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Sitting down for a few episodes of Moonshiners

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posted on Jan, 6 2022 @ 06:48 PM
Must get away from politics for a while.

This is a really funny show. It started out as some good 'ol outlaw boys making illegal likker. (Of course it's staged, after all it's TV) But these guys do make real moonshine. The show evolved, and now they're doing a take-off of the cooking shows where chefs compete, and a panel of judges picks the best dish. Now the boys are making their best recipes and competing, with real whiskey experts judging the products! In addition to good old rye whiskey, these guys make gin, absinthe, and other exotic stuff.

There's a couple weirdos in the cast, but most of them are just fun-loving good o'l boys. The guy who really cracks me up is Mark, who makes shine with his old buddy Digger. In one episode, Mark was worried that a competitor's recipe might be a bit better than his. When he tried a taste, he said:
"Damn! That there's a good drink of likker, and I ain't hardly bullshIttin."

In this video, Mark talks about his mentor, Popcorn Sutton. Popcorn used to say he made different batches of shine, and they all had different effects. One recipe would make you want to sing and dance, another made you horny, another made you cry, etc...

Making gin:

Our still site is haunted:

posted on Jan, 6 2022 @ 07:03 PM
a reply to: ColeYounger

Popcorn Sutton... Wow.

If you like Moonshiners, watch:

Popcorn Sutton's "This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I'll Ever Make"

I dug it up for ya on youtube. Fact is, Ole Popcorn got into legal trouble for making it.

Sad story really.

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posted on Jan, 7 2022 @ 01:17 PM
i used to watch this its fun
good call getting away from politics for awhile

posted on Jan, 18 2022 @ 01:13 AM
Nice idea. I am a foodie and love cooking, so this type of show is my favorite time pass.

posted on Jan, 20 2022 @ 11:35 PM
a reply to: amidr

wats a foodi

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