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He177 modified for Amerika bomber mission, described by Peter Brill

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posted on Dec, 30 2021 @ 07:03 PM

In April 2005, then 81 year old He177 pilot gave a talk to his Spanish flying club compatriots at Sabadell. Peter had been a member of the Hitler Youth
and volunteered for Luftwaffe pilot training because he had a passion for aviation.

He learned to fly the He177 and then he was selected to train for a one way mission to bomb New York with six fellow pilots, none of whom survived the war. His cohort trained on astral navigation using He111 aircraft. Peter said nine He177 aircraft were modified with enormous bomb bays for the bomb to be dropped on New York. Peter Brill said four aircraft were ready to fly the mission, but kept stored at Sprottau, east of Berlin hidden under camouflage nets, where he thought they must have been captured by the advancing Soviet army in 1945. Peter himself was captured by the Soviets and spent three years in Soviet captivity.

After delivering their bomb, crews were to rendezvous with U-boats for return to Germany. Peter called the modified bomber an AK177.

Peter noted the AK177 had paired BD603 engines driving contra-rotating propellers, providing sufficient range to reach New York. This must have been the DB613 engine which apparently never emerged from development. The AK177 described by Peter Brill also matches a hybrid He177 mentioned in Heinkel factory documents with wings from the Messerschmitt Me.264.

A POW report from 1943 in which conversations between prisoners were secretly recorded by hidden microphones identifies the He177 bombers with enlarged bomb bays were intended to use the"76 Zentner" bomb. The report also notes those aircraft awaited engines being developed for them.

The 76 Zentner was elsewhere described by other POWs as a bomb which could destroy entire towns and every soul in them.

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posted on Dec, 31 2021 @ 02:22 AM
a reply to: RIPMH370
Shortly after posting about Peter Brill, an article in Spanish about him arrived in my email inbox
That article was:

Peter Brill, el joven piloto de la Luftwaffe que fue entrenado para bombardear Nueva York, or

Peter Brill, the young Luftwaffe pilot who was trained to bomb New York

by Alfred Lopez
December 13, 2016

To quote a direct translation Alfred wrote:

For this they needed to carry it out with a bomber with enough capacity to withstand all those hours of flight, so they thought of the 'Heinkel He 177 Greif' , a gigantic airplane with a wingspan of 30 meters and a length of 20 meters that had four engines and two propellers. They had been working on perfecting it since 1939.

The problem lay in the autonomy of the aforementioned bomber, which could carry out around 6,500 kilometers without problems, half of what it had to travel (counting the round trip, as I mentioned a couple of paragraphs above).

In order to save fuel and for it to arrive for the entire trip, it was planned that the Heinkel He 177 Greifs would take off from Germany with the four engines running and later change to only two engines, arrive in New York, descend, bomb the city and return.

All this almost impossible and to which different options were being tested, such as refueling in a base that was located in an intermediate point (Greenland according to Erhard Milch's memoirs)

THE article continued:

Coupling a 'parasitic' Messerschmitt to a Ju-390 bomber was even studied. But one after another the different options were discarded and after four months, in which Peter Brill (along with a small group of chosen ones) was receiving specific training to carry out such a mission, he finally completely rejected starting it and was left in the oblivion, this being one of the war operations that Hitler would have been most interested in carrying out as a demonstration of power and strength. Something that, in the first half of 1943, the Führer was beginning to lack.

One option tested was to tow a winged fuel trailer to be discarded after take off and climb to altitude.

The fuel trailer was tested towed behind many different aircraft types including the He177

Alfred continued...

This is just one of the historical anecdotes collected in the recently published book 'The Diary of Peter Brill' by Pere Cardona and Laureano Clavero(published by Editorial Dstoria) and whose reading I recommend. A passionate story of a young man who wanted to fly and joined the Luftwaffe and ended up in prison for three years, after the end of WWII, in a Soviet prison camp. His adult life brought him to work in Spain, where he lived in Valencia, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. In his old age it was when he had the opportunity to share all his experiences (the one related in this post is just a brushstroke) to Laureano Clavero that he filmed a documentary and was the origin of the book.

Peter Brill passed away in Palma de Mallorca on February 22, 2013 at the age of 89.

I forgot to post this image of a POW report from British archives at Kew, describing the 76 Zentner (bomb's) converted He177 bomber.

Except for Peter's testimony in 2005 we would have lost all clues to solve the puzzle of Hitler's Amerika bomber mission. Nor would we have any clue to solve the mystery of rumours that the He177 V38 prototype was modified to carry an Atomic bomb.
people like me are often denounced as conspiracy theorists, when in reality all we do is take broken pieces of a puzzle and try to solve the jig saw puzzle. I am not making up facts. I am merely citing facts and trying to make sense of why it was so important to fly one bomber with one bomb so far, to bomb just one city?

When Enola Gay delivered just one bomb to destroy just one city, no effort was spared. Goering even commissioned a study of the effects from dropping just one bomb on New York. Is it such a crime to ask why?

This map from Goering's study was published by the New York Times 2nd April 1946.

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posted on Dec, 31 2021 @ 04:21 PM
S&F Thanks for post
one can only imagine the panic on the East Coast if even one of those planes had completed its mission.

even if successful, it would only have been a gimmick with little real military value (like the Doolittle raid) but maybe worthwhile in making us divert resources.

posted on Dec, 31 2021 @ 04:40 PM
a reply to: RIPMH370

Thank you for the great read, it's appreciated. I had no idea Germany had plans to strike our mainland.

I had heard about the Japanese aircraft carrying submarines, but had no idea Germany had a similar project.

Love old history like this.

posted on Jan, 9 2022 @ 09:03 PM
a reply to: Skyman65

Hitler obsessed about attacking USA as early as 1928, when he wrote the manuscript for his second book (unpublished until 1960) Early in the war 1942-I think, The German Air Ministry commissioned a study by Oberst Deitrich Schwenke to consider and present proposals for bombing targets all across USA, INCLUDING San DIego, Seattle, Maiami, Cincinati, NYC, Et al...
Part of the plan involved airborne invasion of Iceland, capture of Bermuda, or the Azores, etc.

A German owned airline in Colombia, SCADTA employed Luftwaffe reservist pilots and owned an airport at Baranquella, well within range of USA, so there was even a plan to ferry bombers from Dakar to Argentina, then to Colombia.

Hitler declared war on USA on December 11, 1941, because it was his dream to destroy USA, long before the Japanese attack on Pearl Habour.

Bombers considered for the Amerika bomber mission in 1942 included the Me.264, He177, Ju290, (only a transport plane in 1942) & Bv222 Wiking.
the Italian airline LATI helped to plan attacks from Latin America.

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posted on Jan, 9 2022 @ 09:26 PM
a reply to: RIPMH370

Often overlooked by history is the fact that German Uboats penetrated the st Lawrence seaway in Canada and likely further

U-boat Landings
German submarines landed men in Québec and Labrador twice during WORLD WAR II. On the night of 8-9 Nov 1942 the spy Werner Janowski came ashore from U-518 near New Carlisle, Qué, and was almost immediately captured, later becoming an RCMP double agent. On 22 and 23 Oct 1943 the crew of U-537 landed an automatic weather station at Martin Bay, 32 km S of Cape Chidley, Labrador. The station transmitted data for about 3 months. Although sighted by casual visitors, it was not properly identified until July 1981.
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posted on Jan, 12 2022 @ 04:55 AM
a reply to: ElGoobero

The Germans did not invest all that effort in 1943 converting nine He177 aircraft (according to Brill) with extra large bomb bays just to scare America.

The He177 V38 prototype was captured at Prague 08 May 1945. It seems it was in the process of conversion when the war ended.

compared with a regular He177 bomb bay

Some years ago I was approached by a German lawyer representing pre-school children sick from radiation poisoning because their school was built over a WW2 Uranium enrichment facility at Espelkamp. That lawyer presented me with documents and evidence that Nazi Germany was enriching Uranium in an underground facility at Espelkamp. He also proved to me that the British kept enriching Uranium there until 1948 using interned Nazi scientists & engineers with Operation Matchbox.

The most incredible claim he made to me was that the US 9TH Army proceeded from Espelkamp to another underground facility near Goslar where they captured the German Atomic bomb. he said the bomb was flown to France, then shipped to USA where it was used to bomb Hiroshima?
I struggled to accept this claim until I researched how much Uranium Oak Ridge actually enriched before July 1945. The answer was just 11.542 kilograms Little Boy is said to have used 64kg HEU, so where did it come from if not from Oak Ridge?

According to pilot Peter Brill four He177 were modified for an extra large bomb and equipped with powerful new engines (DB613) to reach USA in a one way mission.

Nobody goes to such effort just to make an empty gesture.

The Hiroshima bomb was built in Germany

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posted on Jan, 12 2022 @ 05:05 AM
a reply to: Skyman65

Hitler's second book was unpublished until 1961, but in that book written in 1928, Hitler predicted Germany would have to destroy USA. The project to build the Me264 Amerika bomber began in 1937.

Hitler was deadly serious about war with America.

posted on Jan, 12 2022 @ 05:57 AM
No way could a standard He177 cross the Atlantic to bomb New York, but Brill described a hybrid He177 aircraft whose existence is confirmed by Heinkel company archives cited by "Heinkel He.177, 277, 274" Manfred Griehl and Joachim Dressel (Airlife Publishing Ltd.) Page 96-98. THE Hybrid aircraft used wings manufactured for the Me264, with 3,800hp 60 Litre engines which were more powerful than the B29's 55 LITRE 3,700 hp Wright R-3350 engines. The DB613 engines on hybrid He177 drove contra rotating propellers.

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