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Are we all going to die or be changed into zombies with covid and its vaccines

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posted on Dec, 10 2021 @ 02:29 PM

originally posted by: alphabetaone

originally posted by: rickymouse
It isn't covid till the immune system inappropriately responds to the virus, so we did not have covid 19

This was sarcasm, right?

No, that was the truth not sarcasm. we had the viral infection, our immune systems reacted normally, so it did not turn into covid 19

Funny that people have been led to believe that covid 19 data is about getting the viral infection when in fact, covid 19 is actually a disease on it's own, it is like sepsis. When someone dies of sepsis caused by the flu or pneumonia infection, it is usually listed as a sepsis death, not a viral death, but the cause of the sepsis reaction is also listed on the death certificate too as a contributing factor.

posted on Dec, 10 2021 @ 02:47 PM
a reply to: musicismagic

One day, a big guy got hungry but when I say hungry, I don't mean... like a little bit peckish... I mean, this huge guy was absolutely starving!

So he decided to create the planets and stuff so he could fill himself up once and for all, instead of constantly having to eat dust from space and stuff like that. So...along came the planets... (Uranus is a clue!) and then it happened!
These wee things started popping out one of these things he had planet (see - dumb people cannot spell planted- makes sense see!)...humans!
"AM totally f**king starving... but if I wait a while... I can eat billions and billions and billions...

(still can't figue out if it's billy yinzen or billions he's saying or not - but see we were warned!)

What if we are the food and we are all being harvested and the big man's back for his dinner...

Anyways, on a more serious note or maybe less serious?

I am not quite sure yet, although im leaning towards the possibility that this is indeed the start of the NWO playing out before our eyes and the veil lifting. I do however think there is a possible twist coming down the road, a sort of... ooft that was a close one, with someone stepping into a hero role to save the day type of thing that turns out to be even worse later.

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posted on Dec, 10 2021 @ 08:55 PM

originally posted by: mysterioustranger
a reply to: musicismagic

Brother? Damn! Don't you ever have anything nice to say?

The world is pretty great. Messed up as we are, still.

Smile more friend. It doesn't cost anything.🤙
Bless you over there from over here!

Hey thank you my good friend.
As time passes for me, I do see a gleam of hope, going to do a cycling tour from Hokkaido to Okinawa next year. Fk this virus bullshtt.

posted on Dec, 10 2021 @ 09:03 PM
a reply to: musicismagic

No , the Vaccinated " Might " Develop Full Blown AIDS ............Scary Thought .

" COVID-19 Vaccine Causes AIDS, Says Dr. Zelenko "

posted on Dec, 11 2021 @ 12:24 AM
You will own nothing.
it means you will be a slave in all ways.

there is technology for vaccines:

1) to disable the God's gen ( you will feel rejection and discomfort for thinking in spiritual things, like illumination, god, meditation)

2)the natural state of the body is healthy.
the new switch: the new natural state of your body is to be sick. you will need forever medicines. if you dont take it, you will die.
this via the vaccines and food, and products you use or wear.

3)your reproduction and fertility rates are now controlled by others.
via the food you intake, via the vaccines.

4)your sexual preferences are controlled by others
via the food you intake, via the vaccines,
and also influenced, trained, via massive media.

5)what you intake is like blazors that damage your body, causing you from internal cuts that will give cloths, to organ damage, to death.
particles in vaccines can be modified via mobile frequencies, cutting you internally,
also large areas with multiple mobile frequencies like in events in stadiums, can kill you if you are doing large exercise (via waves moving the particles in your body).
also a kind of EMP can kill you now, via altering the movement and/or function of particles in your body.

6) your mood behavior is controlled now.
easy to obey.

7)nanoparticles remain in your body as you live. are harder and stronger that your blood, your muscles, tisues, bones. then they can cut you internally or damage you step by step.

Mitochondria in humans were a mix from another species into the human specie, but it was a benefit for humans.

But the new changes are towards identifying, labeling, controlling, breed, reproduction, of the cattle: mankind.

known plans for depopulation goes from:
8 billion people,
to 6 billion,
to 3 billion
to 1 billion
to near 333 million.

a lot of people is going to die in this decades, and a lot of people is going to mutate.

you are watching an interactive movie, a worldwide theater with one long screen play, you are living your reality show.

dont buy the ticket.

the only winning move is not to play.
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posted on Dec, 11 2021 @ 02:08 AM
People are already zombies from smartphone addictions.

posted on Dec, 11 2021 @ 08:35 AM
a reply to: musicismagic

You know? I've played guitar...for 60 yrs. I know you do.

Music can be a reward in itself.

Knew this past year, youve spoken about cycling around the Land of the Rising Sun!

A lot of us...will be interested in your interactions during your travels.

You...have a seriously important put your finger...on the real pulse of the People.

And not just from print!

Hey! Wear elbow n knee pads!

Me: "Broke my elbow!"
They: "How in the hell did you do that?"
Me: " Bike accident!"
They: "Wow. Harley Davidson, Triumph?"
Me: "Nope. Schwinn 10 speed. 1 inch tires."

Careful out there!🙏✌️🤙

posted on Dec, 11 2021 @ 11:39 AM
As I said here the Apocalypse is running currently so that would mean everyone who took the vaxes were taking the mark of the beast.

You're new master will be along to collect you presently.

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