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Mandated C19 Tests to Leave Isolation - This should be interesting..

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posted on Jan, 3 2022 @ 06:58 PM

originally posted by: XipeTotex

originally posted by: chr0naut

originally posted by: XipeTotex

originally posted by: chr0naut
a reply to: VulcanWerks

It's quite simple and makes sense:

5 days quarantine works for the majority of people, but some people don't conform to the average and will incubate COVID-19 for longer periods.

As part of the reduction in length of quarantine (based on what we have learned about the normal disease progression, and for reason of not over-taxing resources), there should also be testing of those who may not have gotten over the disease, or who may still be asymptomatic carriers.

Testing may not be perfect, but it is enormously better than doing nothing at all and just hoping for the best.

I vote doing nothing at all.

hoping for the best is exactly what they are doing right now, faulty tests

All measurements have a margin of error, but that doesn't mean they are faulty.

, leaky injections

No vaccine is 100% effective forever. The Pfizer vaccine has a measured effectiveness of 95%. The best Smallpox vaccine also has a measured effectiveness of 95%, and it was enough to eliminate smallpox.

Vaccine Basics | Smallpox | CDC

the nazism

The Nazi's rounded up and exterminated about 6 million of people, in the space of three years, almost purely with 'race only' as a criteria.

Quarantining the sick, and maintaining reasonable disease control rules to prevent the spread of an infectious, and in some cases deadly disease, is nothing like what the Nazi's did.

, and now with the megatron variant, comes the question, how harmless a virus needs to be until we stop this psyop.

The psyop is the denial of the reality, and the umpteen excuses that are often contradictory to each other.

after 30 years have passed i will most likely still be laughing at this whole joke, then they will lower my social credit score but i do not care, just like now, i mean the flu? bring it on, i do not use fentanyl but even that has a higher chance of ending me.

So, you are a child.

Worldwide, nearly two out of every hundred cases of COVID-19, have died.

Deny all you want.
Smallpox has nothing to do with this because it is actually dangerous to healthy human beings.

Smallpox also killed those that had comorbidities. All diseases do.

Smallpox's maximum CFR is quoted as 30%, but it wasn't the same at all times, and all situations. Smallpox CFR has been measured to be as low as 3%.

If we had measured CFR of COVID-19 that way, it would have a CFR of 19.6% (measured in Yemen in late 2021), or 13% (measured in Italy, in April 25, 2020). Sure, that isn't as high as smallpox, but it is higher than the 1918 'Spanish' flu with a maximum CFR of 3%. (Note that the 1918 flu is considered deadlier than polio because it was more infectious and killed more than polio within a one year time-frame).

USAMRIID's Medical Management of Biological Casualties Handbook (PDF) (7th ed.). U.S. Government Printing Office.

If you recall, COVID-19 was first identified because it killed numbers of people with very similar pneumonic symptoms. It is a disease that does kill otherwise healthy people, and has a very specific symptomology in those it kills. In almost all cases, they don't die of a multiple of different diseases with different symptoms to COVID-19 and just get mislabeled as cause of death. It does sometimes happen, but is very rare because the symptoms of severe COVID-19 are specific and unmistakable.

Now they are harming all people equally, race does not matter. And quarantining "exposed" people.

I agree about the denial, so many are in denial right now, the more stupid this gets, it gets harder and harder to snap out of it because one has to admit the level of insanity regarding this matter.

Do not know why you must attempt to attack me on a personal level by calling me a child, but yeah, i am a child at heart at 33.

Apologies for calling you a child. I made that assumption from your comment that you would look back on this situation in 30 years. As I happen to be nearly twice your age, I'm sure you can see where I might have made that assumption that you were significantly younger.

Do not throw your made up statistics at me, they mean nothing these days. Died of- vs died with- vs do not even test just marks as died of covid.

Your confusion about the meaning of the statistical data collated, does not mean that the majority of COVID-19 classified deaths were from other things, nor does it mean the numbers are made-up.

Let me explain: the CDC numbers, and those used on the John's Hopkins sites, collate the cause of death statistics from death certificates. Specifically ones coded with U07.1.

The U07.1 coding is for COVID-19 with clinical symptoms confirmed by laboratory testing. Untested, or with indeterminate lab results, are excluded from the classification (U07.2 is for that, and is not used for compiled reporting values). The classification also specifically excludes more general Coronavirus (B34.2) and SARS (U04.9) diagnoses - i.e: it is quite specifically COVID-19 as a cause of death.

In the early days (prior to Saturday July 11, 2020), in Florida, a motorcycle crash was mis-coded as as COVID-19, because the fatality tested positive. After this was revealed, Florida revised the numbers and changed its reporting criteria, as did many states. Remember that this was only one case out of 4,782 COVID-19 deaths in Florida by that date, and yet, ever after, this has been taken to mean that all the death statistics from the entire country are skewed forever.

Clearly, the belief that the official numbers are "made up" and inaccurate, is beyond delusional, but is so often repeated by the loud and the gullible. There's your "sheeple" for you, people who lack the capability to distinguish truth from whatever propaganda they just happen to see first, or is most 'in their face'.

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posted on Jan, 6 2022 @ 04:26 PM
Is not a person asymptomatic just a carrier of the virus and not the actual COVID 19 disease?
Same as a vaxxxed carrier with no symptoms?

originally posted by: Faeded

originally posted by: chr0naut

originally posted by: Faeded
Ok genious...

Then what about all those that are vaxxxed and carriers?
Seems they would fall inline with asymptomatic eh?
Yet no restrictions ?
a reply to: chr0naut

How much less likely are you to spread covid-19 if you're vaccinated? - NewScientist

And, as far as I know, many restrictions still apply, vaccinated or unvaccinated.

But the truth is that fewer of the vaccinated get the disease, and of those that are breakthrough cases, they are infectious for a shorter length of time and are 65% less likely to spread that infection.

Aside from that, what sort of reduction in infectiousness would you expect to get due to no vaccination?


So un like symptoms...
Breakthrough cases have symptoms and are less likely to spread the virus then unvaxed asympto right?

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