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Anyone Going to Admit what a Cluster Covid is?

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posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 01:26 AM
If this doesn’t sum up what mixed messages everyone is getting I don’t know what will…

Virtual 'walkout': Chicago teachers vote for remote learning; city cancels classes for most of its 330,000 students

In a press conference late Tuesday night, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the vote constituted an “illegal work action,” and Chicago Public Schools CEO Pedro Martinez described the action as a “walkout.” Teachers who do not show up will not be paid, Lightfoot said.

So for some cities Covid is only deadly and dangerous when they want it to be, but perfectly mild and acceptable at other times.

When Covid first started I was all for testing over forced lockdowns. Right now I don’t even see the point in testing. Zero nada.
Why are so many “sick” people getting tested? If you are sick, stay the f home. If you aren’t, get your butts to work.
If you can’t breathe get to the hospital. Is it that complicated?

There is an old store that has been converted into a Covid testing site in our town.
The line going to it was insane. Tons and tons of people every time I pass by.
I can 100% guarantee you if the people in the line didn’t have Covid they do now!
Are people trying to get sick so they can miss work?

PS. wanted to add, if hospitals are so overwhelmed why are they bugging me like crazy to get a colon cancer screening right NOW. I’m not of any milestone age, nor do I have any risk factors. Interesting timing for sure.

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posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 01:32 AM
a reply to: JAGStorm

The biggest problem I see is the doomsday and fearmongers are never confronted or corrected with the REAL FACTS.

Ex: The GOOD GUYS at the CDC continue reporting weekly reality.

Covid Hospitalizations Continue Dropping:

The MSM, Fauci, and other $$ stakeholders, want the country to believe just the opposite is true.

The fearmongering geared towards getting our children injected with these experimental vaxx drugs, is at a fever pitch right now.

But as the chart shows, no age group has experienced increased hospitalization since Omicron arrived in the USA.

Those who scream about unvaccinated kids taking hospitals to the breaking point, are very sick in the head.

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 01:40 AM
Hell, I (like many others) have been saying that the whole dog-and-pony-show was nothing but a massive fuster-cluck since the first mass house arrests and face-diaper mandates were sounded. Nothing else will surprise me - not even the stupid gullibility of the sheep that eschew reality.

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 02:26 AM
If they can't jab you, they wanna butt probe you

This is how medicine works, these days.. lol

They wanna do the same to me. Not happening doc. You can stick your colonoscopy up your own bum!

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 04:50 AM
What may be covid?

"Biological warfare - the (deliberate use of disease-causing agents) such as bacteria, virus, rickettsiae, and fungi, or other toxins, to kill or incapacitate humans, animals, or plants as an (act of war)"

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 06:34 AM
Here is what we are seeing here in MI.

It isn't even just the sick being tested. Kids have to be tested every day, if they have been exposed, before they can go to school.
Many companies are requiring get vaccinated, or test every day, week, whatever.

So, of course this is going to drive the numbers up. Half these people don't even feel sick.

But hey, we have long testing lines, because so many are sick. (According to the news)

It is just getting ridiculous.
But at least they have backed off the "everyone is dying" narrative.

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 06:40 AM
Should raise an eyebrow or two

Pfizer Partnered With China’s Vaccine Passport Platform, Admits Being ‘Proud To Stand With China Leaders.’ - December 29, 2021

Pfizer Inc partnered with a Chinese Communist Party payment platform which has been used to implement “vaccine passports” in China since the outbreak of COVID-19. The company said it was “proud to stand with China leaders.”......

Says it all

Cluster "Bleep" by design

Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes Vaccine Data Cover-Up

According to Brook Jackson, a whistleblower who worked on Pfizer’s Phase 3 COVID jab trial in the fall of 2020, data were falsified, patients were unblinded, the company hired poorly trained people to administer the injections, and follow-up on reported side effects was significantly delayed.......

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posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 06:56 AM
a reply to: JAGStorm

Know what's super crazy? I've gone this whole time without a jab. Yeah I got covid, but so did every one of my relatives with 99 boosters. Any wouldn't ya know it, we survived. I'm more worried about the general flu season. That sh!t sucks.

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 07:00 AM
The cluster f is not a bug, it's the feature, they love it for it gives them the ability to change the rules to their liking without notice. Just like "Dr" Fauxi, he's literally taken both sides of about every issue that's possible. The medical establishment has failed us full stop, they were wooed by easy money, and quickly forgot any semblance of integrity they so lightly grasped. We are now to put our lives, or our childrens lives in the hands of a company whom up u til 2019 was full stop thr enemy of the people? Give me a break..

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 07:13 AM
a reply to: jerich0
I will say this. They misdiagnosed a back injury for a gut problem, I'm 49.

I really didn't want to go for the scope, but they told me that was my issue so in I went.

It turned out it was my back and a couple of lower broken vertebrae. However when they were doing the scope they noticed a couple of things that were not causing me any symptoms of the time. Turns out they were cancerous growth (very small).

If I hadn't had that scope (no way I would have gone in for a screening). 5 years down the road I would have had a major problem, they may have had to either cut out parts of my guts, or it could have metastasized.

Lucky mistake on their part and mine.

I didn't get off easy. A severely crushed set of vertebrae in my lower back pretty much limits me to walking, driving and getting dressed. Sure would've been nice to know about that when it happened. A brace would've saved my back, but covid-19 protocols put my orthopedics appt and tests to the back of the line.

Lucky to be able to walk and drive I suppose.

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 08:20 AM
a reply to: jerich0

May you never have cancerous polyps in your colon.

You'd be dead now....or shortly

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 08:36 AM
a reply to: chiefsmom

Metro Detroit here. We're full in all Med Centers...staffing shortage of the sick and prof burnout.

I'm 69, called OUT to please come back to free up others. helping in the major centers. Beaumont, Wayne State, DMC...all

6,000+ cases daily. Good, bad, fake, real or imagined. Me? A dozen vax and boosters, pre-existing heart patient, age prohibited....I'm fine.

March 1st Me: "911. What is your emergency"?

Why me? Cause everyone is burned out, on triple dipple overtime. Fine.

But its a sad state of affairs...when I tell you....there may come a time when you call 911 and hear:

"911. Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was received. This is a recording".

Why? Because of some crazy virus, disease, disorder, malady, flu...whatever! It takes greatly from the employable workforce.

We are there now in Michigan.

God bless..MS

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 08:59 AM

Are people trying to get sick so they can miss work?

No , they just want to test positive so they can miss work .

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 09:21 AM
to my untrained eye..... the 'cluster COVID' events seem to happen in those 'spots' where a public controversy is gaining momentum

its as if the localized spot get inundated with COVID infected items which infect the local people so their attention is turned to the a Fear of getting infected with a Deadly Strain from outta NoWhere !

so, if there's a public outcry about 'masking' or 'distancing' or 'mandates' aimed at children getting boosters/vaxxs .... Then look-out ----> there's a COVID C luster about to start in Your backyard !

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 09:53 AM
Don't let the news convince you there's a conflict with Chicago Teachers and The Mayor.

There is no conflict.

Everything happening is according to plan.


posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 10:01 AM
The influx of people going to get tested and overwhelming the ERs is pre planned, the administration did it, in order to be able to keep the mandates once it goes in the supreme court.

Remember he told people go get tested because the test are going to be free.

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 10:15 AM

originally posted by: xuenchen
Don't let the news convince you there's a conflict with Chicago Teachers and The Mayor.

There is no conflict.

Everything happening is according to plan.


Another PART OF THE PLAN is for people to leave quarantine while still contagious (5 days? lol.) in order to keep Covid-19 Omicron spreading like wildfire.

Fear = Increased desire for boosters ($$$).

Fear = Increased desire for vaccinations ($$$).

Fear = Teacher's Unions Getting More Govt $$$.

Remember... It's mostly about $$$$.

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 10:19 AM
a reply to: marg6043

I remember when President Trump said during one of his many nationally broadcast Covid briefings... "Maybe we'll just dial back on the testing. You don't need a test to tell you you're not feeling well!".

Every single network cut in to scream about how bad that would be for America. Millions would die!

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 11:56 AM

originally posted by: JAGStorm
PS. wanted to add, if hospitals are so overwhelmed why are they bugging me like crazy to get a colon cancer screening right NOW. I’m not of any milestone age, nor do I have any risk factors. Interesting timing for sure.

Hospitals are always at or near capacity... always. Having lots of empty beds is bad for business.

Any hospital that is over capacity right now is due to lack of personnel, not beds.

posted on Jan, 5 2022 @ 12:29 PM
Had covid once for sure, the wife had a test and I had similar symptoms at the time. We both had similar but more severe symptoms eighteen months before, no testing available to the public at that time around here, so we do not know for sure, but the symptoms were almost identical to the second confirmed virus the wife had around two months ago.

I never got tested the second time...why, we both sleep together and live together, we both had similar symptoms, only an idiot would believe I did not have it too. Seems like no evidence is ok if they say it is ok, but since I have no confirmed testing evidence than I never had it. I also was in approval initially of the caution when the virus appeared for about three or four months as a precaution but they had plenty of information on this virus by month five of the pandemic and everything since then is hogwash and just because I got a stimulus check after that I still do not believe the response by the government was correct.

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