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2021 - The year that wasn't.

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posted on Jan, 1 2022 @ 04:49 AM
Welp, it's 2022. Happy New Year, I guess. Now, those of us who still write checks have to learn / remember to write 2022 on everything.

So what was 2021 exactly? It seems to me like 2021 was a year that wasn't. The year 2020 was cursed with a dreaded faux pandemic which pretty much destroyed the world, certainly the world economy anyway. We all endured 2020 and the vast majority of us survived, all hoping that 2021 would bring us some relief, some hope, and the belief that things would maybe, just maybe, return to normal. Many of us rang in the new year of 2021 with great satisfaction as we flushed the turd that was the year 2020 down the toilet. The long uphill battle of 2020 had finally ended. Thank God, and Good Riddance!

And along came the year 2021. Nothing changed. The Bullsh##, with a capital 'B', just continued, ad nauseum. All that hope just vanished, and people realized nothing was going to go back to normal. There was no "normal" left to go back to. 2021 was just more of the same. Another year off of all of our lives, and the long uphill slog just continued. The sun never came out really, and the dark clouds of masking up, social distancing, and placating some imaginary evil just went on...and on. Oh sure, we all went through the motions, pretending things were normal. We celebrated birthdays, and holidays, as if things were normal, but they weren't. The grey pall of death and disease was never far away. A simple press of the TV remote, however brief, never let anyone forget.

So, what was 2021 exactly? It's like a year that never even happened. What will 2021 be remembered for? Nothing. Even though I, like many others, had major events happen in 2021, I can't even really remember 2021 and it's only behind me by one day, if even that.

We can say goodbye to 2021 much the same as we did to the year 2020...Good Riddance, you sour old bat! But wait...did 2021 even happen????

It seems to me like 2021 never even really happened, not even a blip in time. Like everyone just went into some kind of a time warp, and the World just skipped a year. Old man time didn't spare us aging another year though, of course not. If anything, many of us aged even more than just a single year in 2021, sitting on our butts with nothing to do, and falling apart. What was 2021??? Did it really even happen???

2021...the year that wasn't.

posted on Jan, 1 2022 @ 04:54 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Talk like this in 2022 will cause the fbi to raid your house for starting an insurrection. Welcome to 1984

posted on Jan, 1 2022 @ 07:41 AM
Ten most significant items that I remember from 2021

1. I didn’t attend the Washington protest on January 6. I had plans to go, but my sweet wife talked me out of it.
2. Joe Biden swearing in before damn near nobody.
3. “President” Biden writes executive orders trying out erase everything that President Trump accomplished.
4. Our new bar/pool house project is suspended due to exorbitant lumber costs.
5. I was diagnosed with COVID-19.
6. My attempt to take my wife to Europe for her birthday, was again halted by travel restrictions.
7. My Granddaughter started college.
8. Our vacation, second attempt, was canceled.
9. Our company Christmas Party became a super spreader event.
10. My Wife test positive for COVID. No Christmas at our home this year as we have three family members with the virus. No New Years party either.

Would someone please flush this turd?

posted on Jan, 1 2022 @ 07:50 AM
a reply to: Nickn3

Consider it flushed homie

posted on Jan, 1 2022 @ 11:22 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Sadly true and relatable. It's like time was on hyper drive. But if you Power the Comeback and.get your Vaccine we can go back to NORMAL *insane laughing *

posted on Jan, 1 2022 @ 11:30 AM
I'll be honest. In a lot of ways, 2021 wasn't horrible for me personally. I got a full-time job that came with a raise and then a promotion all within the first five months. I actually don't mind doing what I do now.

I got back into competition, and I realized how much a part of my life it had been and how much I missed it. I am blessed to still be physically able to do it, and I am also blessed to have a supportive husband and great group of people to train with and compete with and to teach me. Those are all difficult things to find. Believe me; I have the experience to know.

But at the same time, freakin' COVID was hanging over all of it and still is. I wish it would just go away and die already because I am so done with it. Like I've told several people who freak out - This has been my entire married existence. My husband works with infectious disease as a career and that reality that work could come home with him has always, always been a part of our lives. COVID is nothing new for us, so the level of hysteria in the world is just astonishing.

posted on Jan, 3 2022 @ 04:16 AM

originally posted by: ketsuko
I'll be honest. In a lot of ways, 2021 wasn't horrible for me personally. I got a full-time job that came with a raise and then a promotion all within the first five months. I actually don't mind doing what I do now.

May I ask, was covid vaccination a condition of the job that you secured?

- H

posted on Jan, 3 2022 @ 05:13 AM
2020 was one of the worst years in my life.

Several problems converged to make it a # sandwich.

The pandemic hardly featured on the Richter Scale of my problems that year.

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