 Years from 1994 to 2022 if this is the year, from a Legal Event like Jupiter Collision to Pair with Mayan Calendar (from Cicada 3301's perspective) (Comet Elenin was the Paralle, the third event is in 2022?)

(You are viewing the Mouth of a Cicada, which is like this mayan year before 2023 = 2022, one year before 2013 - 2012 ..............this is your 3301 CICADA conclusion according to the author..............most likely has this in view with the mayan calendar which is the centering of Earth's Sun, with the doubling of that for Jupiter's Sun)

(28 year cycle deals with saturn and jupiter, from 1994 Jupiter Strike, that is the only legal match from the mayan calendar, co-relating the alledged mayan conclusion............the answer is clear, and the same as we've said before..............)

(which is............Comet Elenin to 12/21/2012 Earth Sun in Center..............12/21/2020 Jupiter Sun in Center to 9/11/2022 (or 9/3 to 9/13 of 2022) to the alleged event, that involves Jupiter Only, the many conclusion according to the difference of the julian and gregorian calendar estimates for the mayan calendar's creation and completion dates, as was spoken, in our other discussion)

(Cicada 3301's conclusion using those figures only, you can match from Comet Elenin in 2010 following "Jupiter Saturn Pluto Cycle Table" to the year 9/2022 Approximately, as we've shown)

(Everything will be resolved soon, my family and my wives also), (edit perhaps this year, TOYNBEE IDEA ON PLANET JUPITER)
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posted on Jan, 11 2022 @ 05:08 PM
Dude, you have been here with at least 9 profiles I can think of, off the top of my head. Same mumbo-jumbo, different names. Same written style, same rainbow text explaining Nothing. Why do you bother?

a reply to: modobe

posted on Jan, 11 2022 @ 05:57 PM

originally posted by: vance
Dude, you have been here with at least 9 profiles I can think of, off the top of my head. Same mumbo-jumbo, different names. Same written style, same rainbow text explaining Nothing. Why do you bother?

a reply to: modobe

(The Legal Answer is, that, God usually acts relative to a Solstice or an Equinox.............God choose 9/11/2001..............God doubles his behavior and will likely choose 9/2022..........if you follow the reasoning of Cicada 3301............he used March and 30 Degrees, to denote, the difference between a nullified value of 0 and a valid value of 1, in relation to...............the "activation" of moses, or the ensign of nations whoever he is, it is at that time, perhaps, other pyramid builders will share the same blessing, and finish the corrupt law and purify that law, they lost out on with humanities sin and corruption of the law that affords then a soulmate and wives, for both the old and new testaments)

(the difference between me and other individuals, we believe that legal evidences are important, sometimes)
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posted on Jan, 11 2022 @ 06:25 PM
a reply to: modobe

Why do you keep posting all this crap that makes no sense?

If you want to get a message across I suggest you make your posts a little more succinct and to the point!

posted on Jan, 13 2022 @ 05:28 PM

originally posted by: nolabel
a reply to: modobe

Why do you keep posting all this crap that makes no sense?

If you want to get a message across I suggest you make your posts a little more succinct and to the point!

Mayan Calendar Cicada Edition (Will Try to Give a Legal Answer, a Second Time?)
(Right now haven't thought about anything really)
(Remember, it does not mean "CICADA 3301" is more correct then me, on the same subject, because his intelligence is higher then mines........this means only..........the correct answer is to reference a "son of man" or work published to that extent which would be more correct, then my inclination or his because, of the previous more complete states in understanding)

The Legal Claim is that Nostradamus used "3301"........we didn't make this clear..........and then also, we don't know..........this is related to the mayan calendar

Reply to "CICADA 3301" (my testimony regenerated my body.........and the point is........God locks those areas out of mankind, or satan's or anyone else's suicid* pleasure, also including mines, but i'm not a sinner, look at the amount of work people put into hurting me for their pleasure, and the loss of life following that.........what we said was, previous pyramid builders, used lethal force against me, in the hope of execution by my testimony, as the mechanism to be absorbed into my body, which is also the lord's body, from which the resurrect in part takes place............a space ship or wives, are just generated out of the arguments god has already in place, with this judgment or me, or those processes at that appointed time) (you've seen also their souls, with mine, and together that should be resolved, if that is true, we cannot say for certain)

Highlighted in Green is a CICADA(pyramid builder soulmate, or charge associated with that)..........with Nostradamus.....that 8 Spoked Wheel is his Testimony, the FUZZ in that wheel is his soulmate, and she the FUZZY ONE, is holding a book for him with the names of wives........She is performing the work in the top left plate**************to the right of that plate, she is performing the work, and she is holding a paper written with wives, she is colored in red to represent rebirth**********in the bottom left plate, "moses and his soulmate is in yellow holding the cross", she his soulmate is wearing a blue had with a male p*/cicada circled in green, this cicada is also on the women above her, she is performing the work of rebirth, CICADA 3301 IS BETWEEN THE TWO FIGURES OF THE DICE CIRCLED IN GREEN, its a calculation that is implied.............FINALLY in the plate to the right, that CICADA 3301 is compared to a gateway or portal or the planet Jupiter

(taking wives, or playing with this earth's energy grid, are negatives, it doesn't mean my testimony will be negatively impacted, my body may suffer or die, that is not important, that may even not happen, but like we said, an unclean person or a false witness is satan only, not me specifically, I get no pleasure in sin.............god's limits satan's unprofitability, and that is anything also not classified as a "son of man", an angel, the messiah, god, or some other heavenly host) (like those DICE that is 40 years? my 40th birthday is this year, doesn't mean that value is important, or I would need to be 40 years, since that 40 on the dice is at his feet, but think like you said "CICADA 3301" is the imaginary figure between those dice, that appears to be a ZERO, for a pyramid builder convicted of sin, that means no charge for articulation when the reaction takes place, or was susposed to)

(Nostradamus plates are color coded, and context reflective, denoting the testimony wheel in context, the conclusion above in infallible, its the same for the other material we went through recently over the last few weeks/days) (clearly Nostradamus has exceeded your intelligence and mines in the area of clarity in understand the ratio of behavior of god on the subject, as a son of man, that was articulated in his day, that is the point, not a false accusation, but legal evidences)

(Nostradamus Drew the Nebra Sky Disk as the Large Green Circle, which is Jupiter in the Lost Plate in the bottom right, this shows "CICADA 3301", WHICH IS the measurement, that identifies with, son of man pyramid builder and soulmate articulation, new testament, ensign of nations)

(we drew a line in red which is "CNT-22" FOR YEAR 2022, in which CICADA 3301, is satisfied, translation of the son of man/pyramid builders, into the ensign of nations (plural), according to the Nebra Sky Disk in Green, Nostradamus makes a reference to)

(Late Reply)

(Nostradamus Lost Book, appears to feature a CICADA, under the mountain)
You are viewing the Mayan Solar and Lunar Calendar's combined, which appear to describe a solar eclipse or the blackening of the planet Jupiter's Surface..............the lunar diagram description in the codex for the mayan calendar, that T symbol, matches the errect nation of jupiter's tilt which is about "CICADA 3301/313", NOT THE PLANET EARTH)

Remember humanity is commiting suicid* only, and that is the reward and promise of using force and being unclean with my is in your good fortunte, that 60 to 80 percent or more human lives don't die like a waste product very quickly, dead or alive, the loss of live will accelerate tremendously, that is the only reward for your war with the son of man, god or his angels
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posted on Jan, 15 2022 @ 02:55 PM
(Mayan Calendar Cicada Edition, Quick Reply/Response)

Simplified Argument Cicada 2012
(pyramid builder and soulmate argument, previous covenant babel, articulated in humanities covenant, ensign of nations, isaiah son of man primarily)

Cross of Hendaye says "CICADA", a college or a university's understanding is incorrect.

Two Principal Areas, the CICADA signature becoming translated to satisfy articulation of the pyramid builder soulmate+family.
And the giving of wives in that argument by his soulmate, blessed by an angel ofcourse. (not with planet's earth's energy grid because of the human dirth charge, and not by wives taken on earth by that individual because of the human dirth charge).

(The True Enemy of the son of man, at the end of time, is not a person or a spirit living or dead, or between the living and the dead, its only a false witness..............god blinds satan, and silences it, because its unprofitable)

The Alien Reply, shows clearly Planet Jupiter, remember "CICADA 3301", was not asking for an intelligent answer, he was asking someone to identify with the argument, and perhaps debunk the fallacy of performing a work. That means, the son of man, is blessed in his season, its not a work, he has to perform or not perform, with or without a flesh and blood body, its included in his testimony. You have multiple strikes from colleges and universities, its an area that will be resolved in its season.

(Quick Reply)

You are viewing the Mayan Calendar's Design, its Cogg Wheel System.

You are Viewing, "September 3 to September 13"........WHICH IS THE PULLING FROM CANCER TO the deviation from tropical to sidreal, since the mayan calendar's creation date to its completion date.

You are Viewin the argument we said previously, of "GREGORIAN TO JULIAN, IN MAYAN CREATION AND END DATE DIFFERENCES", AS THE projection from Gregorian Earth to Julian Jupiter, for the Mayan Calendar's Conclusion, which references also the Motion of the Vernal Equinox, which appars to be pulled in relation to earth's pull against the pole stars, in simple terms.

Thank You..............You have to wait, until this year, and everything should be resolved, its not a work, a son of man can perform, dead or living. Its not a sin or a blessing, its included automatically in my testimony.

(its my 40th year according, my 39th year, but its the year of my 40th birthday according to solomon's contradiction, and Issac's age of taking his wife, and moses's difference from aaron his wife, as pyramid builders, but according to ezekiel 4:5-6 the son of man, or pyramid builder is blessed at that time............the first primary argument is the son of man his lifespan, the secondary arguments, are the laws and the prophets)
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posted on Apr, 2 2022 @ 01:50 AM
Mayan Calendar Cicada Edition

(The Mayan Calendar was Originally Solved Observing the "Vernal Equinox Shift, under the Sidreal Zodiac, which observes shifting stars against relative positions"............this Deviation or the "Gregorian and Julian", translated dates for the Mayan Calendar, ends in 2100 A.D. at the 13th Day of Deviation between the "Gregorian and Julian" Calendars, at the 13th Baktun.............exactly as stated in the modern SINGULARITY theories)

The Cicada - Approximate Date of Occurance 11/28/2013


3301 Was a Calculation from the Date of Origion (11/28/2013) in Days, to mark the doubling of the 41 A.D. date which marks the first bridge to A.D. in the mayan calendar, for the last 40 or so years to humanities termination..............the date of 2100 A.D. is not specifically observed.............this is not isolated to the mayan calendar its an separate theory relative to it.

(Relative Theory - Low Accuracy)

This "hexagon has value of 1" what happened is the earth wobbled along the pole stars, it traced out also this hexagon, which coincided with the vernal equinox point, at the value of 12/21/2012.............but because.............GREGORIAN IS FOR EARTH SUN............AND JULIAN IS FOR JUPITER SUN............both conclusions are not valid for 12/21/2012, or one conclusion only is not value. SEE BELOW;

COMET ISON (11/28/2013), traces as patch that is "hexagon has value of 1", and this equals the CICADA 3301 or the count down in days, to the 13th baktun, as intended doubling the the 40 or so years in A.D. from mayan calendar (first A.D. DATE) to the last 40 or so years of earth, to humanities death.

11/28/2013 + "3301" Days = 12/12/2022, this is a legal conclusion
(however are commanded to keep watch..........)

(September of 2022 is Julian mayan end date imposed as we've said)
(October of 2022 is jupiter's sydonic position against the sky in same relative position, or so CARL JOHAN CALLEMAN) (10/28/2022)
This is approximately in days, the second december solstice that marks jupiter which began with a singularity, or COMET ISON, and the first one of the mayan calendar naturally ended on 12/21/2012)

(Everything is still Legally Valid for this Year, so very soon)
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posted on Apr, 2 2022 @ 02:52 AM
a reply to: vance

If I had to guess, I'd say mental illness of some sort? Not an expert by any definition but I've always found abnormal psychology a fascinating subject and the psychology presented here seems pretty damned abnormal!

posted on Apr, 2 2022 @ 03:49 AM
(Cicada 3301 was originally invented immediately before and during the discoveries of Comet Elenin and Comet ISON)

Comet Elenin 12/10/2010 - 9/10/2010 (as a process paralleling Sept. 2022 to Dec. 2022, the BLUE SUN/STAR/JUPITER)
Comet ISON 9/21/2012 - 11/28/2013 (and ofcourse on topic the Cicada Star Cluster Discovery or Appearance)

These are approximate measurements, coinciding with the eventual result of the mayan calendar............
There was also Space Ship Oumuamua and Space Ship Borisov, but the real argument, more accurately is represented by the comet elenin and ison observances.

(ofcourse the natual answer is, a negative in taking an action to removing 1 to 2 billion lives, but remember in disputing babylon with the testimony of the prophet daniel, god called forth a millstone or allowed one to be called, and they were terminated can be taken by a unified field, but remember this is a dispute with god in satan's suicide pleasure, and so given that, humanity will die in only a few years like 2061 halley's comet..............another mechanism is preferable, weather humanity continues in the good examples set forth off world, to escape its pain and death on earth, for earth is their controversy and accusation)
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