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On January 5th the New York State legislature begins

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posted on Dec, 19 2021 @ 05:00 PM

originally posted by: Byrd

originally posted by: LoneCloudHopper2
Fortunately this bill has been dormant for a long time. If it were to be passed, Bill A416 would effectively allow the Governor of New York to arrest any individual or group for refusing vaccinations. They could be detained by her command indefinitely. This may be the most Orwellian political move we've seen in the West. It not only tears apart the Constitution and outright treats unvaccinated Americans as criminals, but it would empower Governor Kathy Hochul with the authority to imprison political revivals (Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables.") Is this the beginning of concentration camps in the US? Hopefully it never passes.

The bill (which was introduced in 2015 (I looked it up. You can, too.)) does say that the governor can have people arrested if they are a public health risk. However, governors are not absolute dictators, and the first one who gets jail time if and when it passes will likely be an activist with a lot of financial power. They get arrested and lawyer up and the battle of the bill begins.

Arresting a political rival wouldn't be easy to get away with. They'd have the ACLU and the US attorney generals and everyone else after them. And it wouldn't stand up in the Supreme Court.

And the governor who tried that would get voted out very quickly.

I agree.

So why is the democrat party still pushing this lunacy?

Why did the democrat party come up with this lunacy in the first place?

And why has the so called 'liberal' party not slapped down the major fascist wing now in complete control of their party?

Surely you can see why everyone else is now accurately labeling these democrat party objectives as fascist now, right?

While accurately doing the same for the 81 million fascist idiots who supposedly voted for the fascist in chief?

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