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New Zealand set to ban smoking

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posted on Dec, 14 2021 @ 06:10 PM
a reply to: Fowlerstoad

They know that and were counting those chickens before they hatched the plan... it's alcohol prohibition 2.0. Hey we don't have cartels... aww poor babies just ban something.

Banning control is what kings and queens were... you know those horrible people? Yeah what about them?

Let's build a magnificent palace lovely gardens and nice high walls and a moat... and just give it to them.

Why the hell would we want to do all of that for them?

*Apparently it worked all over the world but then all of those horrible people started expecting us to do more and more stuff for them.

So it was a prison but a very nice one we were building for them?


Well, that sure backfired didn't it?


Works for me.

should I stick my thumb out too?

Only when I get tired of doing it mate...

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posted on Dec, 14 2021 @ 07:46 PM
For crying out loud! I use to smoke, occasionally vape now. I can't believe how fast we have allowed these tyrants to take control of our lives. Oh how I miss the 70s & 80s before the gov started sticking their nose into everything we do.

posted on Dec, 23 2021 @ 04:16 AM
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posted on Dec, 23 2021 @ 01:00 PM
a reply to: chr0naut

I know some people are truly gifted and have voices that can touch the soul. Some are walking around doing everyday jobs and don't even know the talent they have.

posted on Dec, 23 2021 @ 01:08 PM
a reply to: BigfootNZ

I don't know about that, she has to sign off the laws and statutes that the Government actually pass. if she does not, it is not legal. It is the power she can deny, which gives her the power. Just because she hasn't thrown anything in the rubbish bin does not mean at some future date she won't. Royalty looks like an anachronism but these people run the show.

posted on Jan, 3 2022 @ 11:05 PM
Tobacco. Cigarettes. Cigars. Pipes.

This is an interesting topic, as you can see it from many sides, and it is more complex issue than one would immediately think.

There was a brilliant 'Yes, Prime Minister'-episode about how complicated it is, in the early eighties.

The tobacco corporations are a big evil, of course. But it's an evil that could not exist without - again - people's stupidity. People's stupidity causes the most horrible things to exist in this world, and nothing can permanently improve until we can get rid of the stupidity of people.

Otherwise, it will just cause more and more problems. People are so stupid, they hurt themselves intentionally by smoking, practicing extremely dangerous activities without proper protection, eat extremely unhealthy, downright poisonous food, stimulant drinks and such, and then dim their last brain cells from being able to connect any major dots by drowning their brains in alcohol and drugs.

Then they hop into their archaic-tech, super loud vehicles so they can both pollute the air and destroy the silence while driving to their wave slavery location for a job that could probably be done remotely anyway, but isn't. Although bicycling would be a much better option (if the cities were organized to support it, like Netherlands has shown) anyway.

Electric cars and motorbikes are seen as some kind of 'sissy' vehicles, and these primitive half-animals somehow can't live without super loud sounds from their commuter vehicles, and no self-respecting macho idiot animal wants to drive something that doesn't puff like a magic dragon everywhere they go so no one behind them can see 10 cm forward until they're gone - or breathe, for that matter.

Tobacco fits SO perfectly to this animalistic stupidity lifestyle mentality where arteries are full of toxic components, bowels full of rotting carcass bits and bloody, poisonous flesh, that I am not even surprised people defend it.

There's the whole 'smokers die younger so they won't drain the healthcare system as much' argument as well.

Then again, there's the 'why would a smoker be allowed to pollute and poison a non-smoker's breathing air'-question. THAT makes it 'everyone's business'. With vaping and coffee drinking, I would agree that it's the individual's own business, and no one else's (even if they do have a terrible coffee breath, etc.)

Tobacco corporations are SO powerful and evil, they would never agree to any forced limitation of people's right to smoke, UNLESS they gain something even better in return.

That 'better' is the evil agenda coming to its final stage and eventually, 100% completion. At that point, population will be culled, and the people that are left, are completely and utterly mind-controlled - with their own consent, too. THAT is world domination; to 100% control every single individual every second of their whole incarnations.

Would nothing less ever do for the megalo-maniac minds? Of course not. Nothing less then 100% will be satisfactory, any freedom people are left with, must be removed.

I have no idea what they are going to do after they reach this sickeningly evil goal, though, but I am sure we can all imagine that horrible possibilities.

The thing about tobacco and controlling it, is indeed what many here have already realized it to be - it's opening the door for the 'authority' (however this manifests in actual reality - there are more powerful forces than governments, but governments are useful tools for them) to eventually control every single facet of every single individual's life.

I am a smoker myself. I haven't voluntarily inhaled cigarette smoke for ten years or so, but I never officially 'quit' - this is just an extended 'pause mode' that can break any second. So far, I have been able to prolong it, but as the world is becoming more and more stressful and weird, who knows what might eventually happen.

Having said that, I hate cigarette smoke. I hate ANYTHING I am forced to breathe that feels or smells unpleasant or worse. I especially hate having to breathe something that is unhealthy, dangerous, toxic or poisonous to my body or its health.

I want to only breathe fresh, natural air, and nothing else. Anyone that shares this wish SHOULD have the right to limit their breathing to only healthy, fresh air as well. People have the right to take care of their body's health, right? So why SHOULD they be able to forced to breathe unhealthy smoke just because some a-hole doesn't understand the dangers of smoking, or is too weak-willed to pause their ridiculously toxic and unwise habit?

I hate cigarette smoke probably as much as anyone can, but having the government force stupid people to behave more intelligently in ANY area is only going to lead to a disaster, where eventually government controls everything, even the intelligent people.

Also, those stupid people that choose to damage their body by becoming addicted to smoking, knowing they're too weak to get rid of or pause the habit, do die younger, but the price is polluted air every time you go where there are lots of people (bus stops are especially annoying, as you can't really always avoid the smoke there, or using them when your hands are full of grocery bags and such).

Governments shouldn't make ANY individual choices for people, but people shouldn't be stupid enough to pollute my damn breathing air, either, so it's a difficult, multi-sided issue, with no satisfactory solution.

Perhaps the only real, ethical, permanent and good solution would be to just simply ban Tobacco Corporations altogether, and use their facilities for something healthy. Then people can make their own cigarettes and getting those cancer rolls would become so difficult, the 'man on the street' would probably stop smoking anyway, or at least new smokers would find it too much of a hassle to even start.

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