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The Stigma of Mental Illness

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posted on Dec, 16 2021 @ 12:23 AM
your comment is keeping me awale.

I worked as a job coach for developmentally disabled people for a while. I was responsible for taking a group of eight people with every range of disability including down syndrome Along with that I was assigned a special case who required all day supervision on top of helping the group get their work done.He had Prader Willys Syndrome,( I know I didn't spell that right) It was hard work. I no longer work there.

My daughter works for the same company now except she is in a direct support house wiping butts and cleaning nether regions.Im very proud of her. My sister also works in a direct support capacity in a home that developmentally disabled people live in,, They feed them, shower them, everything.
My nephew also works in a group home support house for the company.
My other sister works in the admin part of the same company lobbying for grants.
I can prove all of this but you'd have to come over and have dinner sometime, which you are more than welcome.

As a sidenote I am diagnosed with a mental illness. Totally different than a developmental disability.

This post is not part of my creative writing project. reply to: Nyiah

posted on Dec, 19 2021 @ 01:17 PM

He repented and gave his life to Jesus Christ....and he has been healed...100%

We all have our coping mechanisms

How extremely rude and intolerant of me. Many things are possible, and I don't discount it. That is as I know it a sacred belief, I shouldn't have been defensive..just never know about peoples sincerity when it comes to the proclamation of faith..some use it as a weapon, a passive aggressive zinger if you will..Im sure you didn't mean it that way, I misunderstood and seek your pardon.
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posted on Dec, 19 2021 @ 01:26 PM

originally posted by: didntasktobeborned

What does your unit patch look like? a reply to: Granitebones

Sorry for the delay in this answer I missed your question. I serve the M.o.D in a civilian capacity these days so I suppose my unit patch would be The Eagle, The Crossed Swords and The Anchor.

posted on Dec, 19 2021 @ 01:52 PM
Social conditioning

Some people are well adjusted in public no matter the topic or situation. The very same people when out of that social setting are not well adjusted in private depending on the topic or situation.

Some people are known as well adjusted no matter the topic or situation public and private.

Some people are not well adjusted meaning a problem in public and private.

There are many social institutions that treat all sides of the spectrum and are typically always looking for the well adjusted in both public and private as they are seen as healthy individuals to help others that are not.

When it takes a lot of work to be that oneself due to many pressures due to self and others sometimes it becomes all too much to ask. In such cases it is better to take care of oneself so that one remains a well adjusted individual in both public and private not welcoming in those that are not.

The social face or mask is putting on that well adjusted facade either in public or private or both public and private or neither public or private just for kicks.

Such a mask is an illness to all of those wanting needing and desiring to be well adjusted or in both public and private where it does not not seem awkward and where it is normal to just be oneself.

Acceptance as many have stated in the past is key... if it is in a negative direction to one's goals of healthy and normal? Then regression occurs and not the progress they were looking for.

Such a thing occurs quite often in relationships, and sometimes going it alone until others not conducive to the environment one is looking for public or private clears up... sometimes that can make one seem or come off awkward or weird due to a lack of social interaction with their peers.

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